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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Name Update!

Name update on Baby Girl or Boy S____an! Jennifer writes:
We had our baby boy, Luke Arthur, on April 3rd at 10:03pm. Thank you for your help with names - it was great to hear what others had to say, and it certainly gave us some good ideas! My husband came up with Arthur (family name on his side) a few weeks ago, and we both liked the flow of the name. I am a little sad we aren't using James in the name, but think the name Luke Arthur fits our baby boy perfectly.


Patricia said...

I can see how it could be a challenge to come up with another name as special as John Thomas called "Jack". With your older son's name you have two classic names which are also family connected for you, plus the 'cool' nickname Jack.

I think William "Will" would be an ideal match with John "Jack". For your younger son's middle name, I would recommend choosing another family name so that this little boy's name has a connectedness to family too.

I have a 3-year-old grandson named William Robert. Will is a third son: his oldest brother, like your Jack, has a name from each side of the family; his next older brother has their father's name as his mn; and Will has his maternal grandfather's name as his mn. All three have classic first names.

I think John Thomas and William (family mn) would be very compatible names for your sons -- and Jack and Will are great together! As Swistle said, I bet William "Will" grows on you over time. I love the name for our grandson!

Patricia said...

Congratulations! It sounds like Luke Arthur is an excellent name for your baby boy -- your favorite name Luke with a family name as the middle name. I think Luke and Arthur sound very nice together.

(Sorry that I somehow got my comment regarding a name for Jack's brother in your comment box...)