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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Girl or Boy Sahara

Rachael writes:
I am due in late April with a baby of unknown gender. My first son is named Finn, and our last name sounds like Sahara (like the desert). We have a girl name picked out, Hope Ryan, which is my middle name as well as my husband's, but we are totally stuck for another boy name. Everyone but me seems to really like the name Cooper, which is in the running, but sounds like a yuppy dog name to me. Other possibilities include James/Jamie and Fletcher/Fletch, neither of which have gotten rave reviews from my husband or other family members. We may keep the middle name Ryan regardless of the kid's gender, and really don't have too many problems coordinating middle names, if we could only come up with the perfect first name. I have recently been taken by the name Scout, but am not sure if it would come across favorably to strangers (and family).

So what do you think? Is Scout too "out there" (or any more "out there" than Finn)? Any objections to using Scout as a boy's name, when probably the most common reference point would be for the nickname of the young girl in To Kill A Mockingbird (or Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter)?

Thanks for your help! I look forward to hearing your opinion!

Scout SHOULD be a great boy name. It's so close to Scott. And it would be so adorable on a little boy! Can't you just see him, all fuzzy-haired and wearing size 2T overalls? But for me, the book To Kill a Mockingbird bought the name Scout residential property in Girlville. I think I'd use it as a boy's MIDDLE name, though.

Here are a few other possibilities to consider:

Camden (Cam) Sahara; Finn and Cam
Keegan Sahara; Finn and Keegan
Leo Sahara; Finn and Leo
Nathan (Nate) Sahara; Finn and Nate
Wesley (Wes) Sahara; Finn and Wes

If this baby is a boy, you might later have a girl and still want to use the name Hope, so I tried each name in that line-up: Finn, Cam, and Hope, for example.

Let's have two polls over to the right. The first will be to get an answer to your question about whether the name Scout is too "out there" for a boy. The second will be a list of the other possibilities to consider. [Polls closed; see results below.]

Poll #1: Is Scout too "out there" for a boy? (326 votes total):
Yes: 206 votes, roughly 63%
No: 120 votes, roughly 37%

Poll #2: Choose a name for Baby Boy Sahara (287 votes total):
Camden: 59 votes, roughly 21%
Keegan: 26 votes, roughly 9%
Leo: 76 votes, roughly 26%
Nathan (Nate): 63 votes, roughly 22%
Wesley (Wes): 63 votes, roughly 22%


verygoodyear said...

Scout is a girl's name I couldn't quite convince my husband to go for with our first ;)

waitingforcider said...

Scout is cute for a child, but I'm wondering if it'd still seem right on a business card or wedding invite? Not sure if at some point, he might switch to a middle name as a primary?

I love the Irish tone you've set with Finn. Keegan is a great suggestion... what about Kellen, Corbin, Kieran, Tristan?

Amy said...

I voted for Nathan. I am biased because I have a Nathan/Nate. Just FYI though - my son is 1 of 3 Nate's in our mommies group. I didn't realize it was so popular now.

Bess said...

I voted for Keegan because it is the only one that sounded right with Finn. I think Scout is way too far in the realm of To Kill a Mockingbird or celebrity kid.

Anonymous said...

I take care of two little boys - Finn and Shay. I also like Cole, Caleb, Eli, Keane, or Emmett.
Good luck!

Valerie said...

What about Hudson? You could still use Ryan as the middle name...Hudson Ryan

Dawna Drake said...

If you're worried that Scout is too girlie, maybe Camden should be out too. I know three baby girls named Camden and no boys!

stephanie said...

IMO Fletch/Fletcher is WAY more of a yuppy dog name than Cooper!

I like Camden a lot! Cam and Finn (PS, LOOOOVE FINN).

Amanda Barden said...

One of Finn's meanings is "white." So what about choosing another Irish or Gaelic color name? There are some great options out there:

Kieran - "black"
Clancy - "red"
Donovan- "brown, black"
Duff- "dark, black"
Rory - "red ruler"

I wrote a baby name book that is organized by the meaning of the name- Baby Names Made Easy. You might want to check it out for more ideas.

Good luck picking a name!


PS -- This is a great blog! Glad I found it.

Amanda Barden
Baby Names Made Easy

Southern jezeBelle said...

I'm a fan of Fletcher/Fletch. Flectcher Ryan Sahara.

Finn and Fletch.


LoriD said...

Ooo... I love the suggestion of Cole. Cole Ryan. Finn and Cole. Finn, Cole and Hope. Perfect!

Rachel said...

I don't think Scout is "too out there" for a boy, but I picked that in the poll because I think its a girl name. Can you imagine being a 14 year old boy named Scout and your English class reading To Kill a Mockingbird? Oh the teasing from your macho buddies about how you have a girl name. No thanks!

stellafide said...

What about Cormac? Great Irish name that means charioteer or raven. Masculine, unique, and goes well with Finn. I like Cole, Wesley, and Keegan too.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Scout, too girly. I like your pick of James though, its a good name, if a little plain. I too really like the suggestion Cole from above, good pick. I think if you have a girl later named Hope, a one syllable name is the way to go. Especially with the longer last name. You might want to consider


I also really dislike Camden, seems like a girls name, and I also think of 7th Heaven - eesh. But if you are doing a two syllable name, Wes is pretty good.

tracynicole22 said...

I don't think Scout is "out there" or is a "girlie" name, but because of the female association I wouldn't use it. I love the name Camden and don't find that girlie at all either, I think it is firmly a unisex name, I know boys & girls with that name and it works for both. But the name suggestion I like best with Finn is Cole. Short & Sweet.

Anonymous said...

If you like Scout but it seems to girly, what about Trooper?

I know a little boy Trooper and it's a great name on him.

Maybe it could be an agreeable alternative to Cooper as well.

Anonymous said...

Scout is cute! You are going to dress him(if it is a him) in funny clothes anyway, so go with a fun name! (Rach's sister)

KHMcManama said...

For what it's worth, I love Kieran.

Also - my cousin's second daughter is called Teegan. I like Teegan better than Keegan.

Finn and Teegan? Cuteness.