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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Boy or Girl Lutz

Amber writes:
We are expecting our first child at the end of March. We're not finding out the sex of the baby, I think we have a boy's name decided on. It's the girl's name that is giving us problems. It's hard to find names we both agree on. For a boy we have Oliver Matthew picked out. Matthew is my husbands first name. And Oliver I just LOVE.He didn't care for it at first, but is happy with the name now. He wants to call him Olly. Not sure if I'm crazy about the nickname, but I don't have to call him that. I also love Henry William, which is a family name on his side. (His dad is Henry William 3rd) Henry is also the husband's middle name, but he hates it.

There is one girl name we agree on, which is Meredith. I really like it, but I'm having such a hard time commiting to it. I think it's because there are other names I like more. Like Charlotte, my all time favorite. I also like Eliza, but he hated that one. My list also includes: Amelia, Liselotte, Hannah (he has a cousin named Hannah), Maragret, and some others that I don't remember without going look because the husband has vetoed them. I'm not even sure what names he likes for a girl other than Meredith. He doesn't mention them anymore. But he has mentioned Megan, Monica, Lauren, and such before. But I really don't care for them. I don't want a name that is too popular, unless I LOVE it. I seem to be more fond of names that have nicknames, but that's not required. I want a name that has substance and is feminine, but not girly. A name that will work for her at all stages of her life.

As for middle names. He wants to use mine, Leigh. Which I'm okay with if it sounds right. But I would rather the middle name be after his mom. Her name is Joanie Marie. Which I have had a hard time with. Joan is an option instead of Joanie. I am not fond of Marie, but I think Mae could possibly do the trick. I also like the idea of the nickname going with the middle name, if that makes sense. Such as Charlotte Joan (or Mae) and calling her Charlie Jo (or Mae) I also like Jane as a middle name, but I don't feel as if it honors his mom as much as Joan would.

Our last name is Lutz, so I've kind of ruled out S names. Mainly because if they ever have to fill out something with First initial and Full last name, it isn't pretty. Or if the name starts with an O the middle name can't start with a S for the same reason. I'm so picky, which is probably why this is so difficult.

Oh, I LOVE the name Meredith! I've had that on my girl name list with each pregnancy. Meredith Leigh is great, and so is Meredith Joan. With Lutz, I prefer Joan; you could call her Merrie Jo. I think Jane and Mae are too far from your mother-in-law's name for her to think of them as honoring her, but I like both of them as middle names if you decide not to go with the namesake idea.

You could also use Meredith Charlotte Lutz, but your husband may change his mind on Charlotte later on so probably you will want to save it: my husband disliked a name with my first pregnancy, and it was his first choice for the second pregnancy. If he comes around to Charlotte THIS pregnancy, I like Charlotte Joan Lutz best.

More possibilities to consider:

Anastasia (Anna Jo)
Cordelia (Corrie Jo, Delia Jo)
Eleanor (Ellie Jo, Nellie Jo, Nora Jo)
Francesca (Frannie Leigh, Frannie Jo, Chessie Jo)
Genevieve (Evie Jo, Genna Leigh)
Penelope (Nellie Jo, Penny Jo)
Virginia (Ginny Jo)
Winifred (Winnie Jo)


beyond said...

You have a great selection of boy's names. As for a girl, I'm sure this will be a minority vote, but I just have to say how much I like Lieselotte, it's so unique and beautiful. Joan and Leigh make great middle names.
For inspiration:
Adelaide Lutz, Cassandra Leigh, Greta Joan, Tabitha Leigh Lutz, Tabitha Joan Lutz. Tabitha Lutz. I am really liking Tabitha right now!
Good luck!

Frazzled Mom said...

I hardly need to add anything, but these names also come to mind:

Lucinda (maybe Lucy Jo if you want to go that route).

I was looking at both you and your husband's list trying to find common ground, and seeing Megan on his list, made me think of another modern classic, Allison, which I don't think would fit your tastes, but reminded me of the old-fashioned Alice, which I think could fit your tastes. But the only nickname I can think of is Allie. I wouldn't use Alice Leigh though, but rather Alice Joan or Alice Mae.

In summary: Megan = Allison = Alice.

Don't know if it makes sense, but that's the way my mind works.

From Swistle's list I like so many of them. Cordelia, Francesca, Genevieve, Penelope and Virginia are my favorites.

StephLove said...

I'm always in favor of using the name you agree on.

Meredith Leigh is lovely; Meredith Charlotte as well. I noticed you mentioned a lot of family names from his side but none from your own family. Are there possibilities there?

Carolyn said...

Since you are thinking about initials with your last name, I'd be aware that Charlotte Lutz could be abbreviated to C. Lutz (clutz/klutz) sp? However now that I type that it doesn't look that bad. Maybe avoid K names.

I love Meredith, nn Mer, Merrie, or Meredie (mare-uh-dee).
Joanna would be a cute alternative for Joan. Meredith Joanna sounds so cute!

Meg said...

We apparently have very similar taste in names. And I hope this isn't weird, but I'm going to go through my (present and past) animals names since 2 of yours show up there.

First off, my name is Margaret Elizabeth, nn Meg.

Isabelle Gertrude
Oliver Maximilian
Charlotte Danielle
Prudence Leigh
Emma Louise
Mathilda Anne (nn Molly)

The names we're holding for children are:
William (nn Liam)
Millicent (Millie)

Maybe one of these will help you a little. And yes, I'm freaky about giving my animals formal names. LOL

Good luck!

And my vote is for (from your list) Charlotte, and from Swistle's Winifred.

OH - not sure how you feel about the same letter starting the first and last name but our Charlotte goes by Lottie, Lottie-Jo Lutz is sweet sounding to me. And other side note on Charlotte... Charlotte Street in St. Augustine Florida is the second oldest street still used in the US. Just a fun fact :)

Karen L said...

I think Meredith is a lovely name. It hits the sweet spot of familiar but not overused, pretty but not flowery/fussy. I also like the 3 syllables with a 1-syllable last name. I also like Joan for the middle name. Meredith Joan Lutz. very nice. Oliver Matthew is also a winner.

Tracy H. said...

First off, Oliver Matthew, great name. I love both Meredith & Charlotte. Don't give up on Charlotte, I've seen husbands come around many times! I like Joan as the middle name with both names. Here's a few other suggestions (even though I think you have your winners already):
Abigail nn Abby
Emerson nn Emmy
Good Luck!

Meredith said...

Use Meredith!! As one myself, I am constantly complimented on my name (really my parent's choice), and have only met a few others. I do not go by a nickname normally, but a few close people call me Mer. Not every name needs a nickname. My husband Daniel and daughter Natalie go by their full names as well. Congrats on your baby girl!!

Fine For Now said...

Meredith! Meredith! In just two short weeks we will be naming our first baby girl Meredith Lynn (me and my mothers middle name). I agree with commenter Meredith, it is such a sweet, familiar name that everyone seems to like!