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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby Girl Spencer

(I have a number of questions in my inbox I'm not going to get to in time, so I'll post them for anyone who would like to work on them.)

Beth writes:
We are having our 2nd girl January 5th. With the first one, we had NO issues with name.. With this one, we can't agree for anything! Our first child is 3 1/2 and her name is Isabella Geraldine (Geraldine after her great grandma who passed away). We call her Isabella, not fond of Bella, Izy, etc. We're not fond of nicknames.

My favorite name is Sayde Grace followed closely by McKinley Grace. I'm partial to Grace for a middle name, so they'd both have "G" middle names. I like Sayde because my grandma was Vadie. My husband just says to name her Vadie but that would be a little too odd for me.

My husband changes weekly; Scarlett, Regan, Madeline (long I) and Claire are the latest.

The only name we both kinda like is Ava but it's a little to short for me with Isabella and I think I'm thrown by the "A" in both like if I say "Isabella and Ava" that's a lot of A sounds.

Our last name is Spencer.

Also on our list were:
Anna Kate

Any thoughts or new suggestions? :-)


Hillary said...

Avery? It sounds like Ava but it's not as short. Also, it sounds great with Grace as a middle name. Avery Grace Spencer.

Christine said...

I really really love the name Isabella. Of all the names mentioned I like Madeline the best and I think it sounds great with Isabella, and is just as classic, plus it sounds great with Grace as a middle name.

If you like Marleigh/Marley, maybe Margot/Margo.

Good luck!

beyond said...

Considering the names you listed, here are a few names you might like:

Charlotte and Isabella
Elisabeth and Isabella
Evelyn Grace Spencer

(I also like Antonia. Antonia Grace. But that's too many A's again.)

Carolyn said...

Maybe Aveline/Avelyn (with a short /a/ as in apple)?

Other ideas:

I think Regan and McKinley seem to modern in comparison with Isabella. Although Regan is an old Shakespearean name, so maybe not!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I say go for Vadie! It's so cool!

Katie V. said...

HOw about Vada with the nn Vadie? I LOVE it. And My Girl is such a great movie :)

StephLove said...

I like Madeline, Claire and Anna.

MelissaInk said...

I like the idea of just going with Vadie. If your husband is OK with it and it honors your grandmother, then I say go for it. It's close enough to more common names - like Sadie - that it doesn't seem too odd. Vadie Grace is a very sweet name.

Guinevere said...

I want to pitch in that I think just calling your daughter Vadie would be lovely. I think it goes well with the vintage-style of Isabella and it is so similar to many other currently popular names in that it ends in the "ee" sound and has two crisp, clear syllables that I LOVE it for your situation. I think it's perfect that it's an old family name, and it has the sound of one of the more trendy creations (though V is a more unusual letter to start with). I don't think it's as weird as it might seem!

From your others, I like Ava, and Anna Kate. But really, I think Vadie is ALMOST Ava (really, so close, especially when mixed with other names on your list, like Marleigh and Addison) that I think you should just go for Vadie!

I truly adore Vadie Grace Spencer - Isabella and Vadie are a beautiful sibset, to my mind more so than some of the other names on your list.

Catherine said...

Adeline? I'm only half stealing this from the other question posted today, I swear! But seriously, it seems fairly similar to Vadie, but is also in the same vein as Ava and Addison, and it sounds lovely with Isabella. Isabella & Adeline. Adeline Grace Spencer.

anne said...

I have a dear friend named Vadie and have always LOVED her name. I think it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I would go with something classic or meaningful, if you want to match Isabella. On the "V" theme, what about:

Evangeline (nn Vadie?)

Frazzled Mom said...

If you want something simlar to Vadie and like Ava, what about Vera? It has the strong V sound like Ava, but doesn't have as many repeating A's, plus it is more familiar than Vadie.

However, I agree with the others that Vadie isn't really that odd in context of the names being used on babies today. Vadie may not be that popular, but to me that doesn't automatically make it odd if it has a simlar style to other currently popular names. In fact with Vadie, you may have hit the golden mean many parents strive for in a name right now: not popular but fits in with the popular names.

Frazzled Mom said...

You may also like Greta - it has that old Hollywood connection like Ava.

Anonymous said...

I like Eleanora as a compliment to Isabella. It's got a similarly elegant feel and the same number of syllables, but isn't rhyming or too matchy (at least not to my ear).

Taylor said...

I vote Vadie Grace! Love it! Its rare but not odd. The spelling Sayde seems more odd to me...I think she'd get called Sade(rhymes with Made).

Love Vadie!

Susan said...

I thought "Sayde" WAS pronounced "Sade." I think the spelling might turn out to be a problem if the intention is for "Sayde" to be pronounced "Sadie."

Also, while I think Sadie is a great name, it doesn't seem like there's a clear connection between it and "Vadie," which seems like a very different name.

I think "Vadie Grace" is a wonderful name, and not at all odd. The family connection is also a plus. I think I'd go for it, if I were you.

I also think longer, feminine, old-fashioned names like Genevieve and Madeline sound wonderful with Isabella.

Fiona said...

did you have the baby yet !!!