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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Girl Foster

Jennifer writes:
My husband and I are expecting our first child, a daughter, on June 24. We are so thrilled, and cannot believe how fast the pregnancy has gone by so far! This might be why we have yet to decide on a name!

After reading countless lists from baby name books, websites, blogs, etc, we think we have it narrowed down to about 4 names: Stella, Lydia, Kate, and Rosalynn. (I just like Kate, not Katherine or any other formal name in which Kate is a nick name). My husband and I both have fairly common first names, so I like these 4 because they are feminine and classic, yet not too popular. Our last name is Foster - which is great because anything seems to go with it, but that also makes it a bit more challenging when we're feeling indecisive!

For middle names I like Rosalynn, Nichole (my sister's middle name), and Jean (both of my grandmother's middle names). Do you think that you and/or your readers could help us make a decision?

I accidentally put this one in my spreadsheet as a due date of JULY instead of June! ACK!! Let's get some polls up FAST and even if it is TOO LATE and the baby is already named, we will still have fun with the polls and the comment section! I like Stella Jean Foster and Rosalynn Nichole Foster. Polls over to the right! QUICK! [Polls closed; see results below.]

Poll results (223 votes total):
Stella: 66 votes, roughly 30%
Lydia: 75 votes, roughly 34%
Kate: 53 votes, roughly 24%
Rosalynn: 29 votes, roughly 13%

Name update! Jennifer writes: "She surprised us all and came a month early on May 25!!! We decided on Stella Nichole Foster and it seems to suit her : )"


Karen said...

You can't go wrong with any of those names. Lovely. I hope you have four girls someday so you can use them all :)
My favourite combination is Rosalynn Nichole Foster.

P. Gardiner said...

I think Kate is too common if you are trying to be a little different. With Rosalynn, I just hear Carter and Foster is similar. Stella & Lydia are both fantastic!

ruthie said...

Lydia is definitely my favorite here. Kate Foster almost seems like a generic movie character name to me, and I'm hearing Stella quite a bit too lately. Lydia is really striking and pretty.

Anna said...

I like Kate Rossalyn

tracynicole22 said...

Stella is definately my favorite. It's just more my style. My aunt & uncle had a pet goat named Lydia, so I have never been able to move on from that! The name Lydia will forever be associated with a goat to me. For middle names I immediately thought Nichole, since that's my mn and I have always loved it, but I do like the sound of Stella Jean, so I think that's my fave. Good Luck!

Taylor said...

Stella Nichole sounds perfect to me!

Lisa said...

I voted for Kate, but second favorite was Rosalynn. My daughter's mn is Kate (not Kathrine or something longer, cause I love Kate.) I agree that Kate Foster sounds a little plain and simple...if you are feeling that way, I think Rosalynn Foster is very unique and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Lydia!! Lydia Jean! Lydia Jean Foster!

My favorite with Stella is Nicole, and I agree that Kate Foster, though very british sounding and very nice, is a little common. Stella Nicole Foster or Lydia Jean Foster (my favorite) are great. I find the St sound of Stella and Foster to get a little tangled for me though. Rosalynn I'm not as big a fan of, but works as a middle name just fine. Good luck!

Melissa Haworth said...

Kate is pretty much my fav girl's name ever so I vote for it. And I would vote for Jean as a middle name as I love that the Grandmas share it but Kate Jean sounds a touch abrupt (Katie Jean is super cute) so I vote for Kate Nichole. Good luck!

Catherine said...

I like Lydia best here, with Stella as a close second. Based on the way the name sounds as a whole, I think Lydia is a better choice. Lydia would work with Nichole nicely - Lydia Nichole Foster (LNF). Nice.

Sebastiane said...

I really like all of those names. I suppose Kate is my least favorite only because it is so common. My favorite is Stella. I think Stella Foster would sound divine.

Lara Jane said...

Kate is super common around here and Stella is making a comeback. I'd go with Lydia!