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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colin, Claire, Keegan, and ___?

Kim writes:
Ok, so we are down to the wire and have not been able to come up with a boy name yet. We have a Colin, Claire and a Keegan. Things are already starting and the dr says it might be this weekend. We like Irish names but nothing too far out there. We are not crazy about names in the top 100 either.

other names we are considering are: number is the ssn ranking; bold ones we like, not bold are on the list but not really in the running but not crossed off either.

Cade 293 ( how do you say this one?)
Calden (Cal for a nickname) n/a
Callum (ditto) n/a
Camden 219
Clinton 755
Cullen 769

Keane n/a
Keaton 357
Kellan 882
Kevin 39
Kian (rhymes with Ian) 664
Kieran (husband likes but it sounds too much like Karen to me) 571
Killian 836
Kingston 355 (jumped from 942 in 2006!)
Korrigan n/a
Knox n/a
Kylan (we have a friend with a girl named this so to name a boy???)776

My husband still likes Liam since this is boy number three he is still trying to get that name but I am not crazy for it. Especially since it is popping up everywhere! I like the name just not in our sibset: Colin, Claire, and Keegan. I really like Quentin but he is not fond of it and so we are stuck.

I pronounce Cade with a hard-C sound, rhyming with Wade and Jade.

To my ear, both Kian and Keaton sound too similar to Keegan---but as with most naming issues, this is an entirely subjective thing. My favorite from your list is Callum, even though I find myself tempted to choose a K name to make it come out "even"! But I'm not sure---is Callum too similar to Colin?

What does everyone else think? What name would you choose for the fourth child?


Jan said...
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Jan said...

With your set, I like Cameron. That way though the first sound is the same, the second sound differs - Co, Cl, Ke, and Ca. The m in there also sets it apart. I see wanting a K to "even things out" but I really like Cameron with a C. For a K how about Kyle?

-R- said...

I prefer Caleb or Kevin.

I really like Cole and Keaton too, but Cole might be too much like Colin, and Keaton might be too much like Keegan.

el-e-e said...

I think you just can't go wrong with Cameron, Caleb, or Kyle. :) What fun! Just see what names he "looks like" when he arrives!

tracynicole22 said...

OOh, this is a good one. I love so many of these names! I think quite a few can be eliminated (Callum, Cullen, Kellan, Keane) because of sounding too similiar to Colin or Keegan. From your lists I like Cade & Kian. I like Kieran but agree there could be pronounciation issues, Killian, I think of the beer, not bad, but something to think about, I love Kingston but with Gwen Stefani naming her son that (which explains the jump in 2006) I think it might become trendy. Here are some other suggestions:
Good luck! I can't wait to hear your pick!

Anonymous said...

I think Callum is too close to Collin, for my ear at any rate.

From your list, my favorites are Cameron and Knox.

The Schwant Family said...

When I say all four names together I like Carter best.

g~ said...

Just a thought. I know a little boy named Kyan (rhymes with Ryan).

tracynicole22 said...

Hmm, now that I look at it again, I was pronouncing Kian - "Ky-an" not "Key-an." Pronounced "Key-an," I do think it is too close to Keegan. I like Kyan though.

doahleigh said...

I like Camden. I think it goes great with the other siblings, and it's a great name.

Sara said...

Colin Claire Keegan and C/Kowan (I prefere Cowan myself.

StephLove said...

I like these best:

C(K)ameron-- but only with a C

Also, I'd add Kyle to the list.

tracynicole22 said...

Wow, I can't seem to leave this one alone! The Type A in me sees the need to balance the names out. Which means the new baby should have a 1 syllable name that starts with a "K." Kade or Kerr would work great for this scenario. But there really is no need to be that anal, that's just me! Here's a couple more suggestions for the not so anal:

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kylen would be a more masculine version of Kylan?

One of my fav. boys' names is Kael (pronounced Kale, but I prefer the other spelling). I also like the suggestion of Kyle.

It's too bad your husband doesn't like Quentin - it's a great name that preserved the hard-K first syllable pattern. What about Quinn?

KimT said...

Thanks for the suggestions...I do really like Quentin but my husband is not too fond of it. We already have a Kyle in the family. I agree it would go nicely. And Carter has made it higher up on our list this week. I too keep thinking that we need a 'K' name but we really don't have to have keep it that way. Thanks for the help!

Christina Fonseca said...

I love previous suggestion of Corbin.

Would you consider Clint, instead of Clinton?

Or go a bit retro with Cliff - you can call it a "nature" name.

teamtaseff said...

What about Cohen. I love this name!!

heather said...

I love the names of you kids already!
For the new one, Camden is my favorite from both lists.
But part of me, like tracynicole, would want to even it out... with a one syllable K name.
The K ones I like sound to me too similar to the names of the siblings so I'm stumped.

Not so Irish, but what about Kai? (rhymes with eye).

Another different K name (from a family I knew that was all K's) is Kylor. Like Kyle but a little more unique.

Anonymous said...

What about Carson?

Anonymous said...

I'd choose Kieran. I really like it and none of the other names on the list appeal to me.

Anonymous said...

I really like Camden the best out of all of these.

Katie said...

I think a one-syllable name would sound good. (K)Cade or Kyle. I think Cole is too much like Colin.

Anonymous said...

i love the name keaton but agree it's too similar sounding to keegan; what about keats? otherwise, my next choice would be kian. I have only heard it pronounced as rhyming with ryan. pronouncing it KEE-an is too close too keegan.
to sum up: keats or kian/kyan

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I really like Camden or Cameron (nn Cam) or Callum (nn Cal). Callum is similar to Colin, but I still like it, especially if you would tend to call him Cal.

Jen said...

I love Kingston but with a fairly well known celeb having claimed it, that is an automatic kick off my list. Also applicable for Knox, though again, I really like how that would work with the sib set.

Have you thought about Karter? I can't remember its ranking but it is in SSA top 1000. I do like how Carter fits in the sib set and I am biased (I have a Carter myself).

I too would try to pick a name starting with K for balance but I do also like Camden.

Other names for thought:

Hannah said...

Hmm. My favorite from your list is Callum, hands down. But I think Callum and Colin are a just a little too close for siblings. Kingston would be my second choice, both because it's a lovely name and because it evens out the C/K tally. Also, Kingston Liam sounds great and would let your husband have his favorite!

The Cochran Fam said...

I agree with "balancing" the C & K names so I'd go with a name starting with K. My favorite is Kade. It's also one syllable to balance that out too. Cameron and Camden (or Kamden) sound too similiar to Keegan with the same beginning and ending sounds. Another K name I heard of from a family full of K names is Kason (pronounced like Jason.) Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you pick!

Anonymous said...

I also like the idea of a one syllable K name for balance. How about


Bethtastic said...

I like Kellen. Your boys would have two-syllable names, your girl would have one syllable and the Cs and Ks would be balanced.

Or Kyan (rhymes with Ryan), nn Ky.

Or Kyle. But that's one syllable.

stellafide said...

I like the idea of keeping the C/K sound, but being more subtle about it so it doesn't seem so matchy and stutterish when you say or write them all. (Makes me think of K-K-K Kenny in fish called Wanda) if you say them all in a row.
-Quinn is a cool name and has the same sound
-Knox achieves this too
-Declan has the C sound, but nicely in the middle
Other great Irish boys name not C/K:
-Finnian is similar to Killian, but you have the nn Finn (nn Kill-not so much!). Finnegan is also great
-Shea is a cool Irish boy name
If you must choose another C/K:
Cormac would work
I also like Calden (Cal for short)

Love the name Callum, but way to similar to Colin. Keaton is too similar to Keegan. Hey at least you're consistent! You have got some good options, good luck!

Anonymous said...

I like Cameron best and Cam is a great nickname; second best is Quinn and then Camden.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I like Cameron or Cade with this sibling set. :-)

brooke said...

Corbin gets my vote! Good luck.

bethgraced said...

Caleb!! <3

Anonymous said...

I like the suggestions of Declan, Cormac and Quinn.

Another one that came to my mind (not so Irish, but fresh) is Kaspar/Caspar/Casper/Kasper.

Karen said...


Colin, Claire, Keegan, and Kent. love.

Michele said...

I agree on the one syllable name... it balances out the list. I'd go with Cole or Cade. I also like the suggestion Cohen if you go with 2 syllables- I thought about naming my first son that a couple years ago. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance your husband would go for Quinn? That one's my favorite of the bunch.

I also like Cameron, Kent, Corbin, and Cormac.

I looked for Irish / Scottish / Welsh boy names with C / K / Q, and I found these:

Keith (2008 SSA rank 314)
Kenneth (2008 SSA rank 136)
Clyde (not in top 1000)
Craig (2008 SSA rank 558)
Callahan (possible nn Cal)

leslie said...

What about Calvin? Colin, Claire, Keegan, and Calvin. I like it!

Ashley said...

I love the name Callum, but I do agree that it's a tudge too close to Keegan.

Some other C and K ideas:

Creighton (pronounced cray-ton)

I love a lot of those as a pairing with the others.

Good luck!

Erin said...

Having a little Calum myself, I don't think it's too close to Colin. Also, we often refer to Calum as "Cal" which works really nicely.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have a Camden, and I didn't realize how common it was, in his preschool class there was one other Camden and a Cameron. I know this was a bit of a fluke - but still something to think about.

Can't wait to hear what name you decide on!

Lindsay said...

Off your list and considering your kids names I would go for Clinton.

What about the name Calvin? nn Cal?

I can't tell you how much I love the name Colin. I've met three in my life time and they have all been amazing people. Well done! I want a Colin of my own....

Jay and Amie said...

I haven't seen Kincaid come up in the comments, but I think it's a nice Irish boys name that goes well with the other siblings. Colin, Claire, Keegan and Kincaid (pronounced Kin-CADE). Then you could always use Cade as a nickname too.

Jay and Amie said...

...or maybe it's Scottish? :)