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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Naming Emergency!: Baby Boy Snow

I emailed Nichole today asking, "Is it too late? Have you already had him?," and she emailed back:
Ha! Your timing is so funny.... I had "him" yesterday and "he" is still NAMELESS!!!!! Any suggestions? :) Our current list includes Andrew, Reid, and Benjamin but DH and I can't agree on anything. We'd love some help!! We leave the hospital tomorrow and would like to have a name by then but we're not required to have one until Sat. Thanks!

So I haven't FINISHED-finished this post, it's still in draft form and I haven't double-checked all the names to make sure they fit the requirements, but I'm going to post it right away because I want us to help name this baby as soon as possible!

Nichole writes:
We are in desperate need of naming help for our second son. It has been a tough pregnancy and I've been on bedrest since week 17 - now at week 36 we have finally hit our goal and are allowing ourselves to begin naming our son. I could go into labor at any time and since we didn't feel comfortable discussing names until we knew for sure this pregnancy would turn out ok, we are just now realizing we can't agree on ANY names!!! Our first son is named Parker and our last name is Snow. We do not want a first name beginning with P (my husband's name starts w/ a P and that is confusing enough for some people!), and since "Snow" actually means something, we don't want a first name that has meaning too (example: Tanner) or anything that is cutesy or sounds like a sentence (example: Landon Snow!) We also do not want a first name that ends in S as we feel it is too "hissy" (example: ThomasSnow, JamesSnow). No names ending in an "o" sound - it just sounds silly w/ our last name (example: Milo Snow, Leo Snow). No traditionally boys names that girls are taking over (Elliott, Morgan) or too-trendy names (Cayden/Jayden/Hayden/Aiden). My thought is we need a first name with at least 2 syllables since our last name is so short and kind of harsh... but maybe I'm wrong? Would love to hear your thoughts! Last restriction is my own weird one: I would prefer a non "er" ending name as I feel having a Parker and an Archer or Asher is too similar in structure. I am soooo picky with names and am driving my husband CRAZY!!! I'm not into creative spellings or "unique" names, but on the other hand my husband will not go for anything too common (John, Matthew, Ryan, etc). The ONLY 2 names we are considering is Andrew (my fave, but too common for my husband), and Barrett (his first pick, I'm not crazy about it). I am so worried that I will have this baby and we won't have picked out a name in time!! To sum it up - no "er," no "P," no "s ending," no "o ending," no names the girls are taking, no too-trendy, probably two syllables, and something uncommon but not weird. Thank you all so much in advance!!

I'll use this as an opportunity to push an unusual and underused name: Karl. Karl Snow. Parker and Karl. That's my favorite.

If the more Z-like S-sound of Charles doesn't bother you as much with Snow, or if you didn't mind going straight to Charlie without using Charles, I'd suggest Charlie. Charlie Snow, Parker and Charlie. Jazz fans may think of Charlie Parker; most people will just think the names go perfectly together and not know quite why.

If Andrew is too common for your husband, maybe Anderson? Anderson Snow, Parker and Anderson.

And I know you say not Elliot, but OH I love Elliot, and it's so dashing with your surname: Elliot Snow, Parker and Elliot. I know some girls are using it, but I think it's still Boy.

Or if not Elliot, maybe Everett? I don't think the girls have gotten to that one yet. Everett Snow, Parker and Everett.

Some other possibilities:

Adrian Snow; Parker and Adrian
Brady Snow; Parker and Brady
Brenden Snow; Parker and Brenden
Evan Snow; Parker and Evan
Gabriel Snow; Parker and Gabriel
Gavin Snow; Parker and Gavin
Henry Snow; Parker and Henry
Keegan Snow; Parker and Keegan
Kyle Snow; Parker and Kyle
Larson Snow; Parker and Larson
Marshall Snow; Parker and Marshall
Mason Snow; Parker and Mason
Ridley Snow; Parker and Ridley
Ruben Snow; Parker and Ruben
Wesley Snow; Parker and Wesley
Wilson Snow; Parker and Wilson

P.S. Karl! Karl Snow! Baby Karl! Parker and his little brother Karl!


Robyn said...

Definitely Karl!! I LOVE that name and am surprised its not used more often. It meets all your requirements too :) Good luck!

pseudostoops said...

"Emmett" is another one like Elliot and Everett that I think is still firmly in the boy camp.

I am weird, maybe, but I like Carl best, too, but spelled with a C.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlie or Everett! Looooooooovvvvee!

Alison aka Baby B said...

I don't know a single girl named Elliot, except Elliot on the TV show Scrubs. It still is very Boy in my book. And I agree with Swistle, Elliot Snow sounds dashing.

However, if Elliot doesn't float your boat, I'll throw a few of my favorite two syllable boy names in the ring: Henry (on Swistle's list), Jeremy, Philip, and Damon.
Parker and Philip have the same first initial, so you can label things "P. Snow" but they have a totally different sound. I don't think it pegs you into names starting with P for any possible future children. I love Damon. It's unusual but everyone can say it. Damon Snow flows nicely, I think.

Congrats on the arrival of your son! Let us know what you and your husband decide.

Carolyn said...

Andrew is my favorite, but Anderson sounds like a nice compromise.

Reid is also great. You've got some great choices!

I would suggest Samuel or Donovan as some more possibilities.

Leah said...

I love the name Martin and I think it fits your criteria. I'll be back if any other inspire me but I was trying to comment asap. :)

Peace said...

I don't love Karl, I think it's a little choppy. I do love the longer suggestions of Anderson and Gabriel. I really love your husband's suggestion of Barrett. What about Jeremiah, Calvin, Jonathan, Daniel, Walter, Franklin, or Zachary?

Shannon said...


AndreAnna said...

Normally I don't suggest my own child's name because I love it so much, but my son's name is Sawyer.

Sawyer Snow is kind of awesome.

Joanne said...

Henry. Henry and Parker. I have a (sob) 18 year old nephew who is Parker Henry and I think it sounds perfect together PLUS it meets your criteria. Congratulations!

Nowheymama said...

I know a baby Carl, and he is the sweetest. little. boy. ever. Love him.

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Of your three right now, I think Reid and Parker go together really well. But then I'm like... "Reid".. "Read" ? "Reed" ? Read Snow? Reed Snow? Does it become to "word-like"? I'm really not sure, because I also think Reid is a NAME enough that you can go for it.

But then I also look at Andrew and Benjamin and really like them too... and they both work with "Snow" (which by the way, is a great surname to have, since it's so easy to spell and pronounce, love when that comes along!).

For whatever reason though, I think I like Andrew just a little more in this case; plus if you ever called him "Drew" (which maybe you aren't going to, but I like this nickname), Parker and Drew work really awesome together the way I think Parker and Reid work together.

So. HM. I still really like Reid and Parker as siblings, but Andrew nicknamed Drew is my other favourite.

BeccakBecca said...

I vote Karl, too! My husband's name is Karl and he loves snow (and all things winter). So, I think it is the perfect combination. :)

MelissaInk said...

Parker and ...


Out of these, I like Bennett best. (close to Barrett, that your husband originally liked and Benjamin that you both like OK but find a tad too plain).


How about Camden? That's my youngest son's name. He's a delightful baby (and I do believe names make a difference sometimes).

Sarah said...

Reid is my favorite of your contenders.
I also think Barrett is great and sounds awesome with Parker.
Not such a fan of Karl (sorry Swistle).
How about Bennett? It is sort of a combo of Benjamin and Barrett, but not quite as common as Benjamin, and without the repeating AR sound of Parker and Barrett.
Bennett Snow!

Sarah said...

Hah, great minds think alike, MelissaInk. We posted Bennett at the same time!

The Workman Family said...

Emmett sounds nice with Snow and is sort of like Elliot, and Barrett, but not. GOOD LUCK!!

kenandbelly said...

Everett Snow? Uh uh, unless you like mountain climbing...

Karen said...

Charlie! I love Charlie Snow! That's my favorite.

Brenna said...

Colin, maybe? Fits all the criteria (I think, there was a lot), and Colin Snow sounds good. Colin and Parker go well together too.

Anonymous said...


Brenna said...

On second thought, Colin Snow sounds a little "sentence-y". Scratch that.

I do like Emmett, though I don't like Karl (but that's for personal reasons, nothing wrong with the name). Bennett is cute. I like Reid and Peyton, but I think they both edge girl territory.

Katie said...

Everett is a cool name, but with Snow it makes me think of Everest. Mt. Everest.

I vote for something more than one syllable. Reid Snow just seems too short....

What about Benjamin Reid Snow? Or Andrew Reid? Or Michael? Those are my votes!

Sarah said...

I don't think you can go wrong with Andrew or Benjamin.

How about Garret? Or Garreth? Or Gram?

I think Carl or Karl is AWESOME. I think it's one of those names that doesn't seem obvious until you see a little boy with that name. Then you just light up and think, "Of course!"

Patricia said...

I love the sound of Andrew Snow. Benjamin Snow sounds nice too, but I think he'd probably end up as Ben Snow -- rather choppy. On the other hand, Andrew, with only 2 syllables, has a greater chance of remaining Andrew (no nn). Parker and Andrew Snow sound great to me. If you want to use Reid in the middle, that would work too: Andrew Reid Snow. Very nice.

(I have a 6-year-old Andrew who is always called "Andrew" - no nn.)

Karen L said...

I like all three: Reid, Benjamin, and Andrew probably in that order (Reid best). Bennett and Garret and good suggestions. I don't think Karl is going to be their cup of tea.

beyond said...

As I was reading this, I thought Emmett, and I see someone else has already suggested it. Emmett Snow. Nice. And I LOVE Andrew. My brother is Andreas, the German version of Andrew. I love Karl, but Karl Snow sounds a bit... heavy to me.
How about Harrison?
Aidan, Edward, Julian, Matthew, Samuel, and Simon are great names but perhaps too common for your husband?
Harrison Snow. Parker and Harrison. That seems like a nice fit.
Congrats on your baby and good luck.

MelissaInk said...

I don't care for Karl/Carl ... it sounds like "a friend's dad's name" to me. I just can't get on board with it.

I'm still all for Bennett - it's got the same style as Parker without being weird.

Also, skip my suggestion of Lincoln. On second that, that's a terrible sibling set.

Bennett Snow. Aww ...

Sarah: Awesome we posted at the same time! It is fate, I tell you!

Leslie said...

I was going to post Bennett as a nice compromise between Benjamin and Barrett, but I see several others already have. I love the sound of Bennett Snow!

Congratulations on your new son and to your whole family, and best of luck! I'm sure he'll end up with the perfect name no matter what it is!

Anonymous said...

I second Garret(t) or even Garnet or a current fave of mine, Gunter (Goon-ter). Congratulations on the baby!!

AndreAnna said...

Oookay, I'm back. Upon further thinking when someone mentioned Bennett, what about Beckett?

Beckett Snow.

Rayne of Terror said...

Garrett! Garrett Snow is awesome. Garrett Reid Snow.

Amy said...

I like Sawyer Snow too! It just flows. Other favorites are Benjamin and Quentin.

Not loving Karl - it sounds like a creepy guy to me.

Anonymous said...

I know you said no "er", but how about Oliver? Oliver Snow. Sounds dashing!

Anonymous said...

How about...


Jan said...

A few more suggestions:

Derek Snow
Griffin Snow
Mitchell Snow
Anthony Snow
Harrison Snow


Barb @ getupandplay said...

Of the ones suggested, I like:


What about Samuel or Spencer?

Lise said...

How about Isaac? Isaac Reid Snow. My third baby would have been an Isaac if she had been a boy.

Bree said...

My husband is Andrew. It's a great name. :)

I like the suggestions of Bennett and Henry too.

Amanda S. said...

I really like Charlie Brenden or Charlie Evan:)

M.Amanda said...

I like Karl and Garrett. And I know it's traditional, but Daniel really works well. Daniel Snow. Danny Snow. Parker and Daniel.

PipersMom2009 said...

I love Ridley. Parker and Ridley Snow.

Kit said...

I don't really care for Karl - it's kind of harsh for my taste.

I love the Bennett suggestion and will also throw in Callum. Parker and Callum are some cool brothers!

Anonymous said...

Charles Snow has that sS problem and it will sound like "Charles NO!"

My fave boy name is also Isaac, like another commenter, but it completely clashes with my last name, so we name our son Andrew. Everett was also a contender, it's a good name. Beckett Snow sounds like a cool guy! Like that one.

Some more suggestions:

Anonymous said...

oops nix Travis... forgot about the sS thing...

Sue said...

I'm obviously not the first one here to suggest this, but we're naming our son Bennett, and I think it would work great for you, to! We'd originally picked Benjamin, with the plan of calling him Ben because we have a long, complicated Italian name. Then we thought of Bennett and fell in love with it! It's different without being too "weird" or trendy. I love that others suggested it too. :)

I think Bennett Snow is a great name, and goes well with Parker.

Kristin H said...

I can't help but think of Karl Rove when I read the name Karl. I'm sorry, hopefully it's just me!

Sarah said...

Reading through the list kinda fast, I was really struck by Ruben Snow. Love that one.

Anonymous said...


Susan said...

Karl is one of my all-time favorite boy's names, and I also think 3-syllable names sound dashing. I totally agree with Swistle's suggestion of Elliot Snow and I also think Gabriel Snow sounds v. cool.

Paula said...

Bert/Burt. Bert Snow.

Katie said...

how about Maxwell!

Valerie said...

Preston? Parker and Preston Snow?

Erin said...

Unless you LOVE jazz, I don't think I would do Charlie. I could never think of anything but Charlie Parker. Thats not a bad association, he was maybe the greatest alto player ever, but I think there are a lot of people who would be surprised if you weren't huge jazz fans.

I agree that Everett is too much like Everest and I have just never liked Karl/Carl. However, I love the suggestions of:
Oliver (I agree, even with the er, it sounds great with snow and not too matchy as its three syllables)
Brady (Parker and Brady are great together)

Good luck!

Austin said...

I'd like to throw Kellen into the ring. Kellen Snow. Parker and Kellen. So cute!

Captivated said...

I read this and immediately thought of Mark. Mark or Marc. Also, Kevin. Finally I like Becket a lot too.

tracy_a said...

Aaron. Parker and Aaron Snow. I also like Maxwell a lot.

StephLove said...

I like Andrew best of your current pair and Benjamin from the old list, in case it resurfaces.

How about Joshua, Micah, Nathaniel, or William?

Anonymous said...

Based on your hubby's list of names & your wants... How about Jared? Jared Snow. Parker & Jared.

Lisa said...

I love Andrew! Pick that one!

My boys are named Gavin and Austin. Like those?

I think Gavin Snow sounds good. Parker and Gavin.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the name Andrew, but I also adore the names Benjamin and Timothy (my own boys) :) Good luck!

Misty said...

I think Anderson is quite inspired. Parker and Anderson are both 'last names first' names.