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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby Girl or Boy Haggerman

Lucy writes:
Hi, I am due at the end of September and my husband and I STILL haven't picked a name out for the little one. We don't know what we are having, so we really need boy and girl suggestions. We already have a daughter named Virginia Leigh. Leigh is my middle name as well as my father's (his spelled Lee). We usually call her Virginia, but sometimes use Ginny as well.

Lately, we have really been diggin more modern names. I am afraid of choosing something too modern because Virginia is such a classic, traditional name. Should we choose something more classic for this one as well?

For a girl, we like (but aren't in love with) Rosalie and Fiona. Some more traditional names for a girl that we like (but again aren't in love with) are Elizabeth and Margaret. I think we have decided on Jane as the middle name. I love the name Millicent, but my husband is on the fence about this one.

As for boys, we both like Edmund, but think it sounds too harsh with our last name (Haggerman). What do you think? We haven't thought of middle names either. We have also tossed around Braden. Braden might be out though, because I am afraid people might think it is supposed to be Brandon. Am I just being weird now? My husband and I really need help with boys name, especially ones that go with Virginia.

We need your help!

I like ALL your girl names, and I like them all with Virginia. I think if you were suggesting names such as Kaylee and Jaiden I would gently steer you toward something less contemporary, but your choices work. Other names to consider:

Annabel Jane Haggerman (AJH), Virginia and Annabel
Clara Jane Haggerman (CJH), Virginia and Clara
Eliza Jane Haggerman (EJH), Virginia and Eliza
Felicity Jane Haggerman (FJH), Virginia and Felicity
Violet Jane Haggerman (VJH), Virginia and Violet

On to boy names. Hm, Edmund Haggerman. I think you're right that it's a mouthful, but would you call him Ed? Ed Haggerman sounds great, as does Eddie Haggerman. I'm trying to make this work because I like the name Edmund. Would you consider Everett? Everett Haggerman.

As for Braden---may I gently steer you toward something less contemporary? Braden is a name that fits more with the Kaylees and Jaidens, less with the Virginias and Edmunds. A name I think balances beautifully between contemporary appeal and traditional roots is Owen. Owen Haggerman.

What do you (and I mean all of you, not just Lucy) think of the name Jasper? I've been toying with that one for awhile. Jasper Haggerman. This is getting disorganized; let's make a list.

Everett Haggerman, Virginia and Everett
Owen Haggerman, Virginia and Owen
Jasper Haggerman, Virginia and Jasper
Garrett Haggerman, Virginia and Garrett

This is going to be a long poll, but I think we're up to the challenge. Since we don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl, please choose one boy name AND one girl name. The poll is to the right. [poll closed; see below]

[Poll results:

Girl names (250 votes total):
Rosalie: 40 votes, 16%
Fiona: 25 votes, 10%
Elizabeth: 16 votes, roughly 6%
Margaret: 20 votes, 8%
Annabel: 32 votes, roughly 13%
Clara: 40 votes, 16%
Eliza: 28 votes, roughly 11%
Felicity: 27 votes, roughly 11%
Violet: 22 votes, roughly 9%

Boy names (250 votes total):
Edmund: 37 votes, roughly 15%
Everett: 50 votes, 20%
Owen: 94 votes, roughly 38%
Jasper: 37 votes, roughly 15%
Garrett: 32 votes, roughly 13%]

[Name update! 09-22-2008
Thank you so much for all of your advice and suggestions. It gave us so much more to talk about. This is Lucy's husband. We just wanted to let you know that my wife gave birth late last night/early this morning to a beautiful baby boy.

Owen Jasper Haggerman

We really hadn't thought of either names, but immediately fell in love with both as soon as we read them. Thank you again for all of the suggestions!

Many thanks,
Kevin, Lucy, Virginia, and the newest addition Owen]


Kate said...

I voted for Clara and Everett. I picked Clara for a girl because I felt like it flowed well with Virginia and sounded great with Jane. I picked Everett for a boy since 1: I love the name and 2: I didn't really like Edmund and I felt like this was a good exchange.

Swistle: I love, LOVE, LOVE the name Jasper. It was my grandfather's middle name and I plan on using it for a boy someday. My husband doesn't particularly like it for a first name, so it may end up as a middle...but either way, it will be used!

shoeaddict said...

I really like Fiona. A lot. I voted for Fiona and Everett.

Clarabella said...

I [heart] the name Jasper BIG TIME. It is at the top of MY baby boy list, although my partner might have a harder time with it. But we'll wait until baby #2 is on the way to tackle it with him.

Anonymous said...

I am liking Millicent for a girl. If you call her Millie, you kind of get that contempory feel that you like now. Millicent Jane. I am not a huge fan of Fiona. It is kind of a mouthfull and doesn't really shorten to anything.

Boy like Braden. What about Brandon? Kind of the same sound. I don't think it is nearly as trendy. I think Brandon hit it's peak probably around 20 years ago. But I still think it is pretty classic. I agree that Owen is also good.

The Schwant Family said...

Everett and Clara!!! I think Ed or Eddie works great if you want to stick with Edmund

Kristi said...

For the girl name I voted for Fiona. Fiona Jane is just too cute. I like Felicity Jane a lot too.

If the baby is a boy, I voted for Owen, but almost chose Everett.

Congrats and Good Luck, Lucy!!

Jennifer said...

I love Rosalie and Everett. Garrett is a close second in the boys' names since my eldest is a Garrett.

Anonymous said...

My mom is Virginia, and her sister was Rosalind. They go by Ginny and Rosie.

Bethtastic said...

I voted for Eliza Jane. Classic, and it has cute nickname possibilities. Ginny and Ellie. Ginny and Liz/Lizzy.

I also voted for Edmund. If you love it, use it. Especially if you will give him a nickname. Ginny and Eddie.

Good choices.

Mel said...

I voted for Clara and Owen. My favorites are actually Rosalie and Jasper (fan of Twilight, you think? I did actually like the names prior to reading the books though, honest!), but I don't think they work too well with the last name. Clara and Owen both sound really good with the last name.

Frazzled Mom said...

I voted for Felicity and Owen. I like Felicity Jane and Owen Edmund or Owen Everett. Felicity is more modern, but still complements Virginia I think. Same with Owen.

Frazzled Mom said...

Oh, and if you are looking for nickname possibilities, I knew someone named Felicity who went by Lissy (not sure that is the right spelling). Ginny and Lissy might rhyme somewhat, but I still find that set charming. I don't think Owen has any nicknames, but I also don't think Owen needs a nickname.

p. Gardiner said...

I loved Eliza Jane until I realized why itsounded good & familiar. It is the name of Almanzo's older sister in the Little House on the Prairie books. You may recall the sort of rude rhyme about "lazy, lousy Eliza Jane". So now I can't vote for it. Can I suggest Emmett for a boy?

Anonymous said...

I voted for Felicity. It seems so refreshing and new but still beautifully classic at the same time. I would LOVE to meet a baby Felicity! Plus the Lissy/Lissa nickname option is too cute. Pairing it with Jane sends it into naming heaven... Felicity Jane... c'mon, how great is that?

If it's a boy, I voted for Everett. I think it sounds really nice with Virginia, and flows well with your surname.

Alison @ Wholesome Goodness said...

I LOVE Felicity! I think it sounds great with Jane as a middle name, and it works perfectly with Virginia.

Ruby said...

I absolutely agreed with 'frazzled mom' above! I love Felicity Jane, and the nickname Lizzy. I knew a Felicity that went by 'Flick' just because she was a bit of a rockster and wanted to make the name her own. :) I love the versatility of this name!

Owen is also my pick for a boy. It's a strong, contemporary boy's name that resonates well with Virginia.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Clara....I think Claire and Virginia sound great together.

I have never really liked the name Margaret...but it has been growing on me lately.....and I LOVE the nickname Gretta.

Virginia and Margaret
Ginny and Grretta so sweet

I feel like Rosalie doesn't go well with Virginia "Leigh"

hope said...

I voted for Felicity and Owen.

I love Felicity with Virginia, and I love the traditional, but still "now" feel of Owen.

I also love the suggestion of the nickname Lissy for Felicity.

Anonymous said...

What about Edward rather than Edmund? It still gets the fun nicknnames of Ed or Eddie and has less of a harsh "end tone" and doesn't compete as much with the last name. I like Margaret for a girl b/c you could have a Meg, Margie, Marnie, etc. It's a classic and I think goes well with Virginia.

Jan said...

I voted for Eliza (both old fashioned and modern) and Garrett. How about Garrett Braden? I feel like Owen (and Ian btw) is becoming more used in my circles if that matters at all. Other boy names: Charles, Graham, Stuart, and if you don't mind the alliteration I think Hugh Haggerman is really cute. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the suggestion of Edward. Edward Haggerman is a stunning name and goes so well with Virginia.

Edward and Virginia
Eddie and Ginny

For girls, I'm torn between Clara Jane and Eliza Jane. Both are so cute with Virginia.

Mairzy said...

It was hard to choose a girl's name, but I chose Rosalie. For a boy, I chose Everett, a name I've liked more and more over the years.

Jasper still sounds like the country bumpkin comic relief to me, but I think it's on its way to geeky-cool.

Courtney said...

I apologize for being off topic, but Swistle do you realize that lately you've been often recommending and/or discussing names from the Twilight series? Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Alice, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, and Bella are a few of the characters and since the first 7 are vampires their names are traditional names from the early 1900s. Maybe someone else already noticed this, but I wonder if it (Twilight) may have an impact on the popularity of these names this year?

Swistle said...

Courtney- Ah! No, I haven't read the books, so I didn't know. I think the author tapped into naming trends, though, rather than the other way around.