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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Addison, Quincy, Micah, and Baby Boy ____?

Renee writes:
My husband and I are due with baby #4 in just under 2 weeks. Our three girls are named Addison Anna (called Addie), Quincy Eliza (Quin) and Micah Joy (who we call "Micah Joy" exclusively). We know we're having a boy this time around, and are very excited. However, we are having a very difficult time finding a name. I think the problem (at least for me) is that our daughters have very strong names and it's difficult to find a boy's name that doesn't strike me as, well, girly. We've agreed that the middle name will be Thomas--my husband's middle name. But as for a first name, we're pretty stuck.

I like the idea of a strong, traditional name like John, Edward or James, but I think they're a bit too plain and don't go well with the girls' names. Hubby likes Harrison, Charles (Charlie) and Benjamin--but does concede that Harrison is too much like Addison, and Charlie and Ben feel too plain for the girls' names.

The one name we had been seriously considering was Archer... and I do still like it, as does my husband...It's strong, and I think it flows really well... Archer Thomas Lenox. The problem is, we do watch Private Practice on ABC, and Dr. Addison Montgomery has a brother named Archer. And that bothers me. Because when we gave Addie her name, it was not super trendy, but since Grey's Anatomy, it's become much more mainstream. And because we don't want to seem like crazy TV fans... that irrational?

I just feel like we're completely out of ideas. Any and all suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks so much!

I do think it sounds okay when a family has a different naming style for the boys than for the girls. A family might not want to name sisters Gabriella and Taylor because of the startlingly different styles, but I think it's okay to have a sister Gabriella and a brother Tyler. Something about the gender line makes it okay to mix. So if you wanted to have a John, Edward, James, Charles, or Benjamin, I think those all work great. In fact, since your girls' names are all androgynous, a classic and unmistakable boy name might be just the thing.

But if they seem too plain, I love Archer. It's a great name; it's similar in style to your girls' names; it's great with Thomas Lenox; and you both really like it. Let's put a poll over to the right to see how strong the Addison/Archer connection is. [Poll closed; see results below.] I wouldn't have thought of it, especially with several siblings separating the two names, but I'd be interested to see if it pops into other people's minds.

Poll results (335 votes total) for the question "Would you have thought of the Addison/Archer connection?":
Yes: 54 votes, roughly 16%
Only if it were pointed out to me: 51 votes, roughly 15%
No: 80 votes, roughly 24%
Who?: 150 votes, roughly 45%
(No plus Who: 230 votes, roughly 69%)


Jamie said...

Private Practice is a cool show, but it won't live on forever like "Cheers" or like "Luke and Laura" do. I love the name Archer and think you should go with it!

verygoodyear said...

If you go with Archer, I'm sure you'll have a few random people point out the PP connection, but really I wouldn't worry. It's not a show that will be around forever, and not everyone watches it (I've never watched it or Gray's)... throw me firmly into the "WHO?" column!

Go with your heart!

Rebecca said...

The Archer and Addison thing does not bother me. However, from your list I think I like Edward Thomas the best.

Kate said...

Renee, I voted in the Yes category on the poll...but only because I watch that show religiously and because both names are on my own personal list. When they introduced Archer in the show, I was like "hey, don't screw up my baby name list". BUT realistically...not many people will notice this connection. Like other posters said above, this show will not be around forever!

I say go with Archer! I think it is the best choice and goes great with your girls' names. Archer Thomas Lenox...PERFECT!

Catherine said...

I like Archer and I would not let the Private Practice issue bother you. It's not like naming your kids Bart and Lisa. At most there might be a few people who find it amusing.

Tracy H said...

Archer is one of my recent favorite names for that boy I'm never going to have.....LOL! Archer Thomas Lenox is a great name. Way better than the show Private Practice, whose days I think are numbered, so I wouldn't worry at all.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

I have to admit the Addison/Archer thing immediately pooped into my head, but like one commenter said, the show won't last forever. Another thing that popped into my head was: what about Asher? It's very similar to Archer, but doesn't have the Private Practice connection.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch either of those TV shows, but the first thing that popped into my head was that both of those names are major roads in the Chicago area (and I've heard of several Cubs fans using Addison because it's the street that Wrigley field is on).

Meg said...

I know 2 little girls (1 2 months old 1 3 years) named Archer so I think it's moved/moving into the unisex category... I'd go with something more traditionally male...

My suggestions: William (nn Liam?), Joseph, David, Oscar...

Frazzled Mom said...

A girl named Archer - really? Since Archer can be nicknamed Archie, which I find very masculine, I can't see Archer moving into the unisex category, but if it does just call him Archie. If you don't like Archie, then you may want to reconsider the name. I find an unappealing nickname a stronger deterrent than an association. Personally, I like Archie.

About the TV show - I know sometimes associations can be annoying, but think of it this way: TV shows, Books, Movies, will always be written, and eventually a name will get used on some character or a person with the name will become famous making it increasingly difficult to avoid a name with an association. Because of that, I consider associations tie breakers, but not deal breakers.

To me, it sounds like Archer is the name you love and the TV show association is the only thing giving you pause. Since you haven't mentioned another name you both like, I would go with it.

cileag said...

We're due in October and Archer is on the top of our list. It's not even ranked in the top 1000, so I can't see it jumping up that high just because of Private Practice (which I agree will be short lived). But girls named Archer?? Gah!

MC said...

I don't watch either of those shows, so the Addison/Archer thing escaped me.

How about Asher? Similar...but not the same.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I don't think the TV connection is a big deal. I actually thought of a well known blogger whose son's name is Archer first.

Hope T. said...

I don't watch TV so I never heard of that show. However, I did think that Archer would probably go unisex so I am not surprised to read in the comments that someone has heard of it as a girl's name.
I keep coming back to Jackson for this little boy; I like Jackson Thomas.

MommyWannabe said...

I'm so sad... .I love Archer.. and hadn't realized it had become so popular.. Sadness... Stupid TV....

Anonymous said...

Please don't let television shows influence your naming decisions. My parents chose to rename me at the last minute because their friends thought that it was reference to a dead character on a popular soap. My parents have since regretted their decision, especially since nobody made the connection between the soap and the name they had chosen once that particular arc was over. Shows run their course and finish, but your child is going to have that name for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the tv show connection... I think a problem (for me personally... one of my personal pet peeves) is the fact that two of the names begin with the same letter, while all of the others are so different!
haha i don't know why it bothers me, but that would be more of a reason for me to not name him Archer rather than the private practice connection!
Some more masculine names that are unique are:
Zade, Kynan, Taggart, Daikon, Lawson, Foster, Carter, Parker, Graydon, Keegan, Sawyer, Dalton

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think Archer is a great name, and goes well with the sib. names. I also like Parker, another previous suggestion.

Lara Jane said...
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Lara Jane said...

Yikes... if Archer is trending towards the girls' side then I wouldn't use it. Your girls' names are already so androgynous, you don't want people to ask, "Now, which one is the boy?"

Here's a suggestion along the same lines: Mercer. You heard it here first! LOL (We're old-school music fans, "Come Rain or Come Shine" was our wedding song.)

A couple more:
Harris, instead of Harrison

Good luck!

Frazzled Mom said...

I don't know if antidotal mentions of Archer on a girl is proof that it is trending unisex, but unfortunately since Archer isn't even currently in the top 1000 there are no solid stats one way or the other. Personally, I feel Archer is all boy, and naming a girl Archer is like naming her Hank - totally ugly.

I am concerned Archer could be getting trendy for boys only because I am hearing it more and more often on name blogs like this one. But again that's only antidotal evidence. Now if Archer goes from unranked in 2007 to like the 700's or 800's in 2008 that would be an indication that it is in danger of heading into trendy territory, but even then, the name drop back down below 1000 in 2009 - you just can‘t be sure.

But you know what? You could drive yourself crazy trying to determine which names will get trendy. (I know because I have - hah.) Renee already mentioned that Addison wasn't trendy when she used it for her oldest daughter. If I were Renee, I would just go with my gut and cross my fingers.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I only thought of Private Practice because it was pointed out, and I really don't think it has a big enough following for you to be worried about the connection; especially since you have other daughters in there as well, not JUST Addison and Archer as siblings on their own.

Just go for it if it's a name you both like.

And I really don't see Archer as a girl's name. That's so odd-sounding to me, but I guess some people choose that.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon this post, and i know it is a year old by now. But in hopes that the OP will respond, here goes:

I, too have a daughter named Micah who is less than a year old now. And I have been having some name regret since we named her. Mostly because I worry about the gender confusion with it as it is typically a boys name. Have you found that at all with your Micah? I need a little female Micah support group ;)

Anonymous said...

Well our son is nearly three days old, and we have narrowed the name list down to;
Think we will go with Archer and keep fingers crossed the name doesn't take off! We live in Essex, England.