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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Boy With a Long Hyphenated Surname

Jenny writes:
We need baby name help. Our baby boy is due in February---he will be our first---and we're having so much trouble deciding on a name. The main obstacle we're encountering is finding a good balance to our long, hyphenated last name (2 syllables-3 syllables)---we don't want first/middle names that are too long or cumbersome, and we can't have a name that ends in 'son' because our last name ends in 'son'. Also because of our last name, we'd prefer a first name that sounds like a first name and not like another surname (like Walker, Garrett, Parker, etc).

Right now, we're leaning towards 'Gatliff' as the middle name. It's a family name, and unusual, and goes way back on my side. The first name is where we're stuck. We prefer old-fashioned or hippie-ish names that are not terribly popular or preppy. Our top runners are Elijah (Eli) (but it's getting awfully popular), Miles, Ezra, Oliver, and Micah.

Names we've thought about but one of us has ruled out include Charlie, Owen, Julian, Asher, August, Wyatt, Sawyer, Gideon.

A last note: names we love for a future daughter include Ruby, Emmeline (Emme), and Hazel. I'd like the names of our kiddos to all be of the same 'genre', if possible.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Help?? :)

It's so useful to know the future possible girl names!

Archer (a little surnameish but Archie is so cute with the girl names)

My favorite is Arlo Gatliff. Arlo and Ruby! Arlo and Hazel! So cute and sassy!

A slightly less daring choice with a similar sass is Milo Gatliff. (Milo and Ruby, Milo and Hazel.)


Anonymous said...

i vote silas - love it!

beyond said...

I always vote for Simon if it's on a list. It's a wonderful name, and so underused. I also love Oliver.
How about these?
I love them all.
Good luck!

Pocket said...

I have a student named Mika (pronounced Mee-kah), with a brother named Milo (Mee-loh). I think it's a cute pronuniciation twist on Micah and Milo. Just a thought!

I don't like Arlo or Gatliff, but when you put them together it becomes edearingly adorable!! And Swistle's right, Arlo and Ruby sound like the two cutest, hippest kids on the block!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Theo is great! Milo too...or he could be Miles Gatliff but called Milo.

StephLove said...

I love Elijah and Micah from you main list. If Elijah seems too popular, Elliott or Elias could get you the same nickname. From your discard pile, I like Owen best, just in case any of those resurface (it happens).

From Swistle's list I I like Simon best.

I will add a few more: Basil, Gabriel, Jasper & Matthias

MelissaInk said...

I like Oliver and Miles from your list. They go nicely with potential girls names.

From Swistle's list, I like Simon.

With two last names, I think it's best to make the first to keep it short and on the normal side (not necessary popular, but something that's easy to say, pronounce, and spell).

clueless but hopeful mama said...

I LOVE "Arlo". What a great name!

Also like Theo from the list.

What about some of these single syllable names:

Cole (too last name-y?)
Ian (okay, fine, two syllables but still short!)

Tracy H. said...

So many good names! Love Elijah, but agree on it's rising popularity. Ezra is a recent favorite of mine, but since I'm done having kids I just push it on everyone else! Micah is another good one. I like Archer, Levi & Milo from Swistle's list. Here are some more suggestions:
Jasper (love it!)
Love the above suggestion of Zane, too! I was probably no help with too many suggestions...Good Luck, I can't wait to hear your choice!

Anonymous said...

How about Rhys? Rhys Gatliff 2Sylable-3Sylable. Rhys and Ruby might be a bit too close but Rhys and Emme is cute! Rhys and Hazel.

I also love Oliver, but I have an Olivia, wish I had thought about future brothers before I named her that! :)

Kalendi said...

I would be careful of different pronunciations for common names because (from experience) the child will either be correcting teachers and classmates or give up and go with the common pronunciation!

Joanne said...

I like Hugh and Vero.

Anonymous said...

How about Reid? (Reid and Ruby - adorable!)

Frazzled Mom said...

I always vote Arlo when it's on a list. It fits the trends (o ending) but never gets used.