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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Boy D. Jones

Amy Q writes:
My sister in law had a baby ….on Saturday and they have NO NAME. They don’t have a clue what to name him. So…boy, his brother is Dawson and they are one of those families that want them to have the same first letter. Not my style…but each to their own right? So….a boy D name, that goes with Jones. Super Baby Namer to the rescue?

Oh, dear, they're INSISTING on the same initial? That's so limiting---and it can really trap them if they have more kids than they thought they would, or if they suddenly find The Name of Their Dreams and it starts with a different letter.


Well, onward. As you say: to each their own. And it DOES narrow a large field down to a more workable size.

A boy D name that goes with Jones. I consulted with Mairzy, and she suggests:

Darren Jones
Dillon/Dylan Jones
Devin Jones
Donovan Jones

I suggest:

Daniel Jones
Drew Jones
Dane Jones
Darian Jones
Del Jones

My favorite book The Baby Name Wizard (by Laura Wattenberg) suggests these brother names for Dawson: Parker, Dalton, Nash, Chandler, Grayson. Just in case they want to reconsider that first-initial thing.

I'm personally a big fan of the name Del, but I know it doesn't float everyone's boat: for starters, it looks like it's short for something when it isn't. And I really like the name Daniel, but it's not a style match with the name Dawson.

With Dawson, my favorites from the lists are Dillon/Dylan and Darian. You can vote between those two names over on the right [poll closed; see below], or cast a vote for another name (one already mentioned, or one not yet mentioned) in the comment section.

[Poll results:
Dillon/Dylan: 93 votes, roughly 54%
Darian: 15 votes, roughly 9%
Either one: 1 vote, less than 1%
Neither one: 64 votes, roughly 37%)]

[The baby is named! Dustin Lee Jones.]


fairydogmother said...

Ooh, fun! As a twin I am a fan of names that work well together but are not too matchy. Yes, I'm making up my own words. That is how important that issue is to me. So my vote is for Darren, with Dylan being a very close second.

Cass said...

I vote for Drew. I think that is sweet as pie. I'm going to be giving my mom your contact information so that if we get into a similar predicament she'll be able to reach out to know as our emergency baby naming consultant.

Jess said...

Ooo, polls! I am loving this new place! Also, I was going to suggest Dane and then I saw it in your list. Now I feel all clever for agreeing with you.

Mrs. M said...

I like DAVIN or DAVIS. They go with the name Dawson quite nicely.

Mommy Daisy said...

I like Dalton that came from your book suggestions. That would be great with it. Or maybe a bit too matchy? Hmm. Dylan is great and up there in popularity. I do like it. And Dane is great too.

Maggie said...

A Name Blog! Yay!

I agree with Cass, I like Drew. Although I think that Davin is good too...

Barb said...

I, too, am OBSESSED with baby names. I don't know why. I just AM!

Erica said...

I like Drew or Dylan (Dillon).

Pickles & Dimes said...

I like Drew. Especially with Jones. It has that hard-boiled detective quality about it: "Name's Drew Jones, ma'am."

Alice said...

OMG SO FUN. a poll for each baby name!? LOVE.

-R- said...

I like David, Dana, or Darren.

-R- said...

PS Good idea for a blog!

Kali said...

and of course, Drew

Tessie said...

I like Dylan, and also Damian as suggested by another commenter, even though that name has fallen out of favor due to that unfortunate Devil Spawn thing.

Dawson has a movie-star feel to me, and so do Dylan and Damian.

laughing mommy said...

My favorites are Donovan and Dalton. Only problem... Donovan would probably be called Don for short, and the name Don sounds dated.

Misty said...

I like Drew and Donovan. I think Dalton and Dawson sound like someone's pair of fat dachshunds.

Ooo, is that mean? I hope not. It is just the opinion of a person with a pet sounding name, herself.

Brooke said...

I'm naming my impending son Dashiell ("Dash" for short). You can use it if you don't live in 91360. ;-)

Susan said...

I vote for Drew. It seems similar in style, and it's a fun name to say. With the first initials the same, it's hard to avoid a sing-song sound, and Drew avoids this (as much as CAN be avoided with two Ds). I do like the name Darren, but I'm afraid "Dawson and Darren" crosses the sing-song threshold.

Personally, I tend to go for classic names, and so I favor Daniel, which to my ear pulls Dawson into a more solid place and makes me like the name Dawson better. However, my guess is that parents who chose Dawson will think Daniel is too classic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Swistle, my fiancee isn't ready for kids yet and despises you, but I love you so much I have a girl crush on you.

Jeninacide said...

Hmm I like DALTON! A! LOT! But it might be too close to Dawson, yeah? My name is Jen and my sister's name is Jill and my mom always ends up calling us JILLN and JENL because she just can't get them strait.

desperate housewife said...

I vote Dalton.

Swistle said...

I like the names Davin, Davis, and David, but stayed away from all names that could be nicknamed Davy, because of Davy Jones.

Marivic said...


Fun! Good luck!

honeybecke said...

I likes me some Dominic.
Dominic Jones.

I also like Dean.

Dean Jones.

Anonymous said...

I like Drew, Dylan, and David. Davey Jones! teehee.

I knew a girl who had her first baby when she was 20 and named him Preston. A couple of years later she had a girl and kept the "P" thing going, by naming her Peyton. Jump to present day, and she has three more girls ...Presley, Paisley, and Pemberley. Forgive the snark, but uh, I think they've boxed themselves in with this letter!

Mairzy said...

My top choices are Dillon and Drew. Dalton sounds too close to Dawson; it would be like painting a room orange and red.

The pitfall with Dean Jones is that it's the name of the Disney actor from, what, the 70s? He was in about 400 Disney films. Obviously it's not an automatic association... unless you and your husband grew up on Disney films (raising hand).

My cousin has a son named Donovan, and no one calls him Don or Donnie. It's not a nickname our generation jumps to, I think.

I knew a family of many children who chose K as their name. By the end, they were using names like Klayt. A naming pattern is not something you undertake lightly.

Thus does Mairzy speak.

d e v a n said...

I'm a bit partial to Dane myself. Sounds good with Dawson too. I also like Darren and Dylan and Davis.

Julie said...

First choice is Dane. I also like Drew and Brooke's name of Dashiell/Dash for short.

pootandcubby said...

I loved that Baby Name Wizard book. Freakin' brilliant.


Melissa H said...

Pemberley??!!! That anonymous commenter HAD to be kidding. PEMBERLEY?? I cannot believe that.

(If you are named Pemberley I am very sorry)

brenna said...

I like Dalton.

Anonymous said...

I suggest Drake. I haven't seen it mentioned and I like the way it sounds, Drake Jones.

Pann said...

I LOVE Devin.

I think it's a really cool name as far as it sounds.

But what about the meanings of these names. ... is that something this family should think about too?

LoriD said...

No time to read all the comments, so sorry if these are all repeats. "D" names I like that work well with Dawson:


pseudostoops said...

I was all about David until I made the "davey jones" connection. So now I'm voting Daniel. Love love love this site/idea. Love.

Pixie said...

I like Declan (Lorid already said it) it goes well with Jones and matches with Dawson without sounding the same or too cutesie.

Five Froggies said...

OK, I've been reading since Indigo Girl made a big Swistle post long ago. (Love you - I have 5 kids myself...but should implement some Swistle magic in my home!) But I think this is the first comment. Baby names will do that to me....

What about Douglas? Too dated? I have a crush on a kid named Douglas. Too cute...but can't shorten it to Doug...nope. I love Devin and Drew. I think they might need a double syllable with the single syllable - Jones. But that's just me.

We did a little pattern with our names - the kids names all end in N. Not too hard, but it did limit us toward the later kids. We didn't officially have a pattern until we named #3 with a N ending we had to keep it up. Plus one boy had to be a G to pass down a GSPIII (Just initials). Plus no same initials at all. I wanted them all to have their own letter (you know for marking things or calendar).

Anyways, now that I'm out of the woodwork, I'll have to comment more!

randommummy said...


(Hopefully Davy Jones will be long gone from memory by the time this kid is old enough to notice)

Dallas said...

I come from a family of D names. My brother is Dane and my grandfather was Del, but that was short for Delmas. I vote for Davis - it would to well with their other name choice.

Anonymous said...

I was sooo not kidding about Pemberley! And that family has no intention of stopping with the baby production anytime soon...they're "max" is 12! More entertaining P-names to come.

dublin mom said...

I LOVE Declan. It's my little fella's middle name, couldn't convince his father for it to be a first name. But how cool is the nickname Dec?

samantha jo campen said...

I like Declan, Drew, Dylan or Dane. I also mimic what one commenter said about the meanings as well--those might help seal the deal. I know it did for us.

Yeah for another Swistle blog!

*throws confetti*

Saly said...

I love Drew. LOVE IT!

Karina said...

Dustin & Drew. . . . hey Swistle, I was reading a blog the other day and this woman's granddaughter is still unnamed after 21 days. . . . couldn't you die?

Mairzy said...

Dawson and Dustin... that works! I have bad associations with the name Dustin, making me avoid suggesting it, but objectively speaking it's a good name.