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Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby Girl or Boy Naming Emergency!

This post is not even done, but I just got word that she is IN LABOR RIGHT NOW and doesn't have a name! So I am posting it as-is, and I'll keep working on it during the day if I think of anything else. Good luck, Tamarah!

Tamarah writes:
We are expecting our first child on March 17th! My husband and I are having a difficult time finding names that we're in love with. I have loved the name Charlotte for a very long time - it was my grandmothers name (she passed away when my mother was only 2). Charlotte is also the name of my first cousin, named after our grandmother. I was feeling very confident that I was OK with naming my babe Charlotte - I don't believe anyone "owns" a name or that it would be a terrible thing to have two Charlottes in the family - she would be my child's second cousin, and there would be 20 years between them. The middle name for Charlotte would be Flora - We chose Flora because both of my hubby's grandmothers are named Florence - and mine is named Rose (flower = flora) - I love the way it flows - AND it pays tribute to all the grandmothers. In the past month or 2, I have been feeling less jazzed about Charlotte, I'm not sure why. I now like Auden - I would use the middle name Danielle (my dad is Daniel, and my husband has a uncle Danny that passed away recently) and Dylan - I would use Rose for a middle name - (Rose is my grandmother's name and my sister's middle name.) So these are the 3 girl names we've come up with that Id love some feedback on:

Charlotte Flora
Auden Danielle
Dylan Rose

NOW - the major issue? BOY NAMES! This is so difficult! I can't seem to find anything that really speaks to me. I like the name Miles, Miles Daniel - but other than that, nothing has been jumping out, for first or middle names. I like the name Jasper - but that sounds harsh with our last name - Begins with a F, is one syllable (5 letters) and very German sounding. My husband has mentioned liking Dexter, but that doesn't do anything for me. We both are leaning towards older sounding names, but are quite open at this point! My husband is also Jewish (emphasis on the ish) and he would like to use names that honor people in our families. Though he is not dead set on this, there are a few names in particular that he would like to use - or use a derivative of (first letter works): Harry, Danny, Aaron, Frederick, Florence.
Here is our list of boy names, where only 1 sounds "right" so far.

Miles Daniel**

Any help would be amazing!

One thing I notice is that you have a lot of style variety in your options. I think in your shoes I'd start by thinking of names I might want to use for future children, and see which category of names you prefer. If you're leaning more toward Miles and Daniel, I'd go with Charlotte for a girl; if you're leaning more toward Wyatt, I'd go with Dylan or Auden. And since you like Dylan for both girls and boys, it may be that you'll want to use Dylan for your first child regardless.

Hey, you wouldn't want to consider the name Florence, would you? It's one of my recent top favorite girl names. I lovvvvvvvvve it. It's strong and feminine, and Florrie is an adorable nickname. I think it's due for a revival, just like the Charlottes and Emmas. Florence Charlotte is pretty, or I like Florence Rose even better. Oh, wait, though: your surname is one syllable and starts with F, and maybe that would be too harsh with Florence. If your surname were Fiest, for example, that would be Florence Fiest. Well, actually, I still like it a lot.

I also suggest Audra, Audrey, and Aubrey since you like Auden. I like all of them with the middle name Rose.

And I suggest Delaney, since you like Dylan. Delaney Rose.

On to boy names. I, too, have trouble finding ones that bowl me over. I think Miles Daniel is wonderful: both of those names are on my own boy list. Here are a few other boy names I wonder if you might like:



Hannah said...

Personally, I think Charlotte Flora is absolutely stunning - but if you're not feeling too jazzed about it, I would go with Swistle's suggestion of Audrey Rose. My style leans towards the feminine and girly side, so these appeal to me much more than Auden and Dylan do; however, if you and DH prefer more unisex and masculine names, I would go with Dylan, so that your children will all have names in the same style.

For boys, I think Miles Daniel is also a great combo. From what you have listed, I like Gabriel Aaron, Gabriel Wyatt, and Dexter Dylan. Also, what do you think of Finley/Finlay/Finn? You could use the F to honor Frederick and Florence.

I think you've picked some beautiful names, but you might just be getting cold feet. Be confident in what you originally chose - you have great taste! I wish you the best of luck in labor, birth, and the naming of your newest addition!

Erika said...

I concur -- Charlotte Flora is hard to beat -- so melodic and classic and lovely.

Sarah said...

I like Charlotte, too. It's full of nickname potential if you like that kind of thing and it's a familiar name without being overdone.

Sometimes if I think about a name too much before having an actual child to attach it to, the name can seem tired and worn out. I don't think that means there is anything wrong with the name, though. People keep names alive and dynamic in a way that the old Baby Name List often fails to do. I think Charlotte is a great name and that once you give it to a fresh baby girl, this great name will take on a new life for you.

Lara Jane said...

I love the name Jasper. We couldn't put it on our list since it's the name of our county! (Too weird, right?)

Frederick is one of my favoritefavorite names. I just can't fathom having Frederick and Dylan on the same short-list, though.

Charlotte is lovely and I say stick with it. But you definitely need to find the "style" groove before you commit. Like Swistle said, think of future sibling names!

Congrats! Hope the delivery is going/went smoothly!

Rebecca said...

I love your top name from both lists: Charlotte and Miles.

Hope T. said...

What about reversing the top boy's name: Daniel Miles instead of Miles Daniel? It sounds a little more Jewish to me that way and the first name would honor the Danny on your list.
For a girl, Charlotte is wonderful.

Baby B said...

I think both Charlotte Flora and Delaney Rose are absolutely beautiful! Charlotte Flora has a wonderful story behind it, I think.

Boy names... From Swistle's list, I really like Everett and Henry, as well as Miles Daniel/Daniel Miles.

I would like to add that I love the old fashioned boy name Laurence (or Lawrence), though I don't love Larry as a nickname. I just thought I would share a random name :].

Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly.

Frazzled Mom said...

Sometimes after a while a beloved name becomes familiar and you get second thoughts. Maybe you are thinking you find a name you like better after the baby is born? I say go with your gut. I feel Charlotte Flora and Miles Daniel are both lovely names. And I personally feel the more classic style is easier to match for future siblings than the unisex names. With unisex names, if you have a second girl, you must go with a unisex name, which you might be fine with, but then if you have a girl and then a boy, you almost have to give the boy a super masculine name like Mack and super masculine doesn't seem to be your style for boys' names.

Rachel said...

I love Charlotte Flora. I would go with Audra or Audrey over Auden (Auden sounds very masculine to me).

I like Miles too. Miles Daniel is a great name. Jasper is another good one. If you have Jasper first and then have a girl and name her Charlotte? Jasper and Charlotte. Nice!

Anonymous said...

well he/she is on their way! you have some great girl names- see which one fits her. love love love miles for a boy! happy pushing & congrats! haha my word verification is "unsure"

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I love Dylan Rose. The combination is great- androgynous first name, uber feminine middle name. Love it.

For a boy, I really like Miles Daniel! Go for it!

Anonymous said...

How about Arden?

FattyLumpa said...

Charlotte Flora and Miles Daniel are both lovely.

Have you considered Auden Daniel for a boy? I think Auden is a great name, and could go either way!

Baby Name Brainstorm said...

What about Dexter in middle place? Miles Dexter works pretty good for me. It's similar to Miles Daniel but the 'ex' makes it a harder sound. They're both reminiscent of Miles Davis—very cool.