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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick Poll: Top 10 Boy Names

Which is your favorite Top Ten boy name? If you were required to choose one for your baby, which would you choose? Here they are from the Social Security name list for 2007:


Poll is over to the right. [Poll closed; see results below.]

Poll results (380 votes total):
Jacob: 54 votes, roughly 14%
Michael: 14 votes, roughly 4%
Ethan: 59 votes, roughly 16%
Joshua: 23 votes, roughly 6%
Daniel: 26 votes, roughly 7%
Christopher: 19 votes, 5%
Anthony: 8 votes, roughly 2%
William: 106 votes, roughly 28%
Matthew: 30 votes, roughly 8%
Andrew: 41 votes, roughly 11%


Hannah said...

Gosh, there are so many beautiful names that I would use in a heartbeat! My favorites are Joshua, William, and Andrew, but I really like Jacob, Ethan, Daniel, and Matthew. Actually, the only one I dislike is Anthony. These names have more of a classic feel, so they're not necessarily ruined by the popularity factor, at least in my opinion.

Clarabella said...

Hmmm, I picked the one I DID name my child, William, although we call him Liam, which is some ways down the list. Also, I had him in 2007, but William is also his middle name. Sorry, just trying to figure out how I *might have* contributed to this list.

Erin said...

William is my son's middle name, so I guess that's what I'd use!

Frazzled Mom said...

My favorites are Ethan and William. Ethan is masculine yet refined, and I'm not sure why I like William, unless it's because I'm a closet British Royal family fan? I'm not all that crazy about Jacob, again like Abigail I think it sounds harsh, and Christopher just seems bland.

andnotbysight said...

Wow, I have four of the top ten boy names on my list (and my husband has a fifth on his), but none of the top ten girl names. I wonder what that means . . .

Giselle said...

I have an Andrew and a Michael...but I picked Andrew as my favorite, because I think it is. I would have named #2 boy William (because it is my 2nd favorite boy name), but I already had a it would have been Will and thank you.

I really like all of them...but then...I named two of my kids off the list, so I guess I don't care about being "too common". Again, stemming from having a really unusual name growing up (and the trauma associated with that...)

g~ said...

I chose Andrew although we named our son just "Drew".
I also love William but would have named a second son Will. I don't know what it is about mono-syllabic names for boys but I just like 'em.
My second child, a girl, is named Malyn (Rhymes with Gallon) so I suppose my tastes encompass a wide range.

Nowheymama said...

I have always loved the name Ethan, but it is out of the running for our future hypothetical children. So somebody else use it, please!

Lara Jane said...

I chose William but I also like Daniel.

Again, I would purposefully avoid actually using any name this high up on the charts. However, when a name has been around for centuries, its popularity will wax and wane, so you won't necessarily be able to say, "Oh, that baby was born in 2009." It's a good thing to go with the classics!

Anonymous said...

My son is William (will). I think classic names are very masculine. Sometimes I worry about how more trendy names will age for men.

It doesn't bother me that its popular...however I don't want my daughters to have popular names! I wonder why that is?

Hadey said...

Anthony is actually the only name that I like on this list (the rest are just very "blah" for me). I am currently pregnant with my second child (won't know the sex until next week), and my partner's name is Anthony, and he is insistent that if it is a boy he be named Anthony. Although I love the name on its own, it's a huge pet peeve of mine when people name their kids after themselves, and I would want my son to have his "own" name. I know if we end up having a boy we're going to be battling on his name. I may be writing you in a few months for some naming advice. ;-)

Snoopyfan said...

Love love love Andrew! I just have negative connotations with the name (neighbor boys when I was little were Andy and Drew and they were mean!) and also I hate the nickname Andy. Actually, I dislike nicknames in general. I named him Andrew, call him Andrew!

Tracy H said...

Wow, none of the boys names suit my taste!

Anonymous said...

In response to Hadey, I totally agree with you on the naming the child after the adult directly, it feels sort of like an attempt to circumvent mortality or something, but maybe you could use it as a middle name or a different form of anthony instead? I agree, unique names for unique people are the best, and I wish you and your partner luck on compromising!

and as to the list, The names are all very classic, but parents seem to have a much harder time getting away from the traditional names with boys than with girls, with whom they are much more imaginative. Haven't Jacob and Michael been at the top of the list forever? I think unique boy names should make a comeback!

Hadey said...

Anonymous- I told him I think it would be a great middle name (again, love the name, just want to give our son a unique name), but he's pretty adamant about using it as a first name. We'll see what happens. If we are having a boy, I will just have to find some spectacular other first name that he can't say no to!

Joanne said...

My sweet boy is an Anthony Joseph and he was born in 2005 when I never heard of *anyone* naming their child Anthony. We named him for the St. Anthony though, because he was due the day after his feast day. Besides Anthony, I really like William, because of the poem about Sweet William and I like the nickname Will. Our Anthony doesn't have a nickname.

Joanne said...

Hadey, maybe you could name the baby Anthony Middlename and just call him by his middle name? Would that work? I see your point and feel for you.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Asked for these names, and am so late looking at them, LOL.

I've always loved the name Jacob.

My brother is Michael and a close cousin of ours is Matthew (they're 20 and 21 respectively, now). Their names have always been in the top ten, LOL.

William, Joshua, Andrew and Ethan used to be boys names that appealed to me greatly - but now I know others who have used them and it puts them out of the running for myself. Still nice names though!