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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Girl Cargill

Crystal writes:
I've been reading your blog, never thinking I would have to request help myself, but things are getting desperate. Why, you ask? Well, let me introduce you to my difficult husband. The man who likes no names. I am fairly picky myself, but have suggested at least 40 names that he's struck down (using his extensive vocab of choice words to express his contempt). Please help us. Our baby needs a name, and I'm pretty sure my husband wants to keep from being strangled. The basics:

I'm due on April 11th with our second girl.

Our daughter's name is Melia Quinn Cargill (muh-LEE-ah)

Names I like that have been rejected: Eliana, Eliza, Ciana, Sabine, Zadie, Cela, Lily

Name I love that he is "considering": Juniper

The only name he actually cares for right now: Tessa

We don't like popular names (I know, I know), but I like names of lots of different styles. I couldn't tell you what style he prefers, but his most violent reaction is against the unisex names. He also isn't a fan of the noun names--places, flowers, etc.

We don't have any specific requirements about name length, certain letters, etc., and I feel like most names go with Cargill. Obviously, we haven't even gotten anywhere near the whole middle names issue.

So I'm kind of at a loss. I feel like it is going to have to be something obscure that we haven't come across. Any help would be wonderful.


p.s. If you don't have any naming help, maybe you know of a way I could bypass him when the birth certificate signing time comes around. I kid. Sort of. He really is a great guy--there's just something about this naming issue...

Some people (I am looking at YOU, Paul) are truly skilled at shooting down every possibility presented to them. Saying "Fine. YOU make a list, then" can lead to some helpful discussions. When I made Paul do it, he came up with a list of, basically, 1980s cheerleaders. It was nice to be the scoffer for a change, and he was more reasonable about MY suggestions after being on the receiving end of scoff.

Well, fine. His list is one name long: Tessa. So how about a list from me?

Britta Cargill; Melia and Britta
Clarissa Cargill; Melia and Clarissa
Darcy Cargill; Melia and Darcy
Juliet Cargill; Melia and Juliet
June Cargill; Melia and June
Romy Cargill; Melia and Romy
Sylvie Cargill; Melia and Sylvie
Willa Cargill; Melia and Willa

Anyone else want to take a shot at it? And let's have a poll over to the right. [Poll closed; see results below.]

Poll results (264 votes total):
Tessa: 59 votes, roughly 22%
Britta: 32 votes, roughly 12%
Clarissa: 11 votes, roughly 4%
Darcy: 20 votes, roughly 7%
Juliet: 41 votes, roughly 15%
June: 21 votes, roughly 8%
Romy: 29 votes, roughly 11%
Sylvie: 28 votes, roughly 11%
Willa: 23 votes, roughly 9%


erin said...

How about Brenna. As I was reading the post it just came to me, for whatever that is worth :)I also feel Crystal's pain for the longest time my husband said the only name he liked for our son was Bubba :)

Erica said...

I wonder if you can use the guilt of painful labor and/or major surgery to swing the vote your way. You can hold on to your favorite name and then whip it out after the delivery. Try to look extra tired/weepy/in pain. I bet you'd be able to name that kid anything you want.

I mean, I've heard some people might be devious enough to try this sort of thing. *ahem*

Christina Fonseca said...

I voted for Romy - I think Romy and Melia are great together. FWIW, Romy can also be a nickname for Rosemary (which I don't think either of you would care for) and for Romilly.

Anonymous said...

Willa is super classy and sounds smart and is totally unusual without being weird.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys can help. I can't figure out how to pronounce Romy. Is it a soft 'o' or a hard 'o'. I've been wondering this about Romilly, too.

Frazzled Mom said...

Swistle has a great list. My favorites are Juliet, Sylvie and Willa. Your situation has garnered so much sympathy from me that I'm going to give you a gift. I'm going to suggest a name I love so much but can't use because 1. my husband actually had a violent reaction to it so I can relate, and 2. it sounds cutesy with my daughter's name Fiona.

Despite knowing I can't use it, I was still stingy with the name because I felt I had "discovered" it. No other expectant parents ever mention it, and I still thought of it as one of "my names." Yes, I'm possessive. So what is this coveted name?

Ione (EYE-oh-nee)

I think Ione complements Melia because both names have an exotic quality. Ione is also one of those off-beat old-fashioned names like Tessa. For those reasons, I thought maybe your husband may not react so violently to the name as mine did.

The only downside is there is an alternative pronunciation (EYE-OWN) which I don't even like. But since Ione Skye uses the (EYE-OH-NEE) pronunciation, and I believe that is the original Greek pronunciation, I don't think you would have problems getting people to pronounce it EYE-OH-NEE if that's what you like.

As for middle names, I personally love Ione Delphine, but feel Ione Lark might fit your style more.

Good luck.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

I really like Tessa, though that could very well be because that is the name of my second daughter. I also like Britta, though it makes me think of the water filter company despite the slightly different spelling.

Barb @ getupandplay said...


Sparkling Cipher said...

I stopped at Swistle's first suggestion. Britta. Love.

My suggestions: Layla, Antonia, Liliana.

Or just make up a name. The word verification is giving me Bentessi. Kidding. Unless you like it. Then woo hoo! :-)

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Here are some from Nymbler that might be a happy medium between you and your husband:

Gaia / Kaia
Mirabel / Mira
Irena / Irina
Alessia / Alessa
Fiona / Finola

Any you like? I particularly love Lyra and Isadora, and I think they both fit perfectly with Melia. (Very cool name, by the way!)

Also, perhaps your husband might be more willing to use a name on your list if he can use Tessa as the middle name or Theresa/Teresa with the nickname Tessa? He might also be partial to Alessa or Alessia, which are Italian forms of Alexandra, I believe.

Anonymous said...

What about Brittan to bypass the water filter name issue, or Carissa?

I think Tessa is a beautiful name and still very unique.

Swistle said...

Romy is like Rome (or roam) with an "ee" sound on the end. I don't know for sure about Romilly, but in a previous post the parent of a Romilly said they pronounced it with a short O sound (rah and then millie)---but they nicknamed her Ro as in row row row your boat.

Amy said...

I love Camille like Barb suggested. Camille Cargill. Camille and Melia. All around it sounds great to me!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I love the suggestion of Ione (EYE-oh-nee), or maybe Ionia (eye-oh-nee-ah). And to further that maybe the similar Briony (bry-oh-nee)? Or maybe Isla (eye-la)?

Melia and Ionia.
Melia and Briony.
Melia and Isla (so pretty!).

Or maybe a name like Naomi?

Melia and Naomi.


Annika (ann-ih-kah)

Anonymous said...

what about Isley (eyes-lee)

might be one you've never heard before.

Tracy H said...

I like Swistle's suggestion of Romy. That is my favorite. How about, Romy Juniper Cargill? I think that name is adorable. Tessa Juniper Cargill might work too!

Anonymous said...

i too love the suggestion of Ione and briony (both on my baby name list!)
here are some more uniqueish names that seem to go with Melia (awesome name!)

ok this is a lot!
good luck and let us know!

Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is Tessa, so that's my vote! I love her name more and more everyday.

Catherine said...

I really like Britta. My husband didn't, so it wasn't on the table for our daughter, but it might work for you. Am I the only one who doesn't think of the filters when I see it?

Lots of nice suggestions, I hope your husband will agree to one of them. I mean, his list had *one* name? Seriously?

HannahJayne said...

I see your baby is due tomorrow, if you haven't had it already- good luck! If you have- congrats!
My last name is also Cargill, and I have this this about the name 'Darcy' and also more commonly 'Isabella' that can be shortened to 'Bell'. I must say that I adore the name 'Haven'. Good luck! xx