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Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Girl Morrow, Sibling to Blake, Mason, and Britton

Becky writes:
We are having baby number 4, due October 4 and are getting desparate to resolve the name issue.

Our oldest is a girl: Blake Christina Morrow
Our second is a boy: Mason Michael Morrow
Our third is a boy: Britton Matthew Morrow

A few of our baby name rules/quirks:
We have ruled out any names that start with B because we don't want Mason to feel left out.
I really really do not like names that are so trendy there are 5 kids with the same name in the Kindergarten class.
I need a name that is cute at 3 but can translate to the boardroom at 33. (I have a very cutesy name and am now a lawyer and I hate it - so that is just my quirk)

So here is where we are at:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mia Kate Caroline Morrow (to be called Mia Kate like Mary Kay).

Is it "unfair" or asking for problems to give this baby girl a "girly" name like Mia Kate and Blake a typical boys name? Blake is lukewarm to Mia Kate because "she gets a girly name and I have a boys name!" I respect that but also do I allow a fickle 7 year old to dictate what we name our baby? I guarantee when Blake is 16 she'll think having a "boys name" is cool...

I noticed the name Mia is #15 on popularity. Do you think this name is overused or is going to be overused? Even though its #15, I haven't heard or seen it around much in our Midwest area.

I know we (and probably other people) will call her Mia from time to time which is fine but how does "Mia Morrow" sound? I love it because it goes with Mason Morrow but it also reminds me slightly of a stripper.. I don't know why - maybe because I lived in Vegas for years. Does anyone else think Mia Morrow is too goofy sounding? I am crazy about the stripper connotation. If it is a concern, is it tempered enough by using "Mia Kate" as the first name? so all of her official documents would say "Mia Kate Morrow"

In addition, my husband is a little lukewarm to Mia Kate but he realizes that I give birth, I rule.
So back up names, that I like well enough are:

Eliot Elizabeth Morrow
Quincey Kate Morrow
Presley Kate Morrow
Kevyn Kate Morrow
Finley Katherine Morrow (my hubby's absolute fave!)

I know they go so great with the other kids names, but I am not bonded to them like Mia Kate - I don't know why. Do all the kids names have to "match?"


You haven't just gone a little androgynous here, like Cameron or Jordan, you've gone for something close to shock value. At this point, I think it could be startling to suddenly switch gears and go for a distinctly cute, feminine, non-boardroom name. On the other hand, no, of course the children's names don't all have to coordinate. There are no strict naming rules, and whatever name you choose will become the child and it won't seem like "a name" anymore---and as you have found, the boardroom is still open to people with cute names.

If you do decide to give her a coordinating name, Finley, Presley, and Quincey are all excellent choices. Some more possibilities:


(A name I thought at first would be excellent was Drew: it gives you two one-syllable girl names and two two-syllable boy names; it's a boy name despite Drew Barrymore; and I just like the way it sounds with all the other names. ...Until I put it with your surname and immediately started singing "Drew Morrow! Drew Morrow! I love you, Drew Morrow! You're only a day away!")


Anonymous said...

My son had a girl named Dalton on his soccer team. They called her Dolly, which was adorable!

I agree that Blake isn't just a little androgynous. From your list I think Eliot Elizabeth works best. Mia Kate is lovely, but Mia Morrow sounds like Mi Amore ('my love' in Italian), which could be cute or stripperish.

Jen said...

I have a hard time picturing Mia Kate in an office setting. Then again, I have a hard time picturing many modern names there and I'm sure people in the previous generation thought the same thing of the new style of names.

I really like Eliot (though I would go with seems more feminine to have the two Ls) with Blake. Though Hollis from Swistle's list is also cool and you could call her Holly.

R said...

I really really love Eliot Elizabeth! or Finley Katherine - and while your daughter might NOW have an issue with having a "boy name" - she will get over that and love the uniqueness of it... I know - I'm a girl named Rusti :) every other Rusty I know is either a boy, or a dog! ;) Good luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

I love Garnet. It's sort of a nod to the name Ruby, but doesn't sound as girly.

Carolyn said...

How about Leighton? There's an actress with this name, and it echoes the long "a" sound in Mason and Blake, as well as has the "on" ending like Britton.

Jaclyn said...

What about Peyton Kate Morrow?

Leslie said...

The first name that came to mind for you was Harper. I think Harper Kate Morrow sounds fantastic!

Diane said...

Elisabeth Elliot was the wife of Jim Elliot, a missionary who was killed by the native people he was ministering to and who was the subject of a recent movie called End of the Spear. She has written a number of books that are very popular within Christian circles. If that's not your taste, keep that in mind if choosing Eliot Elizabeth, because that was the first thing I immediately thought of when I read the name.

Lisa said...

I love the Peyton and Harper idea.

I think Mia Kate could work, but I don't like the idea of Mia Morrow.

From your list, I really love Quincey, Presley (I know a girl who spells this Presleigh), and Finley.

I'm not feeling any of Swistle's...they just seem too BOY to me.

Here's a few:

I forgot the cutesy rule...that might throw some of these right out.

Good luck!

Kate said...

What about Teegan Kate Morrow or Teegan Elisabeth Morrow? I think Teegan goes great with the sibling names.

Hannah said...

I love Carolyn's suggestion of Leighton! It seems like the perfect fit for your family. :)

If you like Mia, then I wouldn't worry about Blake's opinion too much. I was 5 when my sister, Julia, was born. At the time, I complained that my name (Hannah) was too plain, while Julia's name was a "princess" name. It took me a few years, but now I love my name! Blake will come around. ;)

Anonymous said...

I really like Swistle's suggestion of Wallis; it reminds me of Wallis Simpson (the American divorcee that King Edward VIII abdicated his throne in order to marry). It is still a "boy" name, but has a history of use by a woman, as well. I also think it sounds very nice with your surname and that other siblings' names.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a name that seems it could be boyish but has already been established for girls.

Some other ideas:


Allison said...

I love Harper Kate Morrow, but I think Harper Morrow is hard to say.

Allison said...

Oh, and I meant to say that Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are both on Gossip Girls so that's a strong association to me.

Heather said...

Skylar! Skylar Kate!

Joceline said...

I'd probably skip Mia Kate, because everyone I know (several family members, friends, etc.) who was given a double first name as a child, drops the second part as an adult. If you're not wild about Mia Morrow, I'd avoid it.

I think it would be really cute to pick either an "M" name or a name that is fairly androgynous, because that would appeal to my particular need for balance, both with the initials and the matchy girls' names.

What about:

Good luck!

Carolyn said...

Leighton did seem like a good match for Blake, but I didn't realize they were both actresses on Gossip Girls. Oops. Well I still like it, and I also love Heather's suggestion of Skylar! Or Schuyler, as an alternate spelling.

Anonymous said...

Love Hollis, or even Holland.

I also love a pp's suggestion of Montana.

mechi said...

I don't love the names you're considering.. they all seem WAY too boyish to me. Blake is acceptable.. in popular culture - Blake Lively, for example (and her middle is Christina, also!) - but Eliot? I could never see that on a girl.

I love the name Ellis, and I think it's perfect, because it has that masculinity you like, but it suits a girl perfectly. And as for your three to thirty three problem, my daughter's art teacher is named Ellis, and she is in her forties, and it fits perfectly. But I also knew a little girl (she must be in college by now) a number of years ago who was called Ellis, and it was adorable. It's very interchangeable with, say, Ellie, and you could call her that affectionately, but it wouldn't have to be one of those nicknames where you call her that all the time and only call her by her full name when you're mad.

Lastly, Blake, Mason, Britton, and Ellis sound really good together, I think. I like Ellis Kate, or you could even do Ellis Kate Caroline (but as two middle names). I love it reversed. Ellis Caroline Kate Morrow. I think thats just lovely.

Best of luck! Can't wait to find out what you pick!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn mentioned the name Leighton - I have to disagree. It's a nice name, but you already have a child with the same first and middle name as an actor from Gossip Girl (Blake Christina Lively), and naming your second daughter Leighton would just be.. I don't know. It seems like a fan pick - although you probably don't watch the show. (The actress is Leighton Marissa Meester)
I just had to point that out. Sorry, Carolyn.

Anonymous said...

What about Piper? (I'm in the group that doesn't love the sound of Mia Morrow.) Of your other options, Finley is my favorite. Good luck!

Patricia said...

If you intend that this be your last child, then you may want to choose a name that fits well with the other three since they form a last-names-first, regardless of gender, sibset. Switching to a totally different sort of name may bring lots of questions or at least questioning looks.

I'm not in favor of boys names for girls. That said, I find mechi's suggestion of Ellis appealing in this instance. Ellis Katherine, with the optional "Ellie" nn, may offer the best of both worlds: your love of a more feminine-sounding name this time around while still using a typically male given name.

As for Mia Kate, I like it, but agree with your concern about Mia Morrow. Two suggestions: write the name as Mia-Kate, so it IS her legal first name or call her Lia Kate, which is very similar to Mia Kate but sounds better with your surname if the name is shortened to just Lia Morrow.

Anonymous said...

In 2008 Finley was used more for girls than for boys.

SSA 2008 baby name rankings:
Finley - girl #665
Finley - boy #818

Presley, while a surname, is only on the girls' list - #337.

Quincy (513) and Elliot (332)/Elliott (#386) appear only in the boys' top 1000 names.

Of your "boardroom" names under consideration, Kevyn/Kevin is closest to Blake, as both are popular boys' names that appear only on the boys' list -- Kevin at #40 and Blake at #90.

Swistle said...

Oh! Just thought of what Mia Morrow reminds me of: Mia Farrow. Positive connection for me.

Dana said...

What about Parker? My college roommate's name was Parker and it fit her perfectly. Cute for a little girl, but strong/adult for the board room. And "boyish" enough for Blake to feel comfortable with her sister's name. The only thing would be the "r" at the end - perhaps too much of the same sound with Morrow?
I've also heard the name Clark used for a girl.( I still haven't decided how I feel about it), but I think it would go well with the names of your other kids. The two boys, Britton & Mason would have names ending with the "on" sound, and the two girls would have names ending with a "k" sound at the end Blake & Clark.

Of your given choices, I like Finley Katherine, but I have to say my ABSOLUTE favorite is Eliot Elizabeth. I have always loved Eliot as a girl's name, and it sounds great with the last name Morrow and her sibset.

Congratulations on your new addition!

StephLove said...

How about Morgan?

Anonymous said...

What about Laurence? I think it's a newer spin on the name Lauren, and it's definitely considered a boy name.

Other ideas:
James (there's a female model, James King)

Anonymous said...

What about Lewis or Harrison? I know women named each of those.

TweePopACap said...

If you're looking for a name that will sound good in the boardroom, I don't think Mia Kate is it. If you're looking for a name that will fit in well with your sibset, I don't think Mia Kate is it.

I would suggest either a unisex name, or a genuine boys' name that could work for a girl (like Blake). I'm partial to Elliott, not only because it is a great name in and of itself, but because it offers cute girly nicknames (Ellie/Ella/Elle) if she feels unhappy with a "boy" name. Plus, the character of Elliot on Scrubs seems to give the name more validity as a girls' name. Lots of other great options have been suggested above, too.

In addition to your consideration about not naming the baby a B name so Mason won't feel left out (which I think is a good idea), you might also want to avoid a name that ends in -n or is two syllables, so Blake won't feel left out. I wouldn't consider it a deal-breaker, but I would keep it in mind.

Erin said...

Ah, finally someone brought up the Mia Farrow connection! First thing I thought of, and I don't like naming after celebrities positive or negative which is what would make me hesitate about Mia Morrow.

I really love Finley Katherine in this sibset (point for hubby I guess). I also really like the above suggestions of Teagan (spelled with the a and not double ee though) and would like to add Emery to the mix. Emery Kate or Emerson Kate (I think someone on here used that name) would be quite nice IMO. Devin is not so bad either...

Frazzled Mom said...

The biggest deterrent for Mia to me would be Mia Morrow, which I just don't like the sound of, and Mia Farrow was also the first thing that came to mind.

Of you suggestions, I like Presley the best. Of Swistle's suggestions I like Hollis and Wallis the best. Of the reader suggestions I like Harper and Tatum the best. Harper and Tatum appeal most to me though because I am not an androgynous name fan and, as far as I know, they have always been girl names that just sound somewhat boyish. Names like Harper and Tatum might be good compromises though if you find both a traditional male name like Blake and a very cutesy feminine name like Mia appealing.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

1. Definitely thought of Mia Farrow, OR of Mary-Kate Olson (Mia Kate, Mary-Kate). Neither really made me feel favourable to it.

2. I don't think Mia fits in too well with your other children's names.

3. Definitely think some of the suggestions so far are just TOO "boy". Blake (which I love) fits into both categories, boy name OR girl name... but some of these suggestions just don't work for girls, in my opinion anyway.

4. Dana's suggestion of Parker is cute... except I'm pretty sure Rosie O'Donnell has a Blake and Parker... and to me that's not a very positive celeb connection.

The ones I do like are:

Emery Kate
Ellis Kate
Ashton Kate (I knew a little girl named Ashton)
Hollis Kate
Keaton Elizabeth (I knew a girl who spelled it Keatyn).
Peyton Elizabeth

Other Ideas:


Anonymous said...

Just a thought: THere used to be a TV show called "Sisters" and all the sisters were given boy nicknames.

Alexandra "Alex"
Theodora "Teddy"
Georgiana "Georgie"
Francesca "Frankie"
Charlotte "Charley"

Perhaps a girly name with a more boy nickname would help Blake feel better. I like Charlotte a lot.

Blake, Mason, Britton, and Charlotte/Charley. I also really like Ellis a lot, works well with the siblings.

Anonymous said...

What about Quinn instead of Quincey?

steph said...

I love the name Merritt, but I may be biased because that is my daughter's name! I did girly it up with her middle name which is Alyssa.

Austin said...

Hi! Fellow girl-with-a-boy's-name here. My name is Austin and my younger sister's name is Meredith. I never felt left out or weird that my sister had a traditionally "female name" while mine was traditionally "male". I mean, it makes finding your name in anything pink or feminine a little rough, but all my life I've really received nothing but compliments. I think Blake will find herself in a similar boat.

As for a weigh-in on the name, I am really loving Finley! Also, my birthday is October 4, so maybe Austin is a good choice ;)

Good luck!

heather said...

I just have to say, I LOVE Blake. I wanted to use it so badly for our girl, but my husband said NO. I also wanted Colin/Colyn for a girl. He just wasn't into the boy-for-a-girl names...

From your list, I love Eliot. I think that's adorable on a little girl.
I know way too many Mias to really appreciate that name anymore.

What about Micah? That's boyish but I love it for a girl... and you've got the M to go with Mason.
I also really like Merritt (Mere is a cute nickname!!).

Anonymous said...

I liked Garnet - it is a very strong sounding name without being masculine. I guess I never think of Blake as primarily a masculine name either because of Blake Lively. And I think Blake and Garnet sound beautiful together.