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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby Boy Spies

Wendy writes:
Hi Swistle folks!

My family could really use your help! We have a wonderful little boy named "August Josiah" who will be about 2 2/3 years old when his new baby brother is born. We just knew the new baby was a girl (doh!) and have the most perfect girl's name picked out. Now we are at a loss. We need something that goes with August (or Gusto or AJ as he is often called), but have a few rules...

1 - We want something relatively unique, but nothing that sounds like a name out of the 1960s

2 - It can't be the name of anyone we know (or relatives that are still living)

3 - Not the name of a month! Silly us - we didn't mean for everyone to associate August with the name of the month!

4 - Would like something that matches the 'strength' we think August Josiah has. We don't want the new baby to feel like second fiddle!

We have to be pretty careful with the initials, given that we keep liking names that start with "A"! :) Alliteration would be nice too, but we know we can't be that picky!

Any help you can give us would be awesome.

[I asked Wendy how the surname is pronounced, and she answered:]
It is my husband's name and the family originally had spelled it "Spiess" (more or less rhyming with ice). However, when they dropped the extra S to sound less German, the pronunciation moved to rhyme with bees. I pronounce it so that it rhymes with eyes because that is how easiest to convey it over the phone and for others to remember it. Long story short, I will let my boys pronounce it however they choose to! :) Sorry for no clear answer on that one!

The Baby Name Wizard recommends these brother names for the name August: Julius, Everett, Leopold, Forest, Theodore. My favorites from that list are Julius, Everett, and Theodore. Forest with August seems too noun-y to me.

All three of those names are strong and unusual. Let's try them out with your surname and with the sibling name:

Julius Spies (JS); August and Julius
Everett Spies (ES); August and Everett
Theodore Spies (TS); August and Theodore

Gosh. All of those are good. Let's find some more options:

Edmund Spies (ES); August and Edmund
Foster Spies (FS); August and Foster
Frederick Spies (FS); August and Frederick
Hugo Spies (HS); August and Hugo

Those combine nicely, too, I think. Edmund Theodore Spies. Frederick Julius Spies. Hugo Everett Spies.

Voting is in a poll to the right [poll closed; see below] as usual, and feel free to build some combinations in the comment section.

[Poll results (262 votes total):
Julius: 22 votes, roughly 8%
Everett: 106 votes, roughly 40%
Theodore: 50 votes, roughly 19%
Edmund: 26 votes, roughly 10%
Foster: 23 votes, roughly 9%
Frederick: 9 votes, roughly 3%
Hugo: 26 votes, roughly 10%]

Name update 01-29-2009! Wendy writes:
We have a name update for you! We ended up digging up a great family name from my husband's side "Carsten". It satisfied all of our criteria. However, Carsten was born (on December 27th), with red hair! Most of the names we had on our list brought up images of blondes and brunettes. While in the hospital we picked a name that wasn't on our list and honors his Irish heritage and the other half of the family, Patrick. So, it is with great pleasure we announce the arrival of Carsten Patrick Spies!


Mrs. M said...

i didn't vote because i actually like foster!

Jan said...

August Josiah is a great name. I thought Julius was too much like July. I voted for Edmund--also a bit old fashioned but strong/solid. A couple names suggested by Nymbler include Claude and Otto. If you like A names how about Archibald, Arthur, Ansel, Asher, Atticus, Ambrose, or Adrian.

Catherine said...

I like Jan's suggestions a lot -- especially Otto, Arthur, and Adrian. For some reason Arthur is standing out for me, even though I've never really thought about it much until now.

-R- said...

I am not the biggest fan of Julius in this case because then it might sound like both kids were named after Roman emperors. I voted for Everett, but I like the other choices too.

Rob and Kristen said...

I believe July is named for Julius Caesar... not sure, but if they want to avoid another month name that might not make the cut. I like Everett personally.

sara b. said...

I voted for Everett. But I also like Samuel. Samuel Spies. Maybe Samuel Everett Spies?

Anonymous said...

Hee, Julius Spies. Like the spy Julius Rosenberg. That would be enough to cross that one out for me.

Susan said...

I wouldn't use a name that ends in "s," because it's hard to say two "s" sounds in succession. "Julius Spies" becomes "Julia Spies."

Anonymous said...

I agree -- Julius is a great name, but will the third boy be Caesar? Too many emperors for sure. Maybe Julian would be better, but I'd still stay clear.
I voted for Everett -- very strong, masculine name and goes really well with August. I'm wondering, is there a male version of the "perfect" girl's name they chose? Sometimes that can work.

Kate said...

I voted for Everett. I love this name and think it goes great with big brother August.

If they are thinking of going with an 'A' name, I love the name Asher and think it would go well with August.

Bethtastic said...

I'm with Kate - I like Asher with August. Asher Everett. Are they looking for a nickname that goes with Gusto/AJ?
Everett lends itself to Ever. Or Ev. Theodore Julius would be TJ, but perhaps that's too much with AJ. Still Theodore is a nice Theo. But then you have Gusto and Theo. But maybe Ted. Gusto and Ted.
That gets me back to Everett. Everett Asher? Gusto and Ever? Gusto and Ev?

Yea. I'm stumped.

Frema said...

I like Theodore with August. August and Theo sound great together, and very strong.

wendyspies said...

:) Thanks for all of your great comments! :) Our 'perfect' girl's name was Anya Frances. Good question about there being a male equivalent of Anya. I wasn't able to find one, but that doesn't mean there isn't one out there..

Hope said...

I like Julius, but agree that it might blend too much with your last name, so I like the alternative of Julian. Julian and August. I personally wouldn't worry about the emperor thing.

Swistle said...

Mrs. M- You can vote for Foster! It's in the poll!

Anonymous said...

Julius Spies sounds like Julius Pies to me. I vote for Theodore. Gusto and Theo - adorable.


janet said...

I voted Everett because I seem to have a thing for names that start with a vowel. I love the suggestion of Otto -- one of my sleeper faves that my husband hates :(