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Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Naming Emergency: TRIPLETS! TOMORROW!

Isabel writes:
Ok Swistle,
we've got a baby naming emergency on our hands!

I'm going in for my C-section in TWO days to deliver my triplets, and I don't have all the names!

One of the girls will be Schuyler (pronounced Skylar) Audrey, named after 2 little girls whose stories have really touched me.

The other 2 girls' names are fluctuating madly! We have one first name picked out - Charlotte - but the middle name depends on what we choose for baby C's name.

The name choices for baby C are:
Hannah (which I think is too common, and I don't like it very much)
Helena ( said He-LAY-na, not HEL-en-a.)

I liked the middle name Leigh, but I think it only goes with Hannah? Obviously I can't pair it with Hadleigh. So, I need middle name suggestions for Helena and Hadleigh, as well as, you know, which one we should choose!

Oh yeah - Charlotte's middle name! I like Eleanor, but I don't want to use it if we pick Helena - I think those are too similar. So, if you think we should go with Helena for baby C, what middle name should we give Charlotte?

Our last name begins with a J and ends in an N.
Thanks a TON for the help!

This is from yesterday, so it is actually ONE day until these baby girls will be here! They will be born TOMORROW! Here's what we're working with:

Triplet the First: Schuyler Audrey

Triplet the Second: Charlotte Eleanor, unless Triplet the Third is Helena, in which case we may need a different middle name

Triplet the Third: Hadleigh or Helena (I took Hannah out, since Isabel isn't sure she likes it anyway)

I like the name Hadleigh better with the name Schuyler, and I like the name Helena better with the name Charlotte. So I think either name works well, and I'm putting them both in the poll.

If you go with Helena, I think it's still fine to use Eleanor with Charlotte, and then you could use Leigh with Helena: Schuyler Audrey, Charlotte Eleanor, and Helena Leigh. But you could also do Charlotte Estelle. Charlotte Amelia. Charlotte Mae (the middle name Mae has been a favorite around here recently!).

If you go with Hadleigh, how about Jane as a middle name? That's my favorite middle name for girls right now, because it's so cute and sassy and strong. Then you'd have Schuyler Audrey, Charlotte Eleanor, and Hadleigh Jane. It might be a little bumpy with your J surname, though. Maybe Hadleigh Elise? Hadleigh Adele?

But I don't want to take too much time flipping idly through my baby name book when BABIES are going to be BORN! I'm turning it over to the whole team: go vote in the poll [poll closed; see below] for Helena or Hadleigh! But here is your second task: If you vote for Helena, please put in the comment section a middle name for Helena AND a middle name for Charlotte (since if Triplet the Third is Helena, Isabel doesn't want to use Eleanor as Charlotte's middle name). If you vote for Hadleigh, please put in the comment section a middle name for Hadleigh.

Isabel writes:
Well, we had a few big surprises with the babies! First, they arrived 1 1/2 days earlier than expected (2 am monday morning!) and not only that, but we now have 1 little girl and 2 boys! Since we only had 2 eggs, we thought 2 were identical (B & C) and they looked like girls when we checked... well, it turns out that not only are they boys, but they are not even identical!
We named the babies:
Schuyler Audrey
Alexander Kale (Alex)
Brody Nathaniel

Thanks again!

Congratulations, Isabel and family! What a surprise!

Poll results, even though they turned out to be irrelevant:
Hadleigh: 42 votes, roughly 52%
Helena: 39 votes, roughly 48%


AndreAnna said...

I have no real vote, but I just wanted to chime in because my daughter's name is Charlotte!! (watch out, they're spitfires...every single one I've met has been. Hey Swistle, maybe you should do a post about if names affect personalities or vice versa?)

Hadleigh is way pretty.

Because our last name is two syllables, we opted for a one-syllable middle name - it seemed to sound better to me.

Erica said...

Audrey and Eleanor are sort of bygone-era names, so in sticking with that trend for Baby C, I'm suggesting:
Hadleigh Grace
Hadleigh Ava
Hadleigh Kate

Carolyn said...

I think Eleanor and Helena are both forms of Helen, meaning light, so I understand not wanting to duplicate. Many variations of Helen were on our list and one made it.
How about:
Schuyler Audrey Jackson
Charlotte Hadleigh Jackson
Helena Brooke Jackson
**Erica just posted her comment, and I will now change the last one to:
Helena Kate Jackson.

Paige said...

I think Hadleigh is super cute (as are the other two girls names). We have some friends with a baby girl named Hadley Emma.
I went to the baby name voyager and looked at names from the 1920's since Charlotte and Eleanor were very popular then. These are some that I liked:

Hadleigh Clare
Hadleigh Evelyn
Hadleigh Ella
Hadleigh Violet
Hadleigh Mae

Mommy Daisy said...

Ohhh, I love Charlotte. I think Charlotte Eleanor sounds lovely. I am reading a serious of books right now and there was a secondary character with the name Eleanor that I just read and after seeing it a few times, I totally fell in love with it.

Hadleigh is gorgeous. I love it with your other names. Plus then you won't have the Helena/Eleanor debate. I like Erica's suggestion of Hadleigh Kate. Love that.

Swistle, we must get an update of this one. Or does Isabel have a blog. I just love these names and can't wait to see what she chooses.

Laura said...

Hadleigh Kate is adorable. I like Claire for the middle name, too. Congratulations on your triplets, Isabel!

Aussie Cath said...

Wow triplets! How gorgeous. We have 3 children with number four on the way. Our youngest is Charlotte Mary and yes Andreanna that name does seem to come with a big personality!!!
Eleanor is lovely about Eleanor Jane? It's of a similar era, or perhaps Eleanor Kate?
If you don't go with Eleanor as a first name I also love Helena (I agree with your preferred pronunciation). Helena Kate,
Helena Mae,
Helena Grace,
Helena Rose
all sound lovely to me.
Good luck and can't wait to hear your choices.

Clarabella said...

This is SO hard for me because I love the names Helena and Hadleigh both A LOT. So, I decided on Helena and am suggesting: Charlotte Brooke (my name was almost Charlotte Brooks-the Brooks stuck, but not the Charlotte) and Helena Rose. Go! Good luck with your triplet delivery, Isabel! (Oh, and the following weeks with THREE NEWBORN BABES, oh my!)

Julie said...

Helena Madeline
Charlotte Lizabeth

Just my two picks!

Queen of Carrots said...

I really like the name Helena--it's one we've considered although it's still far enough down the list that we probably wouldn't use it (unless we had triplet girls =-O). Helena Madeline sounds good to me just because my grandmother's name was Ellen Madeline. I also like it with the short names like Claire. Charlotte is a consonant-heavy name which I would pair with something light like Mae.

Anonymous said...

Jane as a middle name goes with almost everything, and I love love love it! It would be great with Hadleigh or Helena, or even Charlotte. I wanted to use it for our daughter, but the husband refused. That's one nice thing about triplets -- you get to pick soo many names!
Good luck, and happy mothering!

d e v a n said...

Schuyler Audrey
Charolette Eleanor


Fine For Now said...

Love Charlotte Eleanor!

Hadleigh Grace
Hadleigh Morgan
Hadleigh Kate
Hadleigh Reese

Mrs. M said...

I'm going for:
Schyler Audrey (obviosuly)
Charlotte Helena
Hadleigh Eleanor

That way you use all the names you love!!! I LOVE Helena, Hadleigh AND Eleanor. I don't think the names sound to similar but this way they aren't competing but complementing.


Mayberry said...

For Hadleigh, I love Jane, Kate, and Claire; or how about Margaret?

M D said...

What about Charlotte Leigh and Helena? For Helena I really like some other suggestions for the middle name like Kate, Ava, or Grace. Putting the Leigh with Charlotte seems to make it fit more with Schuyler and Helena to me.
Schuyler Audrey
Charlotte Leigh
Helena Kate

Leticia said...

Ok, I voted for hadleigh, but now I vote for MD's suggestions. I love these...

Nessa said...

I love Hadleigh and it fits better with Schuyler than Helena(plus everyone will SAY THIS WRONG - I went to school with a girl who was a Elayna(spelled Elena) and she was ALWAYS correcting people. And she wasnt' very nice about it either.

Anyway, I like Hadleigh Jane - it's different and spunky and beautiful.

Jennifer said...

I love those names! I like Hadleigh Jane or Hadleigh Rose. Best wishes to your family!

Barb said...

I love these names! Good job, parents and Swistle!

Hadleigh Jane
Charlotte Eleanor
Schuyler Audrey

I would also consider

Hadleigh Marie, Hadleigh Susan, or Hadleigh Kate.

I like Hadleigh better than Helena in this case.


Bird said...

I like Hadleigh Kate--I also really like the spelling Cate if you wanna mix it up a little.

Five Froggies said...

I love Hadleigh.

Hadleigh Rose
Hadleigh Marie
Hadleigh Jane
Hadleigh Eve

Congrats on your baby girls!

Abbe said...

Hadleigh Elise
Hadleigh Grace

Isabel & Company said...

Hi everybody! I want to thank you soo much for your help - even though it turned out we didn't need it!
I have now created a blog,
If you'd like to get updates about the triplets, email us at, and we will add you as a reader! Thanks!

Audrey said...

I am THRILLED to see Audrey becoming a more commonly-used name. I love how unique my name is, how people nickname me as Audrey Hepburn (last name is also an H-name so that's helpful), and especially how I have only come across one girl named Audrey in all my years of school, sports, work, etc.

And it is not a bygone-era name. It is Old English for "noble strength" and its uniqueness will surprise--and delight--curious parents. Out of a hundred Laurens, Katies, Amandas, and Emilys, Audrey is a solid variation and has a positive connotation to one of the most talented women in history. It just isn't trendy and seizure-inducing like Mykynzylynne.