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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Girl or Boy Celozzi

Vicki writes:
I am pregnant and due in April 2009. I don't know yet if I'm having a boy or girl. I have a set of twin boys at home that are named Nathaniel Konnor Celozzi and Sebastian Zane Celozzi. I would like a good strong name for my next child.

We've decided to go with Gabrielle if the baby is a girl. We have debated about the middle name between Amelia and Tru. We can't even begin to think of another boy name and could use some help. I appreciate all your assistance.

I like either of your middle name choices for Gabrielle. I like Tru better for coordination with your boys' names, and I like Amelia better with the rhythm of the whole name.

If the baby is a boy, here are some suggestions:

Adrian Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and Adrian
August Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and August
Benjamin Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and Benjamin
Edmund Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and Edmund
Elliot Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and Elliot
Everett Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and Everett
Frederick Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and Frederick
Garrett Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and Garrett
Isaiah Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and Isaiah
Jonathan Celozzi; Nathaniel, Sebastian, and Jonathan

Let's have two polls over to the right: one for the middle name if the baby is a girl, and one for the first name if the baby is a boy. [Polls closed; see below for results.]

Poll results:

Girl middle names (302 votes total):
Tru: 162 votes, roughly 54%
Amelia: 140 votes, roughly 46%

Boy names (296 votes total):
Adrian: 51 votes, roughly 17%
August: 35 votes, roughly 12%
Benjamin: 58 votes, roughly 20%
Edmund: 7 votes, roughly 2%
Elliot: 34 votes, roughly 11%
Everett: 38 votes, roughly 13%
Frederick: 20 votes, roughly 7%
Garrett: 18 votes, roughly 6%
Isaiah: 13 votes, roughly 4%
Jonathan: 22 votes, roughly 7%

Name update! Vicki writes:
Gabrielle Amelia was born March 26th weighing in at 5lbs 3.2oz. She was 3 weeks and a day early but perfectly healthy with a head full of light brown hair. She has Sebastian's eye color so far and Nathaniel's mouth with my chin and my husband's ears. We couldn't be happier. Thank everyone for your suggestions and thank you, Swistle for all your help!


Meg said...

I actually love Gabrielle Amelia Tru Celozzi. I know going with 2 mns isn't what the family has been doing but it has a wonderful ring of traditional/new to it. My second favorite would actually be Amelia Tru Celozzi. It just flows beautifully and Mia goes well with the boys names.

For boys I voted for Benjamin although with the other boys I actually think William would bet best... perhaps with the nickname Liam....

Good luck!

Karen said...

I like Tru better. Gabrielle Amelia is pretty but just too girly for my tastes. I "heard" Gabriella Tru Celozzi when I thought of Gabrielle. As it happens, I think Gabriella Tru flows a little nicer.

As much as I like the actual names themselves, none of Swistle's suggestions struck me as just the thing for this family. I'm voting for Adrian but I tried Nymbler and liked:

Raphael (my favourite)
Gabriel (guessing they've thought of it)

though, a couple of these may not feel "strong" enough. I'm looking forward to the other commenters' suggestions, too.

Karen said...

Doh! just saw that Swistle had suggested Jonathan already. Maybe I'll change my vote.

Karen said...

Total tangent...

Swistle, you had noted in the open-ended girl thread that you favour the first half of the alphabet. That certainly seems the case in the polls that are showing now, including this one. I'd be curious to see a histogram of frequency by letter for your suggestions.

Maybe you need to start reading baby books from back to front :P

Clarabella said...


I think Maximillian goes best with your other sons' names, but I really like Dominick, too. I really like a previous poster's suggestion of Raphael.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I've heard Elliot used for a couple of girls, so it does not say strong manly name to me. Also Frederick sounds a bit stuffy and not as current as Nathaniel and Sebastian.

Frazzled Mom said...

I prefer Gabrielle Tru myself because I like to balance long names with short names. Gabrielle Tru has the 3 syllable / 1 syllable pattern that I feel works better than the 3/3 pattern of Gabrielle Amelia, especially with the Italian sounding last name. I don't want to presume your last name is actually Italian, since I'm not sure, but it has that vowel heavy Italian appearance, which IMO flows better with the 3/1syllable pattern.

For the boy, Adrian just seemed to stick. I like Nathaniel, Sebastian and Adrian together. If you are looking for middle name suggestions, I like:

Adrian Karl
Adrian Rex
Adrian Hugh
Adrian Vaughn
Adrian Dwight
Adrian Vance

Some of these I got from Nymbler. I suggest sticking with the 1 syllable middle names.

Anonymous said...

i like the name Adrian as well.
Have you thought of Tristan?
I think it would go great with your other boys names!
Good luck!

Shoeaddict said...

I just had to say that a friend of mine has twin boys and they are name Sebastian and Alexander- Seb and Zane. I thought that was funny. :)

Karen said...

Clarabella, great list. I wish I'd come up with those. My favs from your list are Jeremiah and Emmanuel.

Bethtastic said...

DO Nathaniel and Sebastian have nicknames that are used regularly?

I ask because as I was trying to cast a vote, I split on a name that did NOT have a strong nickname (Adrian) and a name that DID (Benjamin). And I think if I knew if the older brothers used nicknames I would have leaned one way or the other...

Anyway, cool names.

Anonymous said...

Since the twins names are three syllables and end differently, I think the same should be true for baby boy #3. Dominick is a great suggestion from above.

As a note, I don't find Sebastian to be a terribly 'strong' name, and the first two are latinate but not necessarily italian, so I think the third baby boy name can follow in that pattern:

Leonardo (4 syllables..)
Alexander (4 syllables, might be close to Zane, as suggested above)

On second thought, I don't love the "y" endings with the "i" ending of Celozzi, but depends on your preference. I do love the names you picked for your twins - good luck!

Tracy H said...

I know I'm way late on this one, but this morning the name Hayden popped into my head. Hayden Wayne sounds like a strong name to me!

Tracy H said...

Okay, I just realized I got two posts mixed up! But I did really mean to suggest Hayden (just drop the Wayne, that was for the previous post!) I think Nathaniel, Sebastian and Hayden sound good together! I think Hayden sounds like a strong boys name.

Twinsma said...

Sorry to be so late playing catch up but I had a baby and moved all in a few short days.

Gabrielle Amelia was born March 26th weighing in at 5lbs 3.2oz. She was 3 weeks and a day early but perfectly healthy with a head full of light brown hair. She has Sebastian's eye color so far and Nathaniel's mouth with my chin and my husband's ears. We couldn't be happier. Thank everyone for your suggestions and thank you, Swistle for all your help!