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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quick Poll: Top 10 Boy Vs. Top 10 Girl

The past couple of days, we've done polls on Top Ten boy names and Top Ten girl names. Here's the next poll: which GROUP of names do you prefer? Do you prefer the Top Ten boy names, or do you prefer the Top Ten girl names? Here they are again, to refresh your memory:



Poll is over to the right. [Poll closed; see results below.]

Poll results (248 votes total):
Prefer the boy names: 112 votes, roughly 45%
Prefer the girl names: 136 votes, roughly 55%


Frazzled Mom said...

Hmmm. I can't decide! But I want to observe that I have really strong opinions about the girls list, I either love or hate each name on the list. But with the boys, I sort of like some and sort of like others, but most of them are just ok.

So what do I prefer as a whole: a group of polarized names or a group of middle of the road names? I just don’t know how to answer!

Hannah said...

Hmm. I agree with Frazzled Mom; of the boy's list, three make my favorites list, of the girl's list, four make my favorite's list. Not such a big difference, especially considering I still like five of the other names on the boy's list and only two other's on the girl's list... but the ones on the boy's list, I love and have loved forever, whereas my preferences for girls names tend to change daily/weekly/monthly.

So I'm voting with the boys on this one: Nice solid, classic names that I'll love forever. :)

Carmen said...

I don't like any of the names on the boys list. I voted by choosing the lesser of all evils, so to speak. For me, I just find them quite old-fashioned, I guess. The girls names, for whatever reason, seem less old-fashioned and more modern. Which is strange, I know. I'm sure they're just as old, if not more so. Hmm, how to word this...I guess to me, the girl's names seem fresher.

Wow. That was babbly and not helpful. I'll stop now.

C N Heidelberg said...

Boys. It is dud-free, whereas the girls' list has one major dud, Madison, and a name which is fine for others but I find ugly, Abigail.

Girls' names flit in and out of fashion way too quickly and end up sounding so dated. It takes a long time for that to happen with boys' names and gives boys the fashion upper hand in the long run.

Mary said...

I like the boys list way way way better than the girls. Most of the girls names (except for Elizabeth) are trendy and I wouldn't even consider them.

Bailey said...

Hoo boy! My vote made it exactly 50/50. We're a split bunch, Swistle. (Yeah, I voted for the girls.)

Elizabeth said...

I voted for the boys' names. To me, they sound traditional or classic. The girls' names seem more trendy (although some simultaneously sound classic, and yes, I know that doesn't make sense).

It's a problem for us if we ever have a boy. We don't want a really common name for a boy or a girl, and while we can agree on plenty of girl names that aren't super-common (our daughter's name was around 120 on the SocSec list) *all* of our favorite boys' names are in the top 20.

Joanne said...

I vote for the boys too.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

The girls list appeals to me more, as most of those names are names I'd love to use on future daughters.

The boys list contains too many names of boys either in my family, or boys I grew up with... I can't picture some of those names on little ones anymore (even though they're totally still popular on little ones...but you know how that goes once you're used to a name being an "adult" name?). And none of my future possible boys names are on the top ten list, so the girls have won for that.

I think that both lists when read as 10 names have a style about them that make the names go together. I mean, I could see ten brothers with those boy names. Or ten sisters with those girl names. The two lists are different from each other (girls names are trendier, perhaps)... but as 10 names and 10 names, the lists really suit each other.