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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Karlie, Alexis, Zoey, and ___?

Christina writes:
Hello so I was talking with my girlfriend yesterday and she was asking me what i was going to name my baby and we are clueless:( She told me about you and i decided to give it a whirl . I am due next month and already have three girls and we are not sure what we are having and would love some help:) I have been throwing around ideas but none have made me say that's what i want to call my baby:) having 3 girls takes away a lot of girl names and all our friends have girls. my daughters are Karlie , Alexis and Zoey . I do have a couple ideas for girls i think the middle name is going to be Kae that is my husbands grandmas name that passed . some of my ideas for the first are Dani, ( after my hubby Daniel) Isabella, Ella, Jillian but i just cant get one to stick:) For a boy we like Nathan, Tyler, Nicolas, Zak ( Zak is the three first letters of the girls:) So any help would be great.

I like the girl name candidates you've come up with, but you say none of them are sticking yet. Let's find a few more options to consider:


Then let's put those in a big list with the boy name options and make a poll! Please vote for one girl name AND one boy name. [poll closed; see below]

[Poll results, girl names (282 votes total):
Dani: 13 votes, roughly 5%
Isabella: 8 votes, roughly 3%
Ella: 23 votes, roughly 8%
Jillian: 37 votes, roughly 13%
Delaney: 29 votes, roughly 10%
Gracie: 14 votes, roughly 5%
Haley: 11 votes, roughly 4%
Laney: 18 votes, roughly 6%
Macy: 20 votes, roughly 7%
Piper: 68 votes, roughly 24%
Sadie: 32 votes, roughly 11%
Shelby: 9 votes, roughly 3%

Poll results, boy names (250 votes total):
Nathan: 63 votes, roughly 25%
Tyler: 54 votes, roughly 22%
Nicolas: 56 votes, roughly 22%
Zak: 77 votes, roughly 31%]


Anonymous said...

What about Kae as a first name? I love the spelling and family connection.

I also love Zak, named after the girls. Love that!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Jillian and Tyler, but I think you have some other great options here. I'm adding in:

Reese Kae
Emma Kae
Rosie Kae
Nina Kae
Maya Kae
Ava Kae


Any you like?

Jan said...

I would avoid using a name that ends in the "ie" sound or you'll have three girls with that and one Alexis. All of your girls' names are slight take-offs from more common names, at least in spelling. Also, none are that long. For a girl, how about Lara? Or Taylor (since you like Tyler)?

For a boy I voted for Nicolas, maybe nn Nico? How about Nicolas Zak?

Verity said...

I voted for Piper.

I love the name, but beyond that, I think your Alexis might feel left out if all *three* of her sisters' names ended in the "ee" sound.

I also agree with Jan - Nicholas Zak is clever. Using Zak as a first name feels like a bit of an afterthought - he deserves his own identity!

Catherine said...

Love Jillian, though I personally prefer the "Gillian." I think the four names are great together, especially since J/Gillian would be the little sister. I like Nicolas for a boy.

Karen said...

I like Piper and Jillian. Unless there was a name with an ee ending that I LOVED, I'd look for an n, s, or a ending to flow with Kae. I liked anon's suggestion of Nina. Spunky but sweet but not girly-girl, like the sisters' names. What about:

Eden Kae
Tara Kae
Robyn Kae or Robin Kae

Anonymous said...

Dani Kae = Danny Kaye? A fun guy, but a weird coincidence if you're not using that name on purpose...