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Monday, November 30, 2009

Middle Name Challenge: Baby Girl Paloma ____ Alamillo

Christine writes:
I am European Caucasian (mostly Italian and Polish) and my husband is Hispanic/Spanish/French. It's really important to me to pick a name that can be pronounced easily in both Spanish and English. Our last name is difficult enough (it's pronounced AL-a-mee-oo). Naming our first daughter was easy- Eva (pronounced like Ava) was a name I've liked since before I was married, and Juliana is a family name (my husband's uncle Julian raised him). We also decided on our second daughter's first name before she was conceived. We decided on Paloma, and we both really really love it. The problem is her middle name. The more I think about it, the more I begin to dislike all our options. I would like to keep the middle name a family name, as that is tradition in my family, but it's really limiting my choices. Please tell me what you think- I think some of the names are really pretty, but I'm very concerned about the name being "too much" for my side of the family. Here are my options so far:

Paloma Caroline Alamillo
Paloma Carolina Alamillo
Paloma Josephine Alamillo
(these three are among my favorites, although my husband has vetoed these)
Paloma Genevieve Alamillo
Paloma Christina Alamillo
Paloma Marie Alamillo (my middle name, my mom's name, sounds great, but boring?)
Paloma Mariela Alamillo (version of Marie, but too much?)
Paloma Terese Alamillo
Paloma Pauline Alamillo
Paloma Elizabeth Alamillo
Paloma Sophie Alamillo
Paloma Sophia Alamillo
Paloma Helena Alamillo
Paloma Jeanne Alamillo
Paloma Meredith Alamillo
Paloma Anne Alamillo
Paloma Rose Alamillo

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

My favorites from your list are:
Paloma Christina
Paloma Marie
Paloma Mariela
Paloma Rose

Christina, Marie, and Rose would all be easier on your family, but Mariela is so beautiful. Marie was a common middle name a generation or two ago, but I get the impression it's much less common now; Rose is more common in this generation but/and sounds wonderful with Paloma.

What does everyone else think?


Nowheymama said...

When I had my third baby, we shared a room with a baby Paloma. I wish I remembered her middle name!

Erica said...

I love Mariela as a middle name for Paloma.

I think with a name like Paloma Alamillo, she needs more of an "ethnic" sounding middle name. To me, Rose, Marie and Anne all sound a little off in the middle of such great first and last names, you know?

Anonymous said...

I think Paloma Rose is a beautiful combination.

StephLove said...

I love Paloma Carolina. Too bad it's vetoed. I don't think Marie is too plain. I actually like it a lot, but how about Maria? That could work, too. Rose or Rosa are pretty, too.

leslie said...

I know you're worried about it sounding boring, but I actually love Marie as the middle name. I think the rhythm of Paloma Marie Alamillo is lovely. Also, I love the continued family tradition of using it, and I think that makes it special.

If you don't use Marie, I like the middle names in general that are are a bit shorter with your longer first and last names. I also prefer middle names that don't end in "-a", as Paloma also ends in "-a".

Best of luck! Paloma Alamillo is a lovely name!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Paloma Rose or Paloma Therese are my favourites.

Patricia said...

I'm always in favor of using a family name for a mn, so I would go with Marie, your Mom's and your middle name. Lucky for you, Marie sounds very pretty with the first name you've chosen. I think Paloma Marie may be the perfect name for your second daughter: it's lovely and meets all your naming criteria.

And as for boring, the first name that you selected is so unusual that I don't think any middle name you might choose could take away from the uniqueness of Paloma. In fact, using the well-known -- and especially meaningful to you -- Marie sets off Paloma better than adding another unusual and/or lengthier name for the mn.

Meg said...

My vote is for Paloma Carolina Alamillo, only pronounced seer-oh-LEEN-ah instead of like the US state. I think that it rolls beautifully off of the tongue. Best of luck!!!

Christine said...

I vote for Paloma Marie. I agree with the poster above who thought the shorter (two or fewer syllable) names sounded better with Paloma and your last name. I also really like Paloma Rose and Paloma Christine.

Good luck!

erin said...

I like your shorter options like Paloma Rose and Paloma Jeanne for the most part, but what about
Paloma Rosemarie (or Rosemary)? More fun then just Marie, not too long (at least compared to your other choices) and you get two people for the price of one! I also like having a unique take on a passed down name that makes it her own special thing (like you did with Mariela, which is beautiful also).

Last suggestion:
Paloma Marisol

(a bit of the marie but a fun ending that doesn't blend in with Alamillo like Mariela...just a thought)

Good luck!

Katie V. said...

I love the name you have chosen! Paloma is beautiful.

A few middle names that come to mind:
Paloma Marisol
Paloma Luz
Paloma Belen (this is my fave)

All the best!

Mechi said...

Like Swistle said, Marie isn't such a 'filler' middle name anymore, and I think its absolutely perfect. It flows with the name, can be Spanish or English, and has significance in your family.
Hands down, Marie's the name to go with.

Carolyn said...

Would you consider Marin? (Pronounced like Marin County near San Francisco, Ma-RIN)
Paloma Marin would be so cute and Marin is a version of Mary, like Marie is. I've been swayed toward using it because it feels like a fresh take on Marie.

Frazzled Mom said...

I sort of like Paloma Helene, eventhough I assume Paloma Helena is more honoring. Would it take away from the honoring to change it to Paloma Helene?

Amber said...

Too many good choices...I agree with Swistle...I like Marie and Rose the best...Mariela is beautiful, but doesn't solve your problem of being easy to say for your family. I also have to say, I LOVE another commenter's suggestion of Belen (bethlehem). Another thought, what about Lena (short for Helena) also reminds me of another Spanish name I like "Elena" :)

Jan said...

I like Paloma best with a middle name that doesn't also end in an a. But from your list I do like Paloma Carolina. How about Paloma Isabel?

Jane said...

My first instinct was Maria even before I saw you had Marie on your list.

And it is such a beautiful recognizable name without being overly popular.

Although I'm biased as it's my daughter's name. :)