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Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Girl or Boy Voisey

Karla writes:
I emailed this to a friend of mine, and she told me to send it your way! :)

I have three four-year old surviving quads:

Boys: Ezekiel (Zeke) Silas, Basil Joseph
Girl: September Kay (and her identical twin, whom we lost, is named Adeline Nicole)

Our last name sounds like Voisey.

I am due in August. We don't know the gender, and we won't find out. Here are some of the names that I like so far:

  • Stella, although it sounds alot like Ella, and Ella is so popular now. What about Estelle?
  • Sabine Adele: Does that sound like Sabina Delle?
  • Iris Adele (We lost a daughter, Adeline, and thought Adele to be an appropriate middle name in remembrance of Adeline. We are not set on that though.) But I don't like the sound of IriS VoiSey. What do you think?
  • Ivy, but I don't like IvY VoiseY
  • And for the last one; the one that I would love to name a girl, but think it may be pushing a little close to weird and not-nice-to-name-an-actual-kid; Scout. (My absolute favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird The main character's name is Scout).

  • Maybe Cyrus---but does the "s" pose a problem with Voisey?
  • Soren

I do have a few rules. For instance,
  1. The name cannot end with the sound, "v" or "f", because then it sounds like our last name is Oisey.
  2. I don't know if I would have chosen Basil again, because I don't like the two "z" sounds in his name: BaZil VoiZey. On that note, no z sounds in the first name.
  3. I hate how many names are too similar to other people's kid's names. I love Lila. But my cousin's baby is Layla. I love Greta, but a friend of ours just named their baby that. I don't love Mabel, but I was wondering if I could grow to like it, because my hero-great-aunt is named Mabel. My husband's cousin just named her kid that. Ergh. I might be pretty picky about that. We wanted to name Zeke Silas, but I have a friend whose kid's name is Simon. Too close. And I love Alita, but our pastor's kid is that. I don't want anyone to have the least not anyone I know.

So let's see. We have Ezekiel, Basil, and September. Because the boy names are a different style than the girl name (it is the same way in my family), let's address the two possibilities separately.

If the new baby is a girl. I love the name Estelle, but September and Estelle sound too different to me. I don't think it's crucial to have the style match, but it's my own preference to get close. September is unusual, a noun name. Estelle is also unusual, but in a different direction: old-fashioned and classic.

But what goes with September? Well, the name Sabine is pretty great with it, I think in part because the matching initials tie them together, and also in part because Sabine is more exotic than some of the other candidates. "Sabine Adele" does sound like "Sabina Delle," but I think you don't need to consider this unless you find you regularly call your kids by first-and-middle.

Iris is also good: it's classic/old-fashioned, but it's a noun name like September. (Ivy would be the same, but I agree with you about the repeating Y sound.) My favorite from your list, though, is Scout. You're right that it's unusual, but I think Demi Moore and Bruce Willis paved the way for the rest of us using it, and To Kill a Mockingbird is such a strongly positive association. Also, September and Scout are similar in style. Scout Adele Voisey. I think that's the best one. You could also consider Harper, after the author of the book.

I am not sure, though, that I would give her a middle name in memory of her sister. It's a sad explanation for the name. I'm trying to imagine if my middle name were after a sister who had died, and it seems like it would be a sad thing. On the other hand, Adele is a beautiful name, and I can't really imagine how I'd feel about it if it were me, let alone how she'd feel about it. If you went with it, you wouldn't hear boo from me OR my goose.

If the new baby is a boy. Let's try out the two candidates:

Ezekiel, Basil, and Cyrus
Ezekiel, Basil, and Soren

I prefer the name Cyrus with the other two names. Ezekiel and Basil are both in the old-fashioned style category, and so is Cyrus; Soren has more of a contemporary sound to me, with the -en ending. I think Cyrus Voisey sounds fine: it's a little on the S-filled side, but still works. Soren Voisey sounds good, too, if you go that route.

Let's do a poll [poll closed; see below], and since we don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl, you can choose one girl name AND one boy name. The comment section is awaiting further name possibilities for the family to choose from.

[Poll results:

Girl names (145 votes total)
Estelle: 5 votes, roughly 3%
Sabine: 24 votes, roughly 17%
Iris: 33 votes, roughly 23%
Ivy: 2 votes, roughly 1%
Scout: 49 votes, roughly 34%
Harper: 32 votes, roughly 22%

Boy names (104 votes total)
Cyrus: 56 votes, roughly 54%
Soren: 48 votes, roughly 46%]

Name update! Karla writes: "We ended up having a boy, and we named him soren micah."


McWriter said...

Might I throw Millicent in the mix?

Rayne of Terror said...

Gideon works well with the boy names and goes nicely with the last name.

M said...

I really like Iris Mabel Voisey. The repeating "s" sound doesn't bother me. Alliteration - poets are all about it!

If you don't care for Mabel, maybe Bella? Iris Bella Voisey.

To me, I like the idea of naming daughters (in particular) after your "hero." My grandma was Frances. While I don't care for the name, you better believe (if I ever had a daughter) that it'll be her middle name.

I also think Iris Bella fits in beautifully with your current kiddos' names.

K in the Mirror said...

Oh, I like Gideon better than Cyrus or Soren. I never really heard the name Cyrus until I watched Con Air, and in my head I always hear John Malkovich talking about Cyrus the Virus in his creepy voice.

That's not likely to be a common problem for most people though, and in general it's a good name. :) I still vote Gideon though.

And Scout! I like Scout, especially with September.

Swistle said...

Love you, McWriter! Love Millicent.

Gideon, also awesome, Rayne of Terror.

Oh, dear. Now if I DON'T comment on a suggestion, it'll seem like I DON'T like it. Not so! It's just, Millicent is a pet of mine. And I thought Gideon was.....Well, I'll stop trying to justify my actions, and I'll just say that a LACK of comment from me DOESN'T mean I DON'T like an idea!

Clarabella said...

Oooh, I have to go with M's suggestion for Iris Mabel. That's awesome.
Also, while I ADORE Scout, and it would top my girls' names list if it didn't make my Beloved's eyes roll every time he hears it, I REALLY like Iris better with September. Maybe it doesn't make sense, but September makes me think of Fall and Iris makes me think of Spring, and I like the association of the two. You could always use Scout as a pet name.
I got nothing for the boy's name except that I really like Soren, so that's what I voted for (and sorry, but seeing Cyrus just makes me think of Billy Ray and Miley).

Anonymous said...

Millicent is fantastic!
I voted for Harper, but I think I would change my vote to Millicent - and Millie is such a cute nickname.

For a boy, I like Cyrus, but also, what about Calvin??

Peace said...

As soon as I saw Cyrus I thought of Miley. I just think it is too much of a celebrity thing. I'd like to suggest Solomon (n/n Sol) for a boy as well. I agree with the others, I like Gideon and Harper!

Cat said...

I love Iris with September, much more than I like Scout. Iris was a goddess, whereas Scout was just a little girl in a book. :-/ I just can't see it aging very well. Iris Mabel is adorable! If there were combo votes I'd go for that. I'm also really loving Gideon for a boy. Much more weighty than the other options. Good luck!

Heather said...

Why fight the 'a' in Adele with Sabine? Go with Sabina Adele...

janet said...

I voted for Iris -- it's a name I'm loving right now. And I love the Calvin suggestion, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I love the name Scout, it was on my list a few months ago but DH vetoed it. Adele is beautiful, too, but I'd also hesitate to use it as per swistle's reasons.

I really didn't care for Cyrus (to Billy Ray for me, too) or Soren so I didn't vote. There's a boy in my daughter's elementary school who's name is Soren Eagle ______. It's too corny for me. And before you think evil of me, it's not a cultural name for him. I'd also vote for Gideon.

hope said...

I also love Iris Mabel, Harper, and Gideon. Gideon is such a strong name. I think I'll keep that one in my back pocket for when I start having kids!

Stella and Thomas said...

I have a Stella so I love Estelle for a girl. I also love the name Estee.

September and Estee?
September and it!
September and Stella!! Love it even more!

For a boy....I agree...when I saw Cyrus, I thought Miley.

Mairzy said...

I like Stella, Millicent, and Iris with September. I don't much like Scout, although the association with TKAM is a good one.

Cyrus and Gideon are my top choices for boys. Titus, although not suggested, is good also.

My completely uninformed opinion would be to avoid naming your daughter after her sister. It SEEMS like it would be odd to have a name that belonged to a sister you never knew, or maybe I'm just too influenced by V.C Andrews. Adele is one of my favorite names.

-- SJ

Angie said...

This mom-to-be for the second time (second pregnancy) has such interesting taste.

I absolutely LOVE Ezekiel, especially with the nick name Zeke, and Adeline.

However, I can't say I love Basil and September at all. These names are both what I classify as “word names,” and I just can't get past the words. I’m sure it’s just my hang-up. I mean I understand the logic of September, because people name girls April, May, and June, but I don’t really like April and June either. May is the only month name for girls I like, because I see May as more than just a month.

As for suggestions, I am ecstatic with the suggestion of Calvin. Calvin is an under used gem with both the precocious Calvin and Hobbs association and the historical Calvin Coolidge association. I think Calvin fits in fine with the other boys' names, Zeke, Basil, and Calvin. I say, go for Calvin. I don't see how anyone can regret Calvin.

For a girl, since I'm not a fan of September (sorry) I'm no help in thinking of a suggestion for a complementary sister name. I voted for Iris.

Mackenzie said...

I like Iris the best with September. Gideon is awesome too, as is Calvin.

Sorry, but honestly I don't think Scout compliments September as much as it makes it sound over-the-top in combination with it. Scout is not a name for a little girl, it's a name for a dog (and there are a lot of them out there). I was recently applying for jobs in a pretty professional sphere, and let me tell you, if I had to throw around my resume with "Scout" on the top of it I'd be incredibly embarrassed. A resume with "September" on the top would be OK- it's quirky, and unusual, but not completely unfitting on an adult human. May I point out that even Harper Lee gave her Scout a real name for adult use in the book? Jean Louise.

Anyway, however much some people might think Scout and Harper match September (which I disagree with), I can't see how they fit with the boys' names at all. That's why something like Iris is a good choice: quirky, unusual, but with enough history behind it to sound alright with Ezekiel and Basil. Sabine would also fit the bill admirably.

As for Scout, if you're really set on it, I'd put it in the middle spot so when she grows up she can choose to have people call her that or not if she ends up in a professional sphere. My sister had a friend whose parents wanted to name her Muffin- they did call her that her entire life, but they put Jennifer on her birth certificate so she could be taken seriously on paper when needed.

Blueberry said...

i grew up with a girl named september (i'm 34) so i don't see it as unusual in anyway.

i really like iris a lot. but estelle is great too. sorry someone you know used greta because i love that name!

i'm not sure on the boys names. i do like cyrus though, and i actually didn't think of billy ray or miley when i saw it.