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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Boy Kench

Gayle writes:
My husband and I need help choosing a name for our first son. We already have two little girls, Avis Abigale and Melody Alice Elvira. (Melody has two middle names just for fun.. no specific reason.) That really is sort of our naming style – we find a name we like and we use it. All the in depth stuff, like meanings, or initials, or family approval, or naming after a family member, etc, isn’t that important to us.

We want our sons name to be as distinct as the names Avis and Melody. For example, Avis, Melody, and Jayden/Cayden/Grayden/Hayden is not the kind of name we’re looking for. We really like more turn of the century names, but not names like Henry or William. More outlandish names like Cornelius or Augustus (although we’ve vetoed both of those.)

Here are some names we’ve considered, to give you an idea of the names we’re looking at:
Cornelius, Augustus, Benedict, Clement, Barnabas, Eustace, Florian, and Percival.

As you can see, these names are pretty ‘out there.’ We feel like they really aren’t names you can wear in the 21st century without getting made fun of. They sound like characters.

So we’re looking for names similar in style to these, that go with our daughters names, but that could work for a little boy in the 21st century, not just the 19th. Also, we’d really like his middle name to start with an A, because my husband and I both have middle names that start with an A, and completely by accident, so do our daughters. So we liked that unexpected connection and want to continue it.

Oh, and our last name is one syllable and rhymes with Kench, so longer first names would go better with that, I think.

I think you could use Augustus pretty comfortably, especially if he went by the nickname Gus. Avis, Melody, and Augustus seems good to me. If it seems like too much, maybe August? Avis, Melody, and August.

Cornelius makes me think of Corbin and Cormac. Benedict makes me think of Bennett. Eustace makes me think of Edmund and Euan/Ewan. Florian makes me think of Finian and Julian.

But some of the names I'm reminded of are a big style change from the originals. In STYLE, I'm reminded more of names such as Julius, Rufus, Felix, Hugo, Jasper, Lucius, Phineas.

Well, here's the list all together:

Aidric; Avis, Melody, and Aidric
Angus; Avis, Melody, and Angus
August; Avis, Melody, and August
Bennett; Avis, Melody, and Bennett
Corbin; Avis, Melody, and Corbin
Cormac; Avis, Melody, and Cormac
Edmund; Avis, Melody, and Edmund
Ewan; Avis, Melody, and Ewan
Felix; Avis, Melody, and Felix
Finian; Avis, Melody, and Finian
Hugo; Avis, Melody, and Hugo
Jasper; Avis, Melody, and Jasper
Julian; Avis, Melody, and Julian
Julius; Avis, Melody, and Julius
Linus; Avis, Melody, and Linus
Lucius; Avis, Melody, and Lucius
Phineas; Avis, Melody, and Phineas
Rufus; Avis, Melody, and Rufus
Sebastian; Avis, Melody, and Sebastian
Silas; Avis, Melody, and Silas

I think my favorites are Aidric, Edmund, Felix, Hugo, and Jasper. With some A middle names:

Aidric Alistair Kench
Edmund Ambrose Kench
Felix Arlo Kench
Hugo Augustus Kench
Jasper Atticus Kench

Name update 12-10-2009! Gayle writes:
Hi Swistle,
thanks so much for all your help (and for the people who posted, also)
Our son was born on Nov 28th at 5:02 PM (yum, a hospital Thanksgiving!) and we went with Leander Aidric - we loved your suggestion of that name.
Again, thanks so much!


Christina Fonseca said...

Jerome, Clyde and Perry come to mind. Other ideas: Alaric, Clive, Gerald, Jerome, Russell and Wallace. Even simple Paul would work.

Anonymous said...

Swistle - you are brilliant - I LOVE Jasper. Such a great name, perfect for a little boy as he grows into manhood. ~Jenny in MD

Joceline said...

Oh, I love, love, love Julian! It sounds great with your girls' names and seems to fit your other criteria.

It is also the name I would use for another boy, were we to have one, but my husbands' best friend has said that he wants to name a son that since FOREVER, so my husband won't touch the name. Boo.

Stephanie said...

I like Felix!
Felix Arlo, Felix Augustus

Julian and Linus are good too :)

Alison aka Baby B said...

I am glad Swistle suggested Alistair as a middle name. I love Alastor/Alistair, though probably won't get a chance to use it if I have a son. Alistair, son of Alison, seems weird to me. But, anyway, LOVE Alistair!

Frazzled Mom said...

I like Felix, Linus, and Rufus. The dog connection doesn't bother me with Rufus. Until recently parents were scared off by Felix because the the cat assocation, and now that association seems to be dying down. I say, if you want an unexpected name, don't fear associations, unless they are really strong like Madonna or Oprah. Names are bound to get used on characters or someone famous is bound to have the name eventually. I also think you can use Alistair for a first name. I prefer Hugh over Hugo.

It's funny someone suggested Paul, because that is the name I will probably use for my boy expected in March. Basically it was the only name my husband didn't veto, but it's also a family name. Another plus for Paul is that it is surprisingly unexpected for this new generation of babies. Since more parents use exotic names today, exotic names ironically don't stand out anymore. Still, Linus was my first choice (followed by Louis, Stewart and Oscar) and my husband thought all of those names were too out there, and I wish he was more open-minded. Therefore, I would like to see someone else use Linus since I can't.

Katie V. said...

So many great choices!

I love Edmund and August with your set (Felix close behind). May I suggest Edison? It is very close to the top of my list, I just love it! Edison August, Edison Felix
He can go by Eddie or Edison. It does happen to follow the "-son" trend right now but I haven't seen anyone use it. So handsome and unexpected :)

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I love FELIX! Great name! Rex is great, too. I also really like Augustus/August (with nn Gus if you are so inclined).

Tracy H. said...

I like many of Swistle's suggestions. I also know nothing about what century names come from so my list is names I thought sounded to me like the same style as the names you liked but not as off the wall:
Leland (Love this one!)
Some "A" middle name ideas:
Good Luck! Btw, I love how you say you pick names by just choosing names you simply like instead of based on meaning, family names and such, that is how I am also and it is fun that way!

Christine said...

I thought Basil immediately, but maybe that isn't out there enough? There's also Otis... I also like Linus. Good luck!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Oooh I love Tracy H.'s suggestion of Thayer. That really struck me in her list.

From Swistle's list I like Felix, Bennett and Phineas.

Kayt said...

I think Jasper and Felix are awesome choices! Gideon, Caspian, Crispin, Ivan, and Quentin came to mind when I read this. My favorite is Gideon. Avis, Melody, and Gideon sound like siblings to me. For an A middle names, I love Augustus, Axel, Ambrose, and Asa.

Pocket said...

I think this is the first time I thought of a name by looking at the writer's list and Swistle didn't have it in hers! I don't know if that's good or bad, but here it is...


You mentioned Barnabus, which does sound like a cartoon character to me, but when I did my student teaching in England I met a few Barnaby's and thought "what a great name!" It's totally unused in the States and goes well with you girl names, I think.

I also love Edgar. You could go with Edgar Allan as a nod to the poet, whom I adore, but lots of people don't care for, so maybe not.

Good luck!

Jenn said...

Before I even got to the end of Swistle's reply I was already thinking Atticus. But if you want an "A" middle name, you might not want an "A" in the first name spot- but I also love Alton.

Carolyn said...

My first thought was George. It's such a great name to grow into, but so cute on a little boy!

My own family has some great old names I'm dying to use:

Cletus (nn Clete)

StephLove said...

I think Augustus could work. From Swistle's suggestions I like Felix and Phineas best. My addition is Zane.

How about Alexander for a middle?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can come up with names that will fit your style, but some of my favorite unique boy names are:


Anonymous said...

How about Montgomery? Monty is a cute nickname. I'd throw it together with Archer for the middle to keep the 'A' connection you want. Montgomery Archer.

Rayne of Terror said...

What about Aloysius (not sure of the spelling) Al-u-wishus for the middle name.

I know a young man Barnabus who uses his full name and it is a name for a character, but it fits him.

What about Lawrence? Like the boy in Little Women.

M.Amanda said...

Hamish is much underused, imo.

Anonymous said...

Other ideas that come to mind:

Phineas (I second this suggestion!)

Middle name possibilities:

Good luck!

Melio (MelissaInk) said...

Atticus was the first name that came to mind after reading your post. Though, Atticus and Avis might be a little to matchy (that would also be true with Augustus). Hmm. I still like Atticus.

I like the suggestion of Silas, Ewan, and Linus. Silas and Ewan are both names I considered, and I really like Linus ... for someone else's kid. Sebastian is also a good one.

Umm, since I saw New Moon last night ... I'm also going to through in Embry and Quill. I love the name Embry, but I could never get my husband to agree.

I love that you're going for more unusual names! Can't wait to hear the results!

notliketexas said...

Have you thought of Oliver? I love the name, but could never use it because my husband's family dog was named Ollie. Darn!

KL said...

My favourites are:

Augustus or August (would sound GREAT with your last name)
Julian or Julius
Atticus (is it out there enough for you though? It sounds pretty tame to me).
Phinneus (which would inevitably be shortened to Phin)
Benedict (I actually love this name. Is it really "out there"?)

I love Aidric for a middle name.

good luck :)

Kara @ KSS said...

I like Rowland, August, and Wesley. :)

leah said...

Not sure if these fit your style, but Lloyd and Llewellyn were both popular in the early 1900's, according to the namevoyager.

Anonymous said...

Hugh! Just Hugh.

StephLove said...

I haven't read all the suggestions, but is Quincy out there yet? Or Elias?

Libby said...

Atticus was the first name that popped into my head.


Taylor said...

My grandpa's name is EverettI like Everett Atticus or Everett Allistair. I've always thought it was a great (and underused) name! I'll never use it b/c its awful with my last name but I love it!

Also, your list and Swistle's me of the Narnia Series (Edmund and Eustace and Cornelius) so here are a few others from that book:

Caspian, Rillian, Digory, Tirian, Peter

I really like Digory. Kind of an antique-sounding but updated version of Gregory!

lili said...

Ok, these may not all be turn of the century names, but I think they all work with your daughters:


And I would personally use Arlo in the middle. It's probably my favorite boy name and goes with almost everything.

All of these are on my own list. You have great style :)

Good luck!

Susanica said...

Let's see???

The names Wyatt and Huckleberry (Huck) are not used often an are kind of cute.

Or what about the following?

Otto Anders Kench
Owen Anders Kench
Declan Arthur Kench
Simon Avery Kench

No reason. They just came to mind. Good luck! -Monica

Melissa said...

Have you thought about Theo? I know it's getting a bit popular, but I believe it to be an awesome name.

Theo Asa Kench?

I like it!

swimmermom said...


Another idea for the middle -- Amparo. (Not necessarily with the above first names.)

Anonymous said...

Henning? Eugene? Arvin for a middle name?