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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Girl Bliss

D. writes:
We are expecting a little girl (our first child) February 13. Her last name will be Bliss. We had originally decided on Harper (perhaps Harper Ann Bliss), but have been feeling less sure as of late and are exploring other options (in heated conversations!). Other finalist names are: Adelaide, Auden, Delilah, Emerson, Clementine, and Greer. We've ruled out (but I like) Quincy, Matilda, Phillipa (or Pippa) and Helena. Please help!

Let's have a poll! It's over to the right.


Ashley said...

Beautiful name choices. I love Harper the best :) Congratulations on your first baby!

Diane said...

I would hesitate to pair the name Delilah with Bliss, even though it sounds nice, simply because of the possible seductress connotations it might create in people's minds.

I think Harper Ann Bliss is a lovely name, though!

Carolyn said...

Harper Ann is my favorite, too.

Steph said...

I know this is kind of silly, but I always think that if I think of it probably other people do too: I don't like any name with "laid" in it (Adelaide) with a surname like Bliss.

Allison said...

Clementine and Harper are both nouns and I don't like nouns first names with noun surnames. Auden sounds like Odd an' Bliss. Greer Bliss seems choppy. I voted for Emerson.

Anonymous said...

i love auden, beautiful name and original too.

Meg said...

I love love the name Delilah but feel it's too heavy on the L's with your last name so I voted Adelaide. However I LOVE the sound of Delia Bliss (DEEL-ya)

beyond said...

All of your names are very unique and beautiful. I voted for Adelaide. Adelaide Bliss sounds lovely. (I like Auden very much too!) I also like Clementine and Harper, but I'm not sure I like them with your last name.
Here are a few names your list made me think of:
Congratulations on your first baby and good luck!

Amy said...

I love Harper but my second favorite is Greer.

MelissaInk said...

Oh, I love them all!

I really like Harper.

I also LOVE Clementine. My hesitation with it is people singing "Oh My Darling, Clementine" to her OVER and OVER again. That would get so old. Then again, one of my friends (who has an African name and went to US schools) says that kids who are determined to make fun of other kids will do so regardless. If they don't make fun of your name, then they'll just make something up.

Auden is also nice.

I don't think you can go wrong!

MelissaInk said...

Oh, and I second that Delilah Bliss is a bit ... stripper. Sorry!

I think Delilah is a wonderful name, but you gotta be careful with it.

Karen L said...

Harper and Pippa make me think of Piper.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Hrm. My last name is "Greer". I strongly caution against it as a first name.

To me, Bliss would look really nice beside a strong, feminine name so I vote for Adelaide Bliss from your current options.

If you've liked Helena, what about "Elena" or maybe "Elaina" instead? Elena Bliss or Elaina Bliss.


Hadley Bliss
Addison Bliss
Ainsley Bliss
Kerrigan Bliss
Peyton Bliss
Avery Bliss
Rylie Bliss

stellafide said...

I agree with the Delilah Bliss comments.
I like Auden, Adelaide, and Harper best.
I think Emerson is pretty, however EmerSon BliSS sounds lispy to me with all the sss sounds.

Tracy H. said...

I like Harper Bliss as well. Harper is one of my faves. But, out of all of your picks I like Emerson the best and that is what I voted for. I like the 3 syllable name with the short last name. You know what also sounds very pretty is Steph the Wonder Warrior suggestion above of Ainsley Bliss. I obviously have no problem with all the s's, I don't think a first name with an "s" in it is too much with Bliss.

Erin said...

Please reconsider Matilda! Matilda Bliss is PERFECT! I love the longer feminine (yet quirky) first name with a shorter nounish last name, and I love the short I sounds. MatILda BlIss -- is great. Adelaide and Emerson are nice too but I just love Matilda, and love names with accents on the second syllable with a one syllable last name. My second choice for you would be Delilah, and then Clementine, which, while accented on the first syllable, has the long I to give more emphasis to the third as well. I don't agree that Delilah Bliss has too many Ls, I like subtle repeating sounds though. It sounds to me like you are going for an Aussie type feel, I like it!

Harper - I always think of someone who is harping on someone else to be honest, but clearly you have a lot of support on this board for Harper so I am in the minority. A couple other suggestions that would be beautiful with Bliss:


But, I still say you have a winner with Matilda.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Erin -- just so you don't feel alone, I have the same reaction to the name Harper.

TeamBrown said...

I LOVE the name Adelaide. We strongly considered Heidi for our daughter which is a derivative of Adelaide.

SBP said...

Maybe I am cheating because I know this lovely family, and I was an early Delilah supporter, but now I am leaning more toward Auden (so pretty!), Elodie (cute!), and Harper (it just fits the family). I am also loving the idea of calling a little Matilda Ann "Tilda"--and David likes "Tildie"--wouldn't that be cute, D? We can't wait to meet her!