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Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby Girl Compton

Courtney writes:
Hi!! We are expecting another girl Dec. 15th... Our 4 year old daughter is Berkley Noel...
I wish I could use Noel for this one but dont want to b/c its already our daughters middle name. especially since her birthday will be close to Christmas. Its My middle name as well. OUr last name is Compton and the names on the list are: Raegan, Colbey, Justine, Quinn, Mallory, Helene, Id like to use Christine as the middle after my great, great grandmother. I'd like a nice C name, but it doesnt necessarily have to start with a C at this point!! WE are getting so close and still have no name!!!!! I guess I am trying to come up with something as unusual as our daughter Berkley, ( dont think I could pair it with something like "Allison"

I realize this idea may be a little silly, but since Berkley is similar to a city in California (Berkeley), I got out the atlas and looked for cities in California that start with C and would make good girl names:

Cambria (makes me think of Cambrey or Cambrie)
Ceres (the look of the word also makes me think of Carys)
Claremont (or you could spell it Clairemont)
Creston (it's almost Kristen)
/ atlas as baby name book

Some more unusual C names:

More suggestions for the Comptons---starting with C or not?


Hannah said...

From Courtney's list, I like Quinn Christine Compton. It doesn't start with a C, but it does have a hard C sound.

From Swistle's list, I think Carys fits best with Berkley. Carys Christine Compton sounds great!

Other suggestions:
Calla Christine Compton, Berkley & Calla
Cameron Christine Compton, Berkley & Cameron
Candace Christine Compton, Berkley & Candace
Chiara Christine Compton, Berkley & Chiara
Cleo / Clio Christine Compton, Berkley & Cleo / Clio

Carolyn said...

Colbey Christine Compton is my favorite from Courtney's list.

What about Skylie? I also love Skylar, with Skylie as a nn.

Other ideas are:

bkm said...

I thing Campbell goes great with Berkley.

Berkley and Campbell Compton
Campbell Christine Compton

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I loooove the idea of Carys Christine Compton. How beautiful?

Would the California thing go a little too far since Compton is also an area in California? Or does that just make it more perfect? LOL.

I vote for Carys. So pretty!

Quinn is my favourite from Courtney's list.

Anonymous said...

WHOO i love love LOVE unique names:D hehe i will try to add my two cents worth!

Cariad (carry-add)
(you can use these as C names)

Non C names:

Good luck:D

Swistle said...

The one that's growing on me since I wrote the post (yesterday) is Cambria. Cambria Christine Compton. Berkley and Cambria.

StephLove said...

I like Quinn and Mallory best from the original list, Clementine from Swistle's suggestions and my addition is Catalina.

Frazzled Mom said...

I always thought of Cordelia as more of a name than a city. I'm not familiar with the city. Anyway, I like Cordelia, and Calista has been in my top 5 name list for quite a while now. But when thinking of names that pair best with a sister named Berkley, I think of Cambria (has the strong B sound which ties in), Carrington, and Connolly.

And while this may sound out in left field, it doesn't start with C, and seems so simple compared to the other names, for some reason Fay comes to mind. I think Berkley and Fay seem like a good sister set. And as simple as it is, I think it comes across as unusual to me.

Christine said...

It doesn't start with C, but I think Peyton is cute and sounds good with sister Berkley and as Peyton Christine Compton. And like Berkley it is not very common and not too feminine sounding. I also think Quinn fits this too.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think we have the exact taste in names! My daughter is Kendall Christine and you will not believe this, but Berkley Noelle is on the list for our next baby if it is a girl! So, I don't know if you like Kendall, but you could always use that : )

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read The Joy Luck Club? One of the characters is named Waverly, which is such a unique name. I read the book years ago and can't get the name out of my head. Just a thought :)

M.Amanda said...

Cambryn. I knew a girl with this name. I think she went by Cami.

Natalie, if you're looking for a Christmas tie-in.

Carissa. Also knew a girl with this name and LOVE IT. or...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that I'm just a geek, but I wanted to point out that the sibling pair Berkley & Campbell are both colleges, too. It might just be nerds that make this association, but I thought it's better to mention it. You could make the association with "Cambria" which seems like a shortened form of Cambridge...though I like this better, since they are both elite. You won't have a 2nd child whining, "You gave sis a top tier school and I got Campbell!"

Perhaps I'm just on a school kick now, but how about "Ivy"? It's has the Christmas thing and works as a sib set. I also like Holly. Holly Christine flows.

Amber said...

I randomly thought of this underused C name....maybe not the best option for going with your other daughter's name though?

Patricia said...

I second the suggestion of Holly Christine. It would make a lovely name for a Christmas baby.

Berkley and Holly: I like the way they sound together!

And I think Holly would be a meaningful name for this little girl born at Christmas. I don't think she needs an unusual name just because her sister has one. This is her 'story'.

However, if it's important to you to have an unusual name, you could name her Hollister, Hollis, or Holland - nn Holly.

As for the middle name, there really is no reason not to use Noel; in fact, because both you and your older daughter have that middle name, Noel may be the perfect middle name for this little girl too. I know a family with two daughters who both share their mom's middle name Joy. I see that as a special link between the three. Christine is a nice name too, but since the Christine in your family would be the great, great, great grandmother of this baby, it would probably be more meaningful to her to have the same middle name her older sister and mother have.

Jaclyn said...

what about Carlyle Christine?

Libby said...

I like Carys a lot.

Also, I'll add Calypso.

Good Luck!


K said...

I like:

Cambria Christine;
Waverly Christine; and
Quinn Christine

I personally don't fancy Campbell for a girl, although Campbell Christine does have a nice ring to it.

sarah said...

Catesby is also a cute unusual C name that I think sounds good with Berkeley.
I also like the previous commenters' suggestions of Holly and Ivy!

lili said...

What about Carly?

Lisa said...

I also want to add that I think Noel would be great for this baby, too. Especially since both you and your daughter have the name as well. Maybe you could spell it Noelle to make it different for her?

Also, love Reagan or Raegan. That's my girl's name. We also have a Morgan and Camryn (Oooo, C name). We call her Cami.

Good luck! You've got some great suggestions.

Jan said...

Another vote for also using Noel as a middle name. Maybe move Christine up to the first name slot but use a more off-beat version like Krista to match your other daughter's name.