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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Boy, Brother to Gracie, Cora, and Mary

Kristi writes:
Baby boy (after three girls!) will be born soon. He will be our last kid (and only son).

I like relatively uncommon names, but NOT WEIRD. I like Gage and Price (my maiden name, which we will use for a middle since I CANNOT cajole him into using it as a first). Hubby likes Connor, Trevor and possibly Cole. I think Connor and Cole are decent, but too popular. Popularity doesn't bother him. Of course, he was not one of five Kristi/Christy/Christi/Kristy/Kristie/Christie's (+ 15 more K/Christine, Kristin, K/Christina's) in every class. GAH. Trevor I just don't care for. We both liked kind of a weird one, Ridge, but think it sounds too much like 'Rich' (ok, so I take back we don't like weird for this ONE name). Still, it would be hard to subject a kid to repeatedly have to say and spell his name for the rest of his life...

Our last name begins and ends with 'N' so I want to avoid any names that begin or end with n, to 'n'ey for me. Siiiigh, so very many boys names end in n. HELP. ME.

Our girls' names are Gracie, Cora and Mary.... old-time names, but we don't seem to have that same style for a boy... ?

I assume your husband has rejected Gage, and that's VERY SAD because it seems perfect to me: modern but also old-timey. Gracie, Cora, Mary, and Gage. Nice.

I know you said the name Ridge is an exception to your usual tastes, but I can't resist looking around a little in that area, just for fun. You wouldn't like the name Ridley, would you? It's like Ridge, but less easily mistaken for another name (though there might still be some who would think it was a typo for Riley). I think it has an old-fashioned sound that goes nicely with your girl names: Gracie, Cora, Mary, and Ridley. Ranger would be another option, although because I am a '70s baby it immediately brings to mind Ranger Rick (a positive association, but, well, a raccoon). Or, okay, one more: Bridger. It has ridge in it but doesn't sound like Rich. One possible problem is that it looks feminine to me, I think because of the name Bridget.

Too weird? Here are some that are not as popular as Connor and Cole (both Top 100 names, according to Social Security), but more familiar than, say, Bridger:
Cade (similar to Gage)
Cale (almost Cole, but not)
Joel (almost Cole, but not)
Wade (similar to Gage)

And here are a few that are Top 100 but have less of a common FEEL to them---at least where I live:

I think my top pick would be Asher Price (Gracie, Cora, Mary, and Asher), but I'm worried about recommending it because the popularity of the name Asher is increasing so relatively rapidly. I feel like pushing the name Lyle because I think it's so sadly underused, and because Lyle Price has a really nice sound to me.

What does everyone else think? Do any of these names seem normal and yet unlikely to be duplicated in the classroom? Can you think of others?


Frazzled Mom said...

You know, Swisle, I'm so surprised you didn't suggest John for this family, because I feel Gracie, Cora, Mary and John seem to really fit. Maybe they fit too well? Mary and John does seem almost too generic huh? Or maybe John is too traditional compared to Gage and Price? I dunno.

But with the girls names, I'm really thinking old-school traditional - Lewis, Paul, and yes John. These names are not as common as they seem.

Or - I know! George, Frank or Phillip. These names seems different from the boy names Kristi was considering, but I feel they go so well with the daughters.

Of Swistle's suggestions my favorites are: Grant, Elias, Lyle, and Thomas.

Swistle said...

John is one of my favorites for them---but it ends in the N sound they're trying to avoid.

Jan said...

You seem to like one syllable boys names that are not traditionally considered names.

Nymbler suggests: Trace, Blaise, Sha(y)ne, Chase, Chance, Dane, Zane, Blake, Colt, Cash, Kade, Tate, Clint...among others.

I think any of these would go okay with your girls' names.

d e v a n said...

I LOVE Gage and Cade. :)

Diane said...

It would help to know how many syllables the last name was, because if it's short, then something like Gage Price N__ would seem rather choppy. With Price as a middle name, I would probably want at least a two syllable first name. Although I do like John Price if it wasn't for the "N" problem. :)

Marla said...

Henry Price or Harry Price.

I also really like Tate for some reason. Tate Price sounds like a good match with your girl names.

Laura said...

What about Gilbert?

Carolyn said...

First, I have to say how much I looove the girls' names! So cute. I like Swistle's suggestion of Eli (old-fashioned but beginning to get popular-ish). It could be short for Elijah.

Lara Jane said...

I love your girls' names! All just too cute!

I can't really think of anything right now. It's late and my tastes lean more towards your girls' names.

Good luck, though, and congrats on your little man!

Anonymous said...

Loving the suggestion of Joel. Joel Price N. Also gives you the cute NN of JP. Best of luck!

Rachel said...

LOVE your girls' names!

I like Joel and Grant from Swistle's suggestions.

Good luck!

Kate said...

Just wanted to add the suggestion of Max. I think it would go great with your girls' names.

Rayne of Terror said...

I like Louis, Frank, Grant, and Wade from the suggestions. I like Frank the best but probably because I've suggested that name for both our sons but my husband can't stand the name.

StephLove said...

Zachary Price, Zach for short?

Taylor Price? I know it's tilting toward girls but I still think of it as a unisex name.

I may think of more when I don't have so many children hanging on me and clamoring for crackers and paint.

Anonymous said...

Like Grant w/ your girls names. If you like interesting R names, how about Rylan? Ryder? Some other ideas I like, Eli, Joel-both very nice. Seth? Avoiding 'n's rules out many nice options (Nolan, Noah, Nathan... but I do understand...). How about Silas? Chad? Ezra? Ambrose? Best wishes to you!

sarah said...

I think the previous commenter's suggestion of George is great. It is old timey like the girls' names, and is not too popular. Also it has the R and G sounds of Ridge.
George Price N_
Gracie, Cora, Mary & George. said...

Grant is a perfect match to your daughters' names.

Geri said...

OMG do I love the name Gracie. I really like the vibe you have going with your girls' names. For your son, I like the suggestion of Levi - Levi Price N__n would be a great name. I also like:


Good luck!

Laura said...

I like James, Max and more of the traditional, known but not popular names like Thomas, Phillip, and Louis. George and Grant would be nice, if you are ok with two kids with the same first initial.

Sebastiane said...

I agree that John would fit in perfectly with that set of names, despite their pull toward trendy surname names. I also thought of Jasper and Rowan. Both of which are old timey and would go great with Gracie, Cora & Mary yet at the same time both have the cool and hip modern feel.

l'ananas said...

I like the sound of Eli Prince

Meg said...

Morris, Victor, Leo, Chester, Oscar (tho there's the unfortunate 'the grouch' association), Peter, Theodore (Theo would be really cute with your girls names), Ira and Hugh is what I came up with.

erin said...

I really like Grant, and Everett for this family. Grant first, Everett if you don't like having two names start with "Gra"

I also like Asher, and the suggestions above of Ryder and Chase, but I think a sassy old-time name would fit best. I also really like James but it might be a little popular for you.

Frazzled Mom said...

Oops. I see the no n-ending requirement now. I guess that's what happens when I quickly skim through a post at 9:30 p.m. - that's late for me.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

What about Colby?

Samantha said...

We were going to use Price as a middle name for a boy if we had one (which we did not)since it is my mother's maiden name. Our choice for a first name was Sterling. We still LOVE that name...Sterling Price. HOWEVER, we have since discovered there was an Army General in our home state with that name, and he was kind of on the wrong side of the war. BUT, if Missouri is not your home state, not a huge deal!

Hays Family 5 said...

I know that they don't necessarily want a name that ends in an "N" but....Layton Price is a really cool name. I do love the name Layton. It's enough different that there aren't too many but it doesn't sound out there. And as an added bonus you can yell it from the porch without sounding like you are calling your dog home.

nanann said...

we have a friend that named their son Brick. it is a surprisingly really good name, and seems to fit with the feel that she is looking for.

Anonymous said...

Gracie, Cora, Mary and Theo. Brilliant! Or Leo? I also like the suggestion of Tate.

Lynnette said...

Graham maybe? O Gray/Grayson?

Anonymous said...

I love Theodore nn Theo as well as Leo. Also adore Jasper, Silas, and Hugh (Hugo is nice as well).

Other suggestions:

Miles / Milo

Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . I usually enjoying reading w/o commenting, but I feel strongly that if the middle name is Price (love it!), (a) you need at least a two-syllable first name to avoid choppiness, and (b) the first name should't end in an "s" sound (e.g., Chase Price is a double no!) If you like short names, perhaps a 2-3 syllable name w/a one-syllable nn would work best?

Of those names previously suggested, I like
Mitchell (bonus - nn Mitch) :)
Zachary (LOVE Zach/Zack as the nn)
Caleb (Cal as nn?) I've also heard "Calum" recently w/Cal as nn
Eli or Elijah

I'll also throw these out there - all names that have a classic-y but still modern feel and go well with Price:
Jacob (bonus - nn Jake)
Samuel (w/nn Sam)

And I'll throw these "-er" names out there (even though some may be a little too popular) b/c they go well w/Price and have no beginning or ending n's:
Tyler (popular, but I feel like nn "Ty" isn't)

Brooke Henley said...

I'm expecting a baby soon and we're pretty sure we're going with Ridge! I've never heard of anyone else considering this name, so it's exciting thinking you might be. Ridge Vaughn Henley would be the name. We like it b/c it's strong, one-syllable, unique, etc. We can just picture a little football player. Go for RIDGE!!! :)