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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Poll: Z Names

What's your favorite Z name for a girl? for a boy? Like, if you were required by law to choose one that started with Z. I would choose Zinnia for a girl and Zach for a boy, I think. Here's a list of some Z names to consider before making a choice:

Zach: 57 votes, roughly 16%
Zachariah: 29 votes, roughly 8%
Zachary: 100 votes, roughly 28%
Zade: 4 votes, roughly 1%
Zander: 34 votes, roughly 9%
Zane: 50 votes, roughly 14%
Zavier: 13 votes, roughly 4%
Zebediah: 13 votes, roughly 4%
Zeke: 40 votes, roughly 11%
Zeus: 4 votes, roughly 1%
Zev: 14 votes, roughly 4%

Zadie: 16 votes, roughly 4%
Zahara: 8 votes, roughly 2%
Zaria: 9 votes, roughly 2%
Zelda: 27 votes, roughly 7%
Zella: 5 votes, roughly 1%
Zena: 3 votes, roughly 1%
Zenobia: 7 votes, roughly 2%
Zephyr: 11 votes, roughly 3%
Zeta: 7 votes, roughly 2%
Zillah: 6 votes, roughly 2%
Zinnia: 30 votes, roughly 8%
Zoe: 201 votes, roughly 55%
Zola: 7 votes, roughly 2%
Zora: 28 votes, roughly 8%

Lonnnnnng polls (one for boy names, one for girl names) are over to the right. [Polls closed; results added to above lists.]


Jenn said...

You didn't have the one I like best listed; Zaida,
so I voted for Zeta since it sounds similar.

Mary said...

My 4-yr-old daughter has a classmate named Zimm, and I've always like it.

Zoo said...

My favorite Z girl name is Zara, but since that isn't on your list I voted for Zelda for Zelda Fitzgerald. ;)

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I like Zachary (nn Zach), and Zoe for a girl.

And right now, Z doesn't look like a real letter anymore. LOL. You ever have that happen to you? lol.

Arwen said...

I've always like Zia for a girl. But maybe that's not a real name?

Lara Jane said...

Steph, totally! It looks like some sort of symbol or dingbat after staring at it for so long!

I voted for Zeke and Zinnia. I detest the name Zilla because I have an a great-aunt Zella, and she is eeeeevil. Can you guess her nickname?

Anonymous said...

Zita with an "i" is my fav. I have a cousin with that name, and was just thinking the other day how cute but quaint it is.

leah said...

I would not have considered the name Zinnia before, but I have an adult student this term whose name is Zinnie. I haven't asked her if it's a nn. But I've decided that the name Zinnie is so cute that I might like it as a nn for Zinnia.

And Steph, I agree about the Z's.

Mary, I like the idea of Zimm as a name. Is it short for something?

C N Heidelberg said...

My favorites aren't on the list, but will choose something from there!

Anonymous said...

Zara is may favorite too - and a princesses name, how did that not get on the list?? I think Zs are cool, but I prefer them in the middle of a name.

Laura said...

my favorite "Z" name? that is so easy...
my second daughter's of course!
Zoƫ Elizabeth

Snoopyfan said...

Can't pick Zac-my brother in law's name so I opted not to vote for the boy poll. None of them floated my boat! Have always loved Zoe for a girl but could not get my hubby on board when we had our daughter.

Anonymous said...

I usually think Z names look a little made up - like Zadie is just Sadie pimped up. I chose Zoe and Zachary because they are nice names that don't look like the parents were trying too hard to be different.

Patricia said...

I just checked the SSA top 1000 names to see which Z names are currently being used the most. Not surprisingly the names that are doing best in Swistle's poll -- Zachary and Zoe -- are both in the top 50. (Zoe is actually #56, but combined with Zoey, #111, is probably in or close to the top 50.)

Boys' Z-names:
Zachary - 42 (Zackary - 338; Zachery - 557)
Zane - 232
Zion - 236
Zander - 312
Zachariah - 444
Zayden - 588
Zeckery - 601
Zechariah - 670
Zaire - 803
Zavier - 830
Zain - 872 (Zayne - 974)
Zack - 902

Girls' Z-names:
Zoe - 56 (Zoey - 111, Zoie - 569)
Zion - 576
Zariah - 612 (Zaria - 699)
Zara - 711
Zaniyah - 920 (Zaniya - 1000)

Patricia said...

Zariah interests me. It reminds me of one of my favorite names, Sarah. Where did Zariah come from? It looks biblical, but is it? A quick search has provided no answers, but I'm wondering if it's a takeoff from the male biblical name Azariah.

Jane said...

I voted for Zander and Zoe. I LOVE the nn Xander for Alexander, but have never seen it written with a Z. And I have always loved Zoe, but worry that if I named a baby girl Zoe all the other little kids would associate Zoe from Sesame Street. I know, I am weird, but I think about these things.

Elizabeth said...

I like Zara for a girl and Zed for a boy.

Jewels said...

Looking at all those Z names in a row really starts to mess with my head.

Anonymous said...

I love the name ZIA

Clare said...

Well, my boy's name is Ezekiel (nn Zeke), so I'll have to go with that one!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Z name for a girl is Zoya, which is the Russian equivalent of Zoe. Also a big fan of Zara.

Mommy Daisy said...

My son is Zachariah. I love it. He sometimes goes by Zac too. My husband came across it in a baby name book, and I put it on my OK list. The more I saw it and thought about it, it moved to my top 3 list. And when he was born it was the only name from that list that really fit him.

I like that it's familiar, but not as common as Zachary. Yet, he can use the nickname Zac if that feels more comfortable to him. It just works really well for my son.

Laura said...

I LOVE Xander as a nn for Alexander. Zander is close, so I chose it. Fun question, Swistle!

better said...

I love Xavier. It's pronounced with a Z but looks much better with an X.

Melissa said...

I'm throwing in a fifth vote for Zara... love the princess correlation & it's easier to say then Zahara. (which was my vote on the poll)

Clover said...

Zane for a boy got my vote but my favorite Z girl name didn't make the list! I've always liked Zipporah, and in fact it's my 3rd daughter's middle name!

Frazzled Mom said...

I voted for Zeke (prefer if it's short for Ezekiel) and Zoe.

Annelise said...

For a girl, I like Zenaida / Zinaida best!

Christina Fonseca said...

I like Zeb, so I voted for Zebediah. It can also be used for Zebulon.

I like Zaida and Zoe, but voted for Zillah - it sounds so zippy, and to me has the "nature feel" of a flower name without the frilly feel of a flower name, if that makes sense.

Karla said...

Yay! You included Zeke! If I didn't vote for that one, what would that say about me since that's what we call our son? ;) Yes, it is short for Ezekiel. As far as the girl's name, there's just something about Zephyr that I've always liked.

Mom to a Z said...

My son's name is Zen, and he is, in fact, very "zen". He also has a very close friend named Zia, and she's a girl. Her parents named her after the zia on the New Mexico flag. Love Z names!

Anonymous said...

You missed a good one...Zuleika! :)

chloe ferguson said...

What about Zaela!!!