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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby Girl Seagrave

(I have a number of questions in my inbox I'm not going to get to in time, so I'll post them for anyone who would like to work on them.)

Corinne writes:
Help! We are expecting our second daughter in January 2010 and we have no clue what to name her!

My first daughter is Sadie Helen Seagrave and she is 3 ½ now. Helen is after my grandmother, and Sadie is from a Beatles song :o) I had Sadie’s name picked before I even got married. I was hoping for a boy so it would be easy (Charles IV with a nickname of Casey) but no luck. I definitely want it to sound good with Sadie, but not too similar (I love Sydney and Cassidy… but Sadie said “the baby needs her own name, she can’t be the same as me!”)

It would be nice to do “Jane” as the middle name (after my husband’s mother) but it’s not critical.

Some of the names I like are:

* Calleigh
* Taylor
* Cameron
* Kendra
* Hayden

These are names I like, but my husband doesn’t:

* Aubrey
* Chloe
* Delilah
* Paige
* Jocelynn


Alison aka Baby B said...

The name Sadie really sticks out, to me, as a GIRL'S name. So, I don't love the idea of a gender neutral name for your next daughter. Taylor, Hayden, and Cameron can all be either/or.

Two syllables* without ending in the "ee" sound, in case that is too matchy for you or for Sadie :):
Alice Jane
Camille Jane
Cara/Kara Jane
Cora Jane
Lila Jane
Lisa/Liza Jane (Lee-sa, Lie-za)
Maura Jane

These are names that have a similar old fashioned feel without being strange to our modern ears, in my opinion. Sadie is old fashioned and still modern. I love these types of names!

If the ending "ee" sound isn't that big of an issue, I'd add Wendy Jane and Lily/Lillie Jane to that list.

Good luck! Let us know what you and your husband decide!

*Sadie and Charles/Casey have two syllables, so I picked two based on that.

Carolyn said...

Love the suggestion of Lila!

From your list, Calleigh is my favorite, and I agree with the above poster that a gender neutral name seems out of place with Sadie.

What about:
Cammie (short for Camille or Cameron maybe?)

Luckily, Jane is such a great middle name, just about anything goes with it.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I like @Alison's idea of Lila. Very old fashioned and feminine with some spunk like Sadie.

How about another Beatles inspired name?
-Prudence (nickname Prue)
-Eleanor (so many nickname possibilities! Ellie, Norah, Nell...)

Looking at your name list, what about combining the sounds of Calleigh and Hayden? That gives us Hallie which I think is very pretty and in the same vein as Sadie.

That's my list:


beyond said...

These are the names both your lists made me think of. (the last three are gender neutral, like some on your list.)
Anais Jane Seagrave
Riley Jane
Elsa and Sadie
Good luck!

StephLove said...

I like Taylor best from your list. Cameron is nice, too.

MelissaInk said...

I like Hayden! Hayden and Sadie is adorable. Hayden Jane is also great.

If you're a Beatles fan, would you consider Abbey or Jude? Abbey Jane is great. Jude Jane ... that's abit silly.

So, Hayden or Abbey are my votes

Guinevere said...

I love the above suggestions of Lila, Cora and Alice, and also Eleanor or Abbey as Beatles-tie-ins.

If you care about sibling names going together, I would personally tend to avoid unisex, modern names, since Sadie is such a girlie, vintage name, albeit one with a kick.

Phoebe, Ella, or even Jane as a first name would also come to mind.

TweePopACap said...

Might your husband feel differently about Delilah if she goes by Lilah? Sadie and Lilah sounds like a wonderful sibset to my ears!

Kayt said...

Lilah was on my mind when I read this. Glad I'm not the only one! Same with the comments about the unisex names with Sadie. Of your existing list, I guess Kendra' my favorite, but I'm not in love.

Are you thinking about a third baby? If you're not, how about Charlotte or Caroline for Charles? Caroline in particular has a similar feel to Cassidy. You could nickname her Carrie.


Anonymous said...

what about Calla? Like a calla lily. It's a little different from Calleigh that you like but I think it sounds awesome with Jane and goes great with Sadie.

Calla Jane and Sadie Helen

Anonymous said...

Love the suggestions of Lucy and Abbey. How about

Jane as a first name

Lara Jane said...

Beatles fan, eh? Why not Lucy? Sadie & Lucy are adorable together!

Lucy Jane Seagrave. Perfection.

kristin said...

"Delilah Jane" is perfect, was my first thought. Since Delilah is out, i'm going to add my vote for Lila/Lilah Jane. Amazing and perfect to my ears with Sadie.

Frazzled Mom said...

I like the suggestions of Lucy, Hallie, and Molly.

I consider Sadie and nickname name. Similar nickname names inspired by Molly and Lily are Polly and Poppy. Sadie also makes me think of Millie, Maggie, Nelly, Bess, Betsy.

Tara said...

What about Layla, to go with another classic song? Layla Jane


Julia Jane
Annalisa Jane
Adalyn Jane

Bree said...

Leah Jane
Fiona Jane
Harper Jane
Caroline Jane
Norah Jane
Tessa Jane

Fiona said...

Congrats on the big sister's name - Sadie is cool!

Of the names you listed the only one I really like is Kendra. It's pretty, easy to pronounce and spell, and goes well with Sadie and with Jane as a middle name. I feel you can't go wrong with Kendra, if you're still liking that name.

As for other people's suggestions, I second "Lucy" (or maybe you could spell it Lucie to go with Sadie, I don't think that's an acceptable spelling variation). And if you like the name Fiona that Bree suggested, it's my name and I've been happy with it :)

Good luck - let us know..

Fiona said...

oops - meant to say " I think that's an acceptable spelling variation"

- Fiona

Leah said...

Rylie Jane. As a matter of fact, I have a cousin with little girls named Sadie and Rylie and their names flow so nicely together. Also, a name you suggested, Cameron, with a different spelling, Kamryn. To me, Kamryn is more girlie, so as not to be confused as a little boy when reading name on paper.