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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby Girl, Sibling to Clarissa, Theodora, and Susanna

Jemma writes:
I'm due with my fourth daughter any day now (due date is June 15th) and I'm having terrible trouble finding a name for her. I've already used all the names I love on my first 3 girls and haven't found anything new to love for this little one. Help! I tend to like longer, more feminine names that can be shortened to a cute/spunky nickname. All the (first) names that I've ever really loved have also ended in the letter A, but that trend doesn't have to continue. Her middle name will be either Greta or Erin, depending on what sounds best with whatever first name we find, and our last name is Howard.

My other daughter's are named Clarissa Brynn (nn Clary), Theodora Elise (nn Thea) and Susanna Lisbet (nn Zanna).

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Leslie said...

Your daughters have such beautiful names! For the newest little one, what about any of these?


Christina Fonseca said...

Here's another vote for Cordelia and Leonora. The three names that you have used have R or S - I'm going to include the ones that don't have these letters first, because you might like them anyway: Jacoba, Jerusha, Clelia and Cloelia. On to the rest:

Diane said...

I know a woman named Sharnessa who goes by Sharnie. Her name popped into my head when I read your other girls' names, and I thought I'd mention it.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I like these from those already suggested:

Josephina nn Josie
Beatrice/Beatrix nn Trixie
Georgiana nn Gigi or Georgie

Or how about these:
Charlotte nn Lottie
Portia nn Petey
Alexandra nn Alex or Lexi

nanann said...

I *immediately* thought Josephina, nn Josie, for this little girl. LOVE Josie and it totally goes with the sisters.

Frazzled Mom said...

I second Cordelia (Delia), Georgiana (Georgie), Beatrice (Bea), Francesca (Frankie or Fran) and Minerva (Minnie).

I'm going to suggest:
Penelope (Penny, Nell, Nelly)

Gwendolyn (Gwen)

Genevieve (Evie)

Wilhelmina (Mina)

Silvestra (Silvie)

Frazzled Mom said...

Oh - I thought of more. Note there are some repeting initials with the older girls, but I think when you have 4 kids, it is difficult to avoid repeating initials:

Philippa (Pippa)
Thomasina (Tommie, Tamsin)

Courtney said...


Hannah said...

Your children have gorgeous names! I second Georgiana "Georgie", Miranda "Mira", and Philippa "Pippa." I also suggest:

Eleanor "Ellie" / "Nora"
Katharina "Kat" / "Rina"
Amelia / Amalia "Amy" / "Mia" / "Lia"
Philomena "Phillie"
Arabella "Belle"
Raphaela "Ella"
Aurelia "Lia"
Adelaide "Addy"
Anastasia "Ana" / "Ani" / "Stacy"
Antonia "Ana" / "Annie" / "Toni"
Adeline "Addy"
Angelina "Angie" / "Lina"
Cecily "Cece"
Corina "Cora"

Hope a few of these catch your eye :)

StephLove said...

Clarissa, Theodora, Susanna & Eleanor(a)
Clarissa, Theodora, Susanna & Leah (not as long but it seems to fit, to me)
Clarissa, Theodora, Susanna & Pamela

Katie said...

What beautiful names your girls have.
I like Francesca (Frannie) and Josephina (Josie).
Or Genevieve (Gen).

Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I like Josephine Greta Howard (Josie) or Phillipa Erin Howard (Pippa).

Christina Fonseca said...

Priscilla seems to follow the pattern of the names you like. For nicknames you could use Prisca, CeCe or Cilla.

Portia said...

Evangelina (nn Evy)
Adela (Addie)
Arabella (Bella, Belle, Ari)
Miranda (Randy, Mira)
Seraphina (er...I'm sure someone else will come up with a nickname for that!)

There are so many great suggestions in this thread!

KMW said...

What about Louisa?

joolie24 said...

I like Cordelia with Cordy as the nn

Anonymous said...

Love Wilhelmina, nn Willa, and I think Eleanora, nn Ella/Ellie, or Nora would go with these names

Anna said...

My first thought was Josephine like others Josie is very pretty.

Katherine (Katie/Kate)
Lucinda (Lucy/Cindy)
Jennifer (Jenny)
Apollina (Polly, Ally)
Cassandra (Cassy, Sandy)

Frazzled Mom said...

I just can't resist. Seraphina nicknames:

Phina / Fina

Seraphina is also spelled Serafina - I prefer that spelling myself. It's still rather long, but looks less complicated; the pronunciation is more obvious, and I feel the nickname Fina looks better than Phina. Sure you could use Fina for Seraphina, but I like the direct nickname route.

tracynicole22 said...

Here are some more suggestions of long, feminine names (I went with "A" endings):
Abriella (Brie)
Delphina/Delphinia (Finn)
Evangelina (Evy, Angel)
Jacinta (Cici)
Geneva/Janeva (Neve)
Paloma (Lo)
Philippa (Pip, Pippa)
Winona (Nony)
FYI, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner just named their daughter Seraphina (not sure how they spelled it,) so that could take off, not sure how you feel about that, but thought I would mention.
A name that I have taken a liking to lately, that I consider very pretty & feminine is Ainsley. It doesn't end in "A" and I can't think of a nickname for it, but pretty none the less! Ainsley Erin Howard, great name. Good luck, can't wait to hear your choice!

tracynicole22 said...

AFter reading again, I think Guiliana might be my favorite. It sounds good with both Greta & Erin. I love the nickname "Jules" and think it is quite spunky! Clary, Thea, Zanna and Jules, sounds like a fun bunch!

Emily R said...

Hm. I thought nn Giana with Georgiana.
Others I like: Eleanor, Aurelia, Charlotte (nn Charlie/Charley?), and Cecily.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Josephina (Josie, Jo)
Georgina (Georgie)
Juliana (Julie)
Lucinda (Lucy)

Those are my favorites!

Anonymous said...

My suggestions are Gabriella and Victoria, and I also like the above suggestion of Josephine/Josephina.

Anonymous said...

What about Tessa (Tess)? I am pregnant now and this is my first choice name if it is a girl...but I'm willing to share :)

Anonymous said...

Gigi has got to be the best nickname out there. I like Georgia as the full name.

Lisa said...

Great lists of ideas...I can't wait to see what you guys pick.

I really like -

They all have great nicknames, and of course I vote for a name ending in A with 3 or more syllables.

Taylor Rauschkolb said...

I like
Philippa (Pippa),
Josephine (Josie or Fina),
Amelia (heard Millie as a nn for this once...LOVE!)

and, tho they don't end in A,

Rosemary (Romy) and
Margaret (May, Maisy, Margo, Greta...).

Anonymous said...

How about Annabella? nn Annie, Ann, Bella or heck, even Abby.