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Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick Poll: Top 10 Girl Names

Which is your favorite Top Ten girl name? If you were required to choose one for your baby, which would you choose? Here they are from the Social Security name list for 2007:


Poll is over to the right. [Poll closed; see results below.]

Poll results (434 votes total):
Emily: 29 votes, roughly 7%
Isabella: 37 votes, roughly 9%
Emma: 37 votes, roughly 9%
Ava: 50 votes, roughly 12%
Madison: 8 votes, roughly 2%
Sophia: 50 votes, roughly 12%
Olivia: 70 votes, roughly 16%
Abigail: 25 votes, roughly 6%
Hannah: 36 votes, roughly 8%
Elizabeth: 92 votes, roughly 21%


Snoopyfan said...

Olivia. When good friends of ours named their daughter that (7 years ago) I loved it and I still do today. Would have never named my own daughter that, but love Olivia!!

BDS said...

The only name I would ever consider is Elizabeth. It is my middle name, a family name and a beautiful name.

Erin said...

I voted Elizabeth, but it would be a toss up between that and Hannah. Elizabeth just has so many fantastic nickname opportunities, and I'm a big nicknamer.

Shoeaddict said...

I'm a huge, huge fan of Isabella. My husband and I were fans of it 10years ago when we got together. Now, it's just too popular :(

Baby B said...

Isabella is a family name (my great-grandmother's name, she was of Spanish descent), so I would definitely go for that one.

Bethany said...

Abigail :) I know it's popular, but it's been a favorite of mine for years!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Too hard, I love too many.

But I do know my first daughter will be named Sophia, so I will go with that (family connections too, and a name I love).

But next (in order):


Ava would be a top contender for me if it wasn't too close to another family member's name (Eva); I just can't choose it. lol.

Mind you... I'm not even married or pregnant or even close, so who knows what real names will end up on my babies when they're born! We've got a few years to go, I'm sure, so maybe my tastes will change again!

Anonymous said...

I voted Elizabeth because it's a name that will never sound dated. Now, the nicknames for Elizabeth are another story...

Alison said...

LOVE Sophia. SO disappointed it's madly popular. I would love to name a girl Sophia Grace, but it's not to be. I've always wished my name were less popular (Alison/Allison/Allyson), so I want to give my children names that people have heard of but don't run into all the time.

Bailey said...

Emily, with Sophia running a close second. We had actually picked out the name "Emily Rose" for our little girl, but then that awful horror movie came out with the same name. We were disappointed, but we love our little Lilikoi and the name suits her perfectly.

Frazzled Mom said...

While I understand why most of these names are in the top 10, because I would like them for sound alone, once a name gets popular, it does lose appeal for me.

However, I will never get tired of Sophia. The name is so elegant and has an old-world quality but still sounds modern. And Sophia is not as over-done in my local area as Ava, Olivia, Emma, and Abigail. I've only met one local Sophia, and her name fits her perfectly.

My second favorite would be Elizabeth. I like how the name is timeless, but still has trendy nicknames.

Ok, I know this question wasn't asked, but my least favorites are Madison and Abigail. Madison has date stamp written all over it, and Abigail, while having historical substance and a cute nickname, just sounds jarring to me with the B and the G close together and the Gail sound.

Nowheymama said...

Emily--because that means we'd be naming our (fictional) baby for her beloved aunt.

Anonymous said...

So hard to pick--I love Abigail, Hannah, and Elizabeth. Went with Elizabeth, ultimately, though.

Commanda Amanda said...

I voted for Elizabeth because it is my favorite of all of them, but my SIL's youngest is Elizabeth, so it would be quite awkward to have another in the family. She also has an Abigail, and my sister has a Hannah. If I actually named my daughter one of the listed names, I'd go with Olivia - lovely, sweet, cute enough for a little girl, but sophisticated enough for a grown woman.

Lara Jane said...

Elizabeth seems the most timeless of these choices, even though some might've been around longer (as in, mentioned in the Bible! LOL).

I'm definitely in agreement with Frazzled Mom; a name loses its appeal when it becomes this popular.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I always loved Ava and Ella and was planning on naming my kids Ava Marie and Ella Grace. Now, however....yikes, way to popular. I don't have kids yet so I don't have to make the decision, but I always loved those to names. I also love Sophia and Olivia, but those are fairly recent loves...I didn't really ilke them as much BEFORE they were so popular.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Swistle - can we do this for the boys names too?

Saly said...

Clearly, Hannah.