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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Boy Raymond

Christina writes:
I am pregnant with our first - a boy. And we have not discussed names seriously since the first week I knew I was pregnant and I'm starting to panic that we're just going to keep procrastinating and make a rash decision.

- My husband's name is Marc and he would like that to be the middle name for our son, since it's 2 generation tradition in his family to have the father's first name be the firstborn son's middle. I'm okay with it, but having a hard time finding names that flow nicely with Marc as a middle.
- I prefer somewhat unique multisyllabic names that have clear spellings/pronunciations.
- My husband seems to prefer strong masculine names, but doesn't like many of the biblical ones I do.
- Daniel, Douglas, Edward, Timothy, Joseph and Adam have already been taken by other family members.
- We do like many of the more modern names, but some of them (like Wyatt) are just a little too out there for us.
- Also, since our last name ends with a "man" sound, I don't think we should choose a first name ending in -on or -an sounds (e.g., Roman, Jackson).

I originally was inclined to name him Thomas after my father, but when I told my mom and sisters, they all reacted badly as we have many many Toms in the family already. Thomas Marc is also a tad boring.

Any suggestions are most welcome. I'm not finding the baby books or celebrities to be very inspirational.

Let's play a game! I'm going to take the boy name section of my copy of The Baby Name Wizard, open it to a page at random, and choose one boy name from that page. I got pages 214-215, and I suggest Louis. Louis Marc Raymond. Let's play again! Pages 190-191. I suggest Franklin and Frederick. Franklin Marc Raymond. Frederick Mark Raymond. One more time! Pages 242-243, and I suggest Stephen. Stephen Marc Raymond. This is a good way to get a list going when it's hard to make a list; each parent can choose a name from each page.

Looking up the name Thomas, I notice the name Theodore. Theodore Marc Raymond.

I nearly suggested Edmund, an excellent strong masculine name that doesn't see the light of day often enough---and then I realized EdMUND RayMOND.

Nathaniel Marc Raymond would be nice.

Or Nicholas Marc Raymond.

Or Jeremy Marc Raymond.

Jonathan Marc Raymond.

Help me out, you guys; I'm stuck on this one.


Katie V. said...

I like Oliver Marc and Henry Marc for you :) A few others: Jasper Marc, Brody Marc, Lucas Marc, Julian Marc....

Erin said...

I like Brody and Luke from above, and I like Nicholas, Jeremy and Jonathan from Swistle's list.

What about Charles? or Joshua? love both those with Marc Raymond.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I think Marc is a great middle name -- you just need a multi-syllable first name with it and voila!

Nicholas Marc Raymond is great, so is Lucas and Joshua. I'm just going to toss some boys names here and maybe something will spark!

Christopher Marc Raymond
Andrew Marc Raymond
Benjamin Marc Raymond
Philip Marc Raymond
Anthony Marc Raymond
William Marc Raymond
Patrick Marc Raymond

Sarah said...

How about John? I'm guessing that since you thought Thomas was boring that perhaps you will think John as dull as powder, but I think it merits consideration. It's far less common than Jacob and I think that its traditional status makes it timeless.

Another choice is something that ends in -er, like Krammer or Walker or Hunter or Archer or Asher. None of these names may be winners, but I like the idea of an -er ending with Marc Raymond. Something to explore!

MelissaInk said...

Davis Marc Raymond
Corey Marc Raymond
Edwin Marc Raymond
Caden Marc Raymond
Gavin Marc Raymond

Personally, I like Davis Marc. It's modern but still has a strong masculine sound since it's so close to David.

Davis Marc Raymond

StephLove said...

Andrew Marc Raymond
Joshua Marc Raymond
Matthew Marc Raymond
Noah Marc Raymond
Simon Marc Raymond
Tyler Marc Raymond

Carolyn said...

I think Nathaniel is my favorite, but I'd also suggest Gabriel.

Jonathan Marc sounds good as well.

Would you consider Marcus as a possible middle? David Marcus sounds really good in that case.

beyond said...

I think Marc is a great middle name!
Here's some inspiration for a first name.
(some may be repeats, i don't have time to look through all the other comments)
Good luck!

Sofia said...

My first thought was Owen. I also think that Anthony Marc Raymond flows really nicely.

Jenn said...

I thought of Nathaniel right away too
Nathaniel Marc
But also thought of
Christopher Marc
Alexander Marc
Jonathan Marc
Benjamin Marc
Andrew Marc

Tracy H. said...

Love Swistle's suggestions of Nathaniel & Jeremy, bith are great choices. Some other suggestions:
Jared (Jared Marc Raymond - like it!)
Spencer (I like this one a lot too!)

Rayne of Terror said...

For some reason I like Jeremy Marc very much. Or Gregory Marc.

kinsey said...

i have a friend that used Tanner Mark for her little boy...i think it flows nicely :-)

Frazzled Mom said...

The post suggesting the "er" ending made me think of Spencer Marc. And then I see someone else thought of it too.

There's also Chandler Marc.

Jane said...


Joanne said...

I like Theodore. Theodore Marc. Anthony Marc. Dominic Marc. I guess that last one has too many c's huh? Gregory Marc.