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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Boy F., Brother to Chloe

Jenelle writes:
I am due December 12th with our second child, a boy and we are having the hardest time deciding on a boys name. We have actually been trying to choose a boys name since we had our daughter 4 years ago and with only a couple weeks to go, we aren't getting any closer to a decision.

We do know that:

- His mIddle name will be David, after my husband.

- Our last name is one syllable and also the name of a major US car manufacturer.

- Our daughters name is Chloe, which was in the 30's the year she was born, but is now in the top 10 (where we live in Canada). Not crazy about that, but we expected it. We would like to avoid a top 20 name if possible.

- If this baby had been a girl, her name would have been Lila, Elise or Cora.

Two names we do like, but aren't sure about:

Nolan - My husband and daughter are both in love with this name, but I don't know. I like that it is not super popular here and that the only Nolan we know is 14, but it feels a little blah to me.

Eli - I am very drawn to this name. I don't think DH loves it though. It wouldn't be Elias, Elijah or Elliot though, just Eli.

Names we really liked, but have vetoed for various reasons:

Wesley - I love it, my husband hates it

Liam - Top 10 name where we live

Levi - 2 brand names?

Grayson - getting too popular, I don't like how it is being used for girls now (Gracyn)

Owen - way too popular in our area

Evan, Tate, Lucas - Close friends children

Max, Wyatt, Caleb , Asher - just don't seem right

James, Matthew, Joshua, Alexander, Andrew- names of our 30 year old friends and still in the top 20 here.

Names we cannot use because of our last name:








I would really appreciate any help that you and your readers could provide! Thank you!

How about Oliver Frederick? I'm half-kidding because I just posted about it a few minutes ago, but I think Oliver David would be great. Chloe and Oliver.

The names Greyson and Nolan make me think of the name Gavin. Chloe and Gavin. Gavin David. I like it!

Or Garrett/Gerrit. (I prefer the latter spelling, but I think the former is easier.) Chloe and Garrett. Garrett David.

Liam and Nolan make me think of Simon. Chloe and Simon. Simon David. My favorite so far.

Owen and Levi and Eli and Evan make me think of Ian. Chloe and Ian. Ian David. My second favorite.

Let's have a poll over to the right [poll closed; see results below], and more suggestions in the comments section.

Poll results (168 votes total):
Oliver: 50 votes, roughly 30%
Gavin: 37 votes, roughly 22%
Garrett: 9 votes, roughly 5%
Simon: 51 votes, roughly 30%
Ian: 21 votes, roughly 13%


StephLove said...

Of your top two I prefer Nolan to Eli. Eli just doesn't sound complete to me. A somewhat similar name is Niall. It's pronounced like the river Nile. I've only met one and he was from Ireland. Of Swistle's suggestions I like Ian best, then Simon.

Here are a few more:

Alexander David
Felix David
Matthew David
Phinneas David

Kit said...

I like both Eli and Nolan. What about Noah? The 'list' says it's popular, but I haven't run into many at all (I'm also in Canada). Adam is also a good, solid name that isn't too popular.

Lisa said...

When I first saw that you have a Chloe, I immediately thought of my friend who has a Chloe...with brother...David. And then I laughed when I saw the middle name.

Between Nolan and Eli, I like Eli better.

Then, with Swistle's suggestions - I love Gavin and Garrett. Those were our top contenders for my 2nd child. We went with Gavin and have loved it. It's a great name.

Good luck.

Patricia said...

I might emphasize the Greek origin of the name Chloe by choosing another name that comes from the Greek:

Chloe and Christopher
Chloe and Andrew
Chloe and Alex (Alexander)

Chloe has been a popular name in England (#1 a few years ago), so I looked to see what names some parents there have chosen for a brother of a Chloe:

Alexander and Chloe - twins
Oliver (and Olly - may not be the given name)
Hugo (x2)
Robbie (x2, again may not be the given name)

Andrew David or Alexander David would be my picks. Alexander may be too popular for you, while Andrew ranks only 43, 38 or 18 in three of the largest (pop.) Canadian provinces.

Melio (MelissaInk) said...

I like Levi Ford. It's almost like the two company names cancel each other out. If you can't get over that, though, then I think Oliver is a great choice. Oliver and Chloe sound adorable together.

I'd bet money that you will see a similar trend with Eli like you saw with Chloe. That names seems to be popping up more and more.

Simon is another good suggestion, but I'm still all for Levi.

Lincoln Ford certainly made me laugh, though :)

Patricia said...

Oliver is nice IF you can retain the full name. But if he eventually becomes known as "Olly"/"Ollie", I don't think Chloe and Olly is as appealing.

Erin said...

Im going to take Swistles suggestions of Evan, Garrett, and Gavin and put them into another name:


Not too popular at all. I do like Garrett though. I like it spelled with an A instead.

I also like the above suggestion of Noah, though I think its more popular then might not work for you.

What about Jonah? I like that Chloe and Jonah (or Noah) have the long O sound tying them together, and yet the feel of Eli.

Last try, if your hubs doesn't like Wesley, does he also dislike Weston? I think it sounds a bit stronger and is not too common at all and way cooler than Wesley.

Good luck!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Of your two top choices, I prefer Nolan. Of Swistle's ideas, I like Simon.

What about these?


Frazzled Mom said...

I voted for Simon - smart and fits with Chloe. I also like Ian. I knew a Scottish man named Ian when I was a kid who I had a secret crush on (it was the accent) so that name will always give me warm fuzzy feelings.

And then there's Ivan. Surprisingly undersued and spunky.

lili said...

How about:


I think they all sound good with David as the middle, and with Chloe.

K said...

Of Nolan and Eli, I think I like Eli best. Not sure why - I think Nolan sounds like its from a specific era and therefore somewhat dated.

Eli, Emmet, and Gavin sound good with what I think your last name is ;) Chloe and Eli sound cute together.

Anonymous said...

Totally random, but I like Samuel. Chloe and Sam. Samuel David. Yep, I like it!

Tracy said...

My son's name is Kyle. I happen to love it, but it also sounds good with Chloe.

Just an idea.

Jennifer said...

I actually have a Garrett David. I prefer the Dutch spelling, too, but Gary was my father-in-law's name so we used the A. I'm with Melio in that I like Levi Ford, too. Good luck!

Carolyn said...

I love Nolan. It reminds me of Nolan Ryan, the ball player, which is a positive association for me. I know a young boy named Nolan and realized that it's a great name that seems to be underutilized.

M.Amanda said...

I like Eli, but feel it should be short for something. I also like Garrett David. I like how any two names are only linked by one sound - r for the first and last, a for the first and middle, d for the middle and last. It flows nicely and is quite solid, imo.

leslie said...

Of your original choices, I slightly prefer Nolan. I know one young adult Nolan always liked his name. I could also see Nolan being absolutely charming on a little boy.

Of the new suggestions, I especially like Oliver and Simon, and I think both go very well with Chloe.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

What about Ezra? Chloe and Ezra.

Mechi said...

I haven't read the other comments yet, so forgive any repeats.
On the names that you considered/are considering, I don't really like Nolan with your last name.. yeah, I don't really like the name in general. It reminds me of a rodent or something. Chloe and Nolan don't really fit together.

I think that your concern about Levi isn't really a big deal at all. After all, Levi was originally a Biblical character, not a jeans brand. I didn't even make that association until you pointed it out. And technically speaking, the brand is 'Levi's', which when you say it aloud, "Lee-vaiy" and "Lee-vaiys" sound like totally different names. Levi's sounds more like 'revise'. And even if that assosiation is made, a jeans brand and a car manufacturer? People aren't going to make that connection. I think Levi David Ford sounds really nice, and Chloe and Levi sound really cute together.

The rest of your issues are understandable so I won't address them. But I definitely encourage you to reconsider Levi.

Some suggestions I have are:
Ian - (EE-un, not Eye-un). It has the same long E sound as Eli, and Ian Ford sounds really good together. (I may be a little bit biased on that since I actually know an Ian Ford, but it does sound good together.)
Ian David Ford. Chloe and Ian.

Austin- Again, I happen to know an Austin Ford, which is why this came to mind, but it does sound really good together.
Austin David Ford. Chloe and Austin.

Brendan - I really like the way Chloe and Brendan sound together.
Brendan David Ford.

Brandon - its more masculine than Brendan, but basically the same thing.
Brandon David Ford. Chloe and Brandon.

Gabriel - I absolutely adore this name on a little boy, as well as an adult. And I love love love Chloe and Gabriel. So cute together!
Gabriel David Ford.

Cameron - Cameron Ford.. This name flows really really well. I love it.
Cameron David Ford. Chloe and Cameron.

Neal - it may sound a little bit grown up, but I know a little boy named Neal and it is so cute on him. It sounds good with the last name and Chloe and Neal sounds so cute.
Neal David Ford.

Joshua - I really like this name for you. It seems like a good fit.
Joshua David Ford. Chloe and Josh.

Arthur - this is such a great name and so underused! Arthur David Ford is so great, and you could call him Art. Chloe and Art.

Nathaniel - this name is growing less and less popular, and its sooo perfect with the last name. Nathaniel David Ford. Doesn't Nathaniel Ford sound so dreamy? I absolutely adore this name. Chloe and Nate is so cute. This is definitely my favorite for you.

And I'm going to quit while I'm ahead. Good luck!

And I apologize again if I repeated any names.

Mechi said...

Oh, I just read the comments. I love the suggestion of Hugo. Its lovely.
And sorry for the ridiculously long comment - I got really into it :)

Jenelle said...

Thank you so much for your suggestions! I really like many of the names mentioned. Unfortunately, Oliver is my cats name :) I do love it though! We have a lot to think about now, but I will be sure to send you an update. Thanks again.