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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Johnson

Libby writes:
I am in desperate need of baby name help. We are having baby #2 in March 2010. Our 2 year old daughter is Lucy (formal name is Lucinda) and our last name is Johnson...
I want something traditional and strong, but not too common because of our last name. We don't know the gender of the baby.
Any ideas would be great!

For a girl:

Adelaide (Addie) Johnson; Lucinda and Adelaide, Lucy and Addie
Beatrix (Bee) Johnson; Lucinda and Beatrix, Lucy and Bee
Eleanor (Ellie, Nora) Johnson; Lucinda and Eleanor, Lucy and Ellie
Florence (Florrie) Johnson; Lucinda and Florence, Lucy and Florrie
Genevieve (Evie, Genna) Johnson; Lucinda and Genevieve, Lucy and Evie
Henrietta (Hennie) Johnson; Lucinda and Henrietta, Lucy and Hennie
Josephine (Josie) Johnson; Lucinda and Josephine, Lucy and Josie
Millicent (Millie) Johnson; Lucinda and Millicent, Lucy and Millie
Rosemary (Rosie) Johnson; Lucinda and Rosemary, Lucy and Rosie
Virginia (Ginnie) Johnson; Lucinda and Virginia, Lucy and Ginnie
Winifred (Winnie) Johnson; Lucinda and Winifred, Lucy and Winnie

For a boy:

Abraham (Abe) Johnson; Lucinda and Abraham, Lucy and Abe
August (Gus) Johnson; Lucinda and August, Lucy and Gus
Charles (Charlie) Johnson; Lucinda and Charles, Lucy and Charlie
Edmund (Eddie) Johnson; Lucinda and Edmund, Lucy and Eddie
Elias (Eli) Johnson; Lucinda and Elias, Lucy and Eli
Emmett Johnson; Lucinda and Emmett, Lucy and Emmett
Everett Johnson; Lucinda and Everett, Lucy and Everett
Frederick (Freddie) Johnson; Lucinda and Frederick, Lucy and Freddie
George (Geordie) Johnson; Lucinda and George, Lucy and Geordie
Oliver (Ollie) Johnson; Lucinda and Oliver, Lucy and Ollie
Theodore (Theo) Johnson; Lucinda and Theodore, Lucy and Theo
Wesley (Wes) Johnson; Lucinda and Wesley, Lucy and Wes


StephLove said...

I know a baby Lucy with older siblings Harrison (always called Harry) and Alice. I like their names together.

From Swistle's suggestions I like Rosemary, Theodore and Elias. I will offer up Collin and Trevor for a boy and Christina and Violet for a girl.

Katie V. said...

There are so many great name choices!

From Swistle's list my faves are Millicent (Millie) and Edmund (Eddie). I think they have the perfect feel with Lucinda/Lucy. I like Henrietta too but with the nn Hettie instead of Hennie.

It may be a bit out there but Esmerelda? Lucy & Esme. Or Evangeline. Lucy & Evie.

Karen L said...

I love Swistle's list. Esp. Beatrix/Bea, Elias/Eli, Theodore/Theo. Teddy is cute, too. Lucinda is very Latin to my ears Technically, I think it's Portuguese but Spanish or Italian would fit. So maybe another Latinish name but with a fresh old-fashioned "English" nickname like Lucy. Evangeline and Elias (Eli) had also come to mind for me. It's harder to "match" the boys, but maybe that's a good thing.

Theresa/Teresa (Tess/Tessa)
Mathilda (Tilly)
Angelica (Annie)
Alicia (Alice/Allie)
Daniela (Dannie)
Gabriela (Gabby)
Francesca (Franny)

Anthony (Tony) too common?
Samuel (Sam) too common?
Gabriel (Gabe)
Victor (Vic) underused IMHO
Vincent (Vince)

Maybe try with Lucy and Lucinda?

TweePopACap said...

Wow, I think Swistle hit right on the mark for this one! I'll pop back in if any suggestions come to mind, but I think almost any of Swistle's suggestions would be a perfect match!

Frazzled Mom said...

I love Lucinda / Lucy. It is one of my favorite variations on Lucy, and the only one I like as much as Lucy on its own.

One name that I really love on a boy that immediately came to mind is Sylvester. I was going to suggest it, but I wasn't feeling very confident. Therefore I went to and typed in Lucinda, and what was the first boy name that came up? Sylvester! It's a sign! You can also get nicknames from Sylvester: Sy, Si, Sly, and Vet.

The only girl name I can think of is Cecilia, but I feel it is almost too similar sounding to Lucinda, and Lucy and Cece also seem very rhyme-y. I really like Rosemary / Rosie from Swistle's list. That's what I would go with.

Nymbler also suggested Cornelia and I like that too. Maybe you could use Cora as a nickname for Cornelia. Lucinda and Cornelia or Lucy and Cora.

beyond said...

From Swistle I love Adelaide and Theodore. Lucy and Theo, how cute would that be?!? Here's a few more. Although I'm not sure what you mean by 'not too common', I've stayed away from great 'common' names like Alexander, Christopher, Nicholas, Gillian, and Rachel.

Cassius -Cas, Cassie
Elijah -Eli
Leander -Lee
Lucius -Lou
Phineas -Finn
Finn is my fave here. Lucy and Finn.

Annetta -Annie, Etta
Calliope -Callie
Elodie -Ellie
Isadora -Izzy
Roxanne -Roxy
Serafina -Sera
Lucy and Izzy is such a sweet combo! I also like Lucinda and Elodie very much.
Good luck!

beyond said...

I had to come back with a boy's name that I just thought of. Zachary. It's pretty popular / common (rank 47 in 2008) but it's a great name. Lucinda and Zachary. Lucy and Zach. Swoon!

Kelly said...

I LOVE the boy name Wesley. My vote's for that. As for a girl I love Eloise (Ellie)!

Leslie said...

Wow, I love Swistle's list! Lots of good choices, but my favorites are Beatrix (or Beatrice) for a girl, and Theodore for a boy. I love both names to begin with, and I think they sound fantastic with Lucinda!

Other choices I like: Florence (you could use the nickname Flora- Lucy and Flora would be cute!), Frederick, and August.

Best of luck!

StephLove said...

A couple more that have been growing on me for you: Sarah and James. Lucy and Jamie would be really cute when they were little. If you wanted a nn for Sarah, I'd use Sadie rather than Sally to avoid Peanuts connotations.

Farrell said...

My favorites from Swistle's lists are:
Eleanor (Ellie, Nora) Johnson; Lucinda and Eleanor, Lucy and Ellie

Charles (Charlie) Johnson; Lucinda and Charles, Lucy and Charlie

Theodore (Theo) Johnson; Lucinda and Theodore, Lucy and Theo

All good, strong, classic, timeless names! You can't go wrong with the full name, or the nickname!

Andria Stanley said...

For a girl, I like Abigail (Abby), and Allison (Ally/Ali/Alli).

Unknown said...

Really? Harry johnson?.. lets think twice on that one. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is so weird! I pulled this up looking for baby names. My name is also Libby Johnson and we are due to have baby #2 March 2014. Our first is a girl Myla would also like a not so common first name. Just had to share