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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby Boy: Boone, Major, Andrew

Caroline writes:
My husband & I are expecting our first child (a boy) in 9 weeks. We are stuck between 2 names:

Boone Andrew
Major Boone

Obviously Boone is a family name, as is Andrew. Major has been my husband's favorite name for 10 years, after the president of his college.

We are truly stuck and would like some objective opinions. We have not shared any names with family.

So, it looks like what we're working with here is three names (Boone, Major, and Andrew), trying to choose the best combination.

I like the name Major, too. Here is where the name gives us trouble: it sounds like a military title. Using a surname name as a middle name enhances the effect: Major Boone sounds exactly like a military officer in a movie, kicking around the....who do majors kick around? Privates? That sounds rude, kicking privates. Also, it seems Swistle is not exactly up on her military terms.

I don't suppose your husband would consider bumping the name Major to the middle name position? Andrew Major sounds terrific, and gives the name Major a chance to shine. In most cases, putting a name in the middle name position diminishes it (a valuable thing when you want to honor someone whose name you dislike); in this particular case, I think it improves it. It's a seriously difficult first name, but a seriously cool middle name.

Boone Major works almost as well, if you don't mind those first two initials. (And speaking of initials, Boone Andrew's initials would be BAR.) Actually, I like Andrew Boone, too. That leaves only Major Andrew out of the running, so I guess we'd better put that name in as well, even though now I'm sold on Major as a middle name.

Let's put it to a vote: the two names Caroline and her husband are considering, plus all the other combinations. Vote in the poll at right [poll closed; see below], or freestyle in the comment section below.

[Poll results:
Boone Andrew: 6 votes, roughly 6%
Major Boone: 0 votes, 0%
Andrew Major: 52 votes, roughly 55%
Boone Major: 5 votes, roughly 5%
Andrew Boone: 31 votes, roughly 33%
Major Andrew: 0 votes, 0%]


Erica said...

I completely agree that Major rocks as a middle name, but not as a surname. As a surname, it's a title, rather than a name.

alison said...

I agree with Swistle and Erica. Major makes a fantastic middle name but doesn't work at all as a first name. Of course, I'd still call him Major. Lots of people go by their middle names, especially when they have really cool ones. Another option would be to stick with Andrew Boone for the name and use Major as a nickname from birth. The little guy might enjoy having such a cool nickname from his father (I certainly wish *my* father had given me an awesome nickname).

Swistle said...

Alison- OOooooo, I love the suggestion of using Major as a nickname! That lets them use ALL THREE names--but get both the family ones on the birth certificate.

Laura said...

I love that idea, too. The nickname Major is adorable, and one that I doubt any other children will have. Andrew Boone is a strong name for the birth certificate.

Mary said...

The only Major I know was an 87 year old bagger at a grocery store that I worked at in high school. He had a 12 year old daughter, along with many other kids.
Andrew Boone is the best of the bunch. It's at least semi-normal sounding.

Jennifer said...

Andrew Major. PLEASE. Major as a first name is as ridiculous as Sargent (Shriver) and Colonel (which I've also heard). And I'm an Army vet, so I can tell you Majors don't usually kick around Privates. Majors might kick around Captains or Lieutenants but Sergeants are the ones who dog the poor little Privates.

Mairzy said...

Well, apparently I'm stuck out in the cold on this one. I had no idea that Major was a contender for a name in any sense. Well, except the old British custom of distinguishing between brothers at a school: the older would be Smith Major and the younger Smith Minor. Consequently, I have a hard time seeing it as a name. Oh, but wait, that wasn't the question, was it?

I'd vote for putting the family names (whichever you use) as middle names. That way you've got them, you can use them, but your son has some normalcy to fall back on if "Boone" proves difficult to live with.

This certainly is a long comment for simply repeating what everybody else has said. :)

-- Mairzy

Mrs. M said...

Andrew Boone is my favorite and I'd call him Boone if you want the family significance to shine. I like Major as a middle name but I'd think Boone (family) trumps it and save it for later perhaps. Too bad that Boone Major doesn't sound as great. HOWEVER I think it sounds ok and would be great to use both names.

I'm a quirky Southern girl and nicknaming the child Major when his name is Andrew Boone would TOTALLY SCREW UP MY MONOGRAMS!!!! See, I worry about the important things in life.

Susan said...

I've heard both names, Major and Boone, used a lot (at least down here in the TX). I think they are both fun names, but not when used together! BUT I must say that "Major Boone" totally sounds like someone is saying, "man, that kid, is a major boone" he's a Major pain in the ass or Major bonehead or something? I know that's awful, but it's my first thought with that name! Also Boone Major makes me think that instead of a Math major, English major, or Biology major, he's a Boone major. I know, it makes no sense...I am officially nutty. But those were my first impressions with those two names.

Both sound great with Andrew though! I particularly like Andrew Boone. That sounds like a really cool guy's name to me. Andrew Major is nice too. Either way, as a nickname, I'd call him by the middle name.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I voted for Andrew Boone. I'm not a fan of "Major" so I suppose that it was based on personal preference! I just think "Andrew Boone" is a lovely name. I like the idea that you can call him "Major" if you like as his nickname.

bk said...

just for the record, major is an exceedingly popular dog's name.

Carrie Boone :) said...

I love this, my husband is, or was as he was just promoted, Major Rob Boone ;). Don't do a rank first name... if My husbands name had been Major he would have been Major Major Boone, or worse a few years ago he would have been Captain Major Boone.. confusing ;)