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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Name Update

I've been trying to figure out a way to handle it when parents write to let me know what they ended up naming the baby. I always change it in the post, but how to let you know which posts have been updated?

My mom had the genius idea of using TAGS, which usually I don't use so hadn't thought of. I'll be using the tag/label "name update." So in the righthand column of the blog, below the Blog Archive, there's a category for "name update." Click on that, and you'll see all the posts that include the name the baby ended up with.

I'm also going to STOP writing "[Edited:...]" in the post titles. It was messy and not very helpful. I ALWAYS update each polled post with the poll results, so there's no need to say so, and now we have a different method for marking the ones with the baby's name updated.

Now. If you had us tackle a baby-name problem, and you've had the baby and named him/her, email me and tell me! We're dying to know!


Courtney said...

This is genius! Better than those shows on E Channel or VH1 or whatever called something like "Where Are They Now."

Mairzy said...

Leave it to your mom to come up with the solution!

-R- said...

I have been trying to go back to old posts to find out the final name decisions, and you have just made my name-stalking so much easier! Thank you (and your mom)!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Perfect idea! I always try to check to see if anyone has sent in their baby's names, this makes it much easier! Thanks!