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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Boy ___ Patrick Carroll

Cara writes:
Okay...after TONS and tons of floundering back and forth between {what we think are cute} names, we need some serious help! We are due to have another sweet little man very soon and we have NO clue what name to choose. Our first son is named Landon. We LOVE his name...very strong & masculine. It goes perfectly perfect with our last name, "Carroll". With that said, we need something just as perfectly perfect for our next son. We want something that sounds good with Landon so when I'm introducing them people don't say, "Poor second kid...he sure got the raw end of the deal on his name." Ya know?!

We know for sure that his middle name will be Patrick...after my dad. SO, baby #2 can't have a name that starts with a "P" {I can barely say my first kid's name without faltering...I definitely don't need a tongue twister with this one!!} EVERYONE seems to have an opinion about baby #2's name. We have about 8 names picked out {and open for more suggestions} and our families aren't really liking any of them! I know we shouldn’t worry about that…after all, it’s OUR baby… but it’s definitely making us second guess our selections!

We’d like something that sounds different than Landon, but nothing too “out there”. We’re also not too big on “traditional” names. Something fun & cute, but not girly cute. My husband is all about the athletics, so having an “athletic” name would be better than something formal. {I know, completely random and irrelevant!!!} I’m also thinking that I don’t know if I want both boys to have names that end with the “on” sound. {I know, I know…super picky!!} We’ve also randomly talked about keeping his name “Irish”. Wow...did ya get all that?!?! SO...without further ado…here are our top choices!

1. Brody—Our favorite by far. We’ve had this one picked out since before I found out I was pregnant. I love, love, LOVE this name & think it would fit so perfectly perfect with our little family! However, our families don’t think it’s as “strong” as Landon, but I love the way “Landon & Brody” sound together!!
2. Reese --- My husband's pick. Don't get me wrong...LOVE it, but I’m afraid it’s more on the feminine side.
3. Hayden --- We like this one too, but I’m hearing it a lot for girls names these days!
4. Ayden --- Right…we’re not venturing too far from Hayden on this one, but we’ve always liked this name.
5. Miles ---I love this name! Not my husband’s favorite, but it made the list.
6. Gage --- Love this one too...definitely not the typical name, and if there's any name our families don't like as much as Brody, this one is it!!
7. Grayson or Hudson ---I put these together because we like them a lot, but the "on" endings might be too close to the ending in Landon.

Thanks for all the help!!!

I'm leafing through my copy of The Baby Name Wizard. It suggests these brother names for Landon: Dawson, Easton, Colby, Parker, Brennan. From that list I'm going to take Dawson: Dawson Patrick Carroll, Landon and Dawson. There will be differences of opinion on this, but to my ear the "son" ending of Dawson is different enough from the "don" ending of Landon---though the "ton" of Easton isn't.

I looked up some of the names on your list, to see if I could get more suggestions. Interestingly, the name Landon is listed under brother names for Gage. Another brother name for Gage is Grant, and I'm adding that one too: Grant Patrick Carroll, Landon and Grant.

I'll also add Gavin, listed as a brother name for Aidan: Gavin Patrick Carroll, Landon and Gavin.

Brother names for Miles included Simon, Malcolm, and Davis, all three of which I'm adding as possibilities. Simon Patrick Carroll, Landon and Simon. Malcolm Patrick Carroll, Landon and Malcolm. David Patrick Carroll, Landon and Davis.

Okay, and let's add one more name: Sawyer. Sawyer Patrick Carroll. Landon and Sawyer.

This gives us a mighty long list, but I think we can manage it. Let's put a poll over to the right. [Poll closed; see below.]

[Poll results (395 votes total):
Brody: 123 votes, roughly 31%
Reese: 9 votes, roughly 2%
Hayden: 3 votes, roughly 1%
Ayden: 7 votes, roughly 2%
Miles: 37 votes, roughly 9%
Gage: 17 votes, roughly 4%
Grayson: 9 votes, roughly 2%
Hudson: 8 votes, roughly 2%
Dawson: 17 votes, roughly 4%
Grant: 69 votes, roughly 17%
Gavin: 28 votes, roughly 7%
Simon: 6 votes, roughly 2%
Malcolm: 11 votes, roughly 3%
Davis: 9 votes, roughly 2%
Sayer: 42 votes, roughly 11%]


Anonymous said...

I really like Sawyer (particularly with Landon) but SawyeR CaRRoll just doesn't roll off my tongue.

Diane said...

This may not be quite your style, but it was the first name that came to mind when I saw Landon and Carroll: Ryan. It may be a little too 80s, though, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. I like Brody, but it doesn't strike me as a "stong" "masculine" name like Landon does. It seems like more of a little brother name to me, which may be what you're looking for, or maybe not.

brooke said...

I hear Simon Carroll and I think Simon Cowell. ::Cringe::

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I don't groove on Brody, it's not masculine enough and it's too much like Brady, Hayden, Aiden etc. I really like Gage, but how about Gates? A friend used it a couple of years ago. At first I thought it was awful but I love it now!

Carmen said...

Oooh, why didn't Swistle choose Brennan from her list? I would have voted for that one! I'd add Kieran to your list as well - although maybe Kieran Carroll is a bit too "r"-filled to be great.

Carmen said...

Oh, one more thing occurred to me: you could spell Reese the Welsh way (Rhys) and then it would be less feminine.

Clarabella said...

I LOVE the name Reese. But if that seems a little too feminine for you, you could use the other spelling (English? Irish?) Rhys, which I love even more than Reese. Landon and Rhys Carroll sounds lovely to my ear. So I'm not voting for Reese, but suggesting Rhys!
Oh, but I do love Gage, so I'll vote for that.

Clarabella said...

Welsh! Of course! Carmen's second comment hadn't shown up when I left mine!

brooke said...

I am thinking that Reid and Nolan are cool little brother names.

Good luck!

Lisa said...

The first name that popped in my head, before I read your list, was Owen. Landon and Owen sounds great. I also love Miles and agree that Rhys is a better spelling for Reese. I have to say, though, that I'm not a fan of Gage (it makes me think of shotguns).

Elizabeth said...

I have to say, I love love love the name Brody with Landon and your last name. I don't think it's unmanly at all compared to Landon, and I love how the two names sound together. And it sounds like it's your favorite! My vote's for Brody!

Swistle said...

Carmen- I like Brennan Patrick Carroll, too! I omitted it because I found I got confused with it as a sibling name to Landon: Landon and Brennan, or was it Landon and Brandon, or Lennon and Brennan, etc.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I really really like Colby! Similar to Brody but for some reason I like it more! Colby Patrick Carroll. Colby and Landon.

I voted for Grant, though, because I think it's very masculine, unique but not too out there, and I think it sounds athletic.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I voted for Sawyer, but I also like Brody. Both sound good with Landon, I think. :-)

Lots of great choices though... best of luck!

Sheri said...

I'm loving Gage, Brennan OR Brody! As far as the ending of the names, my husband and I blended our families and ended up with a Christian, Jordan, and Brendan. I love the fact that they all have the similar ending sound to them but that they're not "matchy" names. Since Brennan isn't on the list, I'm going to go with Brody - I think it flows better with Landon. I can't wait to hear what you decide!

Caitlin said...

I was going to recommend Rhys, but see someone already did!
I think this is a great way to make Reese more masculine, keeps it with the Irish theme, and sounds GREAT!

I like the name Brody, but fear it is a little on the trendy side.

Sarah said...

I'm really not a fan of Brody. When I was younger, if something was "gross" we referred to it as "grody". So the strong rhyming association would be a deterrent to me. Also, I think Reese seems feminine because of the actress Reese Witherspoon.

Of the names mentioned, I like Grant, Gage and Nolan. These are very strong, inarguably masculine names that aren't too traditional or over-played. Not a sissy in the bunch. I always try to imagine how a name would play on a guy in different professions like an attorney, a mechanic, or an Army private. My brother is a Sergent and I always ask, "Would this name get our son's head lodged in a toilet?" If the answer is no, we have a good name! Gotta love male culture.

Team Carroll said...

Okay Swistle...I'm loving you right now! You must be reading my mind...Sawyer, Gavin, & Grant are three other names we {by we, I mean "I"} thought about as well. I love to hear all the "pros & cons" to our selections, too!!!

P.S. the "Rhys" idea; thought about Ryan {& I like it!}; totally see what you mean about Brody being trendy...& I thought about the "Grody Brody" thing too!! Thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

I actually know some boys with the same last name as you, Lucas and Sebastian (called Seb or Sebby when he was little) so those are well tested. I personally think Sebastian is a good strong name to go with Landon and has lots of good nickname potential.

Lara Jane said...

I'm strongly against the matchy sounding names, and that includes similar endings.

Regardless, I think you should stick with your original choice. You love it so much that you'd probably regret going another direction!

R said...

I think Brody is cute, I love Rhys as well - and Grayson was one that was on my list... my top name choice was Grady (which hubs hated) but could be a mixture of Grayson & Brody... just one more outside suggestion :)

Good luck to you!!

PS - I love the name Landon!

goodtwin said...

I LOVE Grady :)
Grady Patrick

lfar said...

Landon and Sawyer together sound like Lawyer. How about other ER names? Parker was a good one... or Carter, Cooper, things like that?

Diane said...

I'll second Grady. It's similar in style to Brody, but it seems more masculine to me. I also love Rhys, which seems much more masculine than Reese.

Hadey said...

What about Griffin or Rowan? I'm not big on matchy names either, but I think these both sound great with Patrick Carroll.

I agree with the others that if you choose Reese it should be Rhys. More masculine and sticks with your desire for an Irish name.

I have to say that I don't like Brody because of the association with Brody Jenner, who I think is kind of a sleeze bag. (Sorry!)

Good luck!

Snoopyfan said...

I agree with Hadey's suggestion, Griffin! Of course, that is my boy's name. It sounds strong though, Griffin Patrick Carroll and Griffin and Landon don't sound too matchy.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I totally *heart* Rhys. Yummy!

Team Carroll said...

Hadey & husband is in love with you two. He went to Purdue {HUGE fan} and GRIFFIN is the name of their crest. However, Griffin is also the name of our dog. I'm not too sure I could name our second after our crazy pug!! BUT, LOVE the name!!!

Rayleen said...

I'll suggest Holden instead of Hayden, although it does have the "n." It may remind you of CATCHER IN THE RYE, I don't know if that's good or not. I really like Grayson so I voted for it as I have a Greyden of my own :-}.

Mairzy said...

I'm surprised, now that I've read a few comments, of my own perception that "Landon" is a smooth, gentle name and "Brody" is a tough-and-tumble masculine name. Nobody is likely to think that a "Brody" is a girl." I think Brody is a great name to go with, although it may help that I know a young Brody and like him very much.

I actually think Miles pairs best with Landon, but that's because I see Landon and Miles as the same light touch. (As someone who loves Rhys and Avery for boys, I don't consider a "light touch" a bad thing.)

At any rate, I voted for Brody.

LizardBits said...

Similar to Brody... A friend of mine recently used Bodhi... sounds like Brody, but w/o the R.

bellaf said...

Mairzy, you're not alone. I see Landon as mild and Brody as boyish. Anyway, I couldn't vote because I really really like six names on the list and most of the ones suggested so far. Also love the last name Carroll because I'm a big Lewis Carroll fan. This kid will be fine. :)

Frazzled Mom said...

My favorite is Grant. I love the simple one syllable to the point debonair sound of Grant. It sounds classic but not overdone; unique but not bizarre. And Grant Carroll sounds really handsome.

Anonymous said...

So many names I like...
Grant, Grayson (love the nn Gray), and plenty that have been suggested.

Hillary said...

I voted for Sawyer because it has the same feel to me -- last name as first name -- as Landon. Both are great names.

Also, my little boy's name is Rhys and I am just tickled to see all the love for that name here. We, of course, love it and it suits the kiddo. But we took some crap from my in-laws about the "weird" spelling. As a warning to Cara though, in case she uses it: We do have to correct pronunciation quite a bit. He's often called "Rice."

Anonymous said...

How about...
Luke Patrick Carroll
Luke & Landon
Landon & Luke

Best of Luck!

Carolyn said...

I have a good friend who named her son Grant. Whenever I have told someone the name, they have a very positive response. "What a strong name!" "Oh, wow, I really like that."

f8hful_lo said...

I voted for Miles. I think it is a great name that is totally underused! I also like the name Grayson. I think Gray is a cute nickname and it sounds good with Landon because it is similar but different. Also, I think it sounds good with the middle an last names. Good luck!

Stacy said...

My 7-month old is Hudson and he is a perfect angel. I think it's a tough name too.