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Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Girl P. Michelle

Peyton writes:
So, I'm not really looking for more potential names, because we're really kind of happy with the one's we've got it narrowed down to--I'm mostly just hoping for opinions from the general populace rather than my limited circle of friends/family.

I'm due to have our first, a girl, on March 18. In a pseudo-tradition that my mother decided to make up, the first girl has the same first initial as her mother, and the middle name "Michelle," so we were looking for P names. Our short list currently consists of

Pandora, which is my husband's favorite. He likes the mythology reference, the pop-culture familiarity, that it sounds modern without actually being "popular" in real use; I'm a bit put off by the pop-culture of it--its use in Avatar and the internet radio station, among others. If there were just the mythological reference, I'd totally go for it, but the other stuff kind of annoys me. And I don't care for any of the nicknames we've come up with (except "Pan," which I could see on a teen, but not so much on a toddler). Most of our friends (who are mostly bohemian-type sci-fi/fantasy geeks, and proud of it) seem to like this one best, though.

Priscilla, which seems to be our middle ground. We both like it (it's really amazing how much the name has grown on us). But most of our friends (see previous geeky mention) think "prissy, snooty princess." There's a high likelihood that any daughter of mine will be just that (really, I'm a lot like that), so I'm not sure I mind too much. Most of our family has been voting for this one. They think Pandora is too "out there."

and Portia, which is my favorite--I think it sounds strong, but still feminine--but everyone in my husband's family reacts with "That's a car." This has resulted in a large bruise in the middle of my forehead from the number of facepalm reactions I've had. Maybe it's the rural American upbringing? Or am I really the last person outside of liberal arts academia to realize that Portia was a woman's name millennia before Henry Ford was a twinkle in his daddy's eye? I can't tell if it's just them, or if everyone is going to think the same thing (if it's everyone, I don't think I could handle that much frustration). My husband has said that with this name, she's not allowed to turn 4 until she can respond to every "Like the car?" with "No, you , like the Shakespearean heroine." He insists that we start training her at the same time we're teaching her "What does a cow say?"

My husband originally nixed Portia back in my first trimester. We ran a poll on Pandora and Priscilla on facebook, and then I resubmitted Portia for his consideration about a month ago. My husband keeps on insisting to me that Portia is the only name I'm ever going to be happy with, and so that's what we're going to name her, even though he's made it no secret that he doesn't really care for it and it would be a name he have to get used to, since Porsche is also his first thought when hearing it, and he just doesn't see it on a person. I don't really believe that he's okay with it when he constantly feels the need to remind me what a compromise it would be on his part. I really do like Priscilla, so I'm not completely sure which name I would be sorrier to not use. I could handle dropping Pandora pretty easily (DH also likes other names that end in "-dora" for possible future daughters), but every time I come across a reference to the myth, I can't help thinking, "Man, that's a great namesake."

None of these are really names that we ever thought would be on the short list, but we've come to really like them. My husband has given his input and is now insisting that it's entirely up to me. GAH!

Here is the problem: searching for inspiration while naming products, many companies turned to myths. The names are older than the products---but the products come to mind, even for those of us familiar with the myths. I knew the story of Pandora's box long before the radio station came along, and I still think of the myth when I hear the name---but the radio station has become another association.

Same with Portia: it's not (necessarily) ignorance that causes people to think of the car, and it's not that they think the car has first dibs on the name, it's that the car's existence has created an additional association---and unfortunately has caused the name to sound like a product. Mercedes, too, was an excellent girl's name, but now it's a product and it doesn't matter who used the word first. It's sad, but I don't think it's a matter of educating the public, I think it's a matter of accepting that a name comes with ALL its associations, not just the one we like.

It does sound to me like your husband doesn't want to use the name Portia---or maybe he DOES want to, but wants to pin it on you when others don't like it. If you do end up using it, I suggest coming up with an answer to the car association that's quick and kind, and something you can say a million times without wanting to fling yourself from a cliff. Something like, "Oh! No. It's P-O-R-T-I-A. Like in Shakespeare." The "Oh!" is said as if you're a little surprised by the question. The rest is said as if OF COURSE the questioner knows Shakespeare, and that clearing up the spelling will clear up the confusion.

I looked up the name Priscilla in The Baby Name Wizard and learned something new: Priscilla is the pet form of the name Prisca. Prisca reminds me of the name Portia.

Everyone else, opinions? Pandora, Priscilla, or Portia?

Name update 06-28-2010! Peyton writes:
Portia Michelle was born on March 24. Apparently while I was pushing, my mother was on the phone, telling her mom that she thought we were going to go with Priscilla. We were just really getting used to the name attached to the baby, and really thinking we were okay with the dual connotations (especially when a couple of responses from strangers were "Oh, Shakespeare would be so proud!") when my parents went car shopping and came home with a Porsche Cayenne. They got a phenomenal deal on it, but (headdesk).


Anonymous said...

I kind of like Priscilla (if only for the nickname Cilla). Otherwise, go with Portia. I think Pandora is a little jokey-sounding.

Anonymous said...

I love the name Portia. I do not like Priscilla or Pandora, with Priscilla having the edge over Pandora. Pandora is too pop-culture right now. I can't get past it.

Abby@AppMtn said...

I love Portia. Maybe I'm biased - I known an adorable 6 y.o. Portia who wears the name very well. And the visibility of Portia de Rossi has helped reinforce the "name, not a car" vibe for me.

I know you didn't want suggestions, but have you ruled out Persephone? IMHO, she splits the difference between Priscilla and Pandora.

TweePopACap said...

I'm not a huge fan of any of the three, to be perfectly honest. If pressed, though, I'd choose Pandora (but I haven't seen Avatar, so I don't make that connection). I hate to say it, but Portia does remind me of the car, and Priscilla does remind me of the word "prissy." Not good connections in my mind.

I don't suppose you'd be open to any other P names? My favorite is Penelope, with the nickname Poppy (you could also use the nicknames Ellie/Ella, Nelle/Nellie, Penny, etc.). Or if you like mythology, how about Persephone (pron. "per-SEFF-uh-nee"), perhaps with the nickname Peri/Perry? Or how about Paisley? Unusual, but cute!

Jeni Q said...

Not really answers, but more information to help make your decision.

My mother recently informed me that the movie Avatar is creating its own trend of new names - I wouldn't be surprised if Pandora took off as a result. (Just in case popularity and trendiness matters to you. On the other hand, the movie was FUN!)

I have a friend who thought Portia was pronounced "Port-ee-yah". Once he found out how it was pronounced, he no longer liked the name as much.

Lastly, in at least some states that I've lived in Priscilla's is a lingerie and "novelty toy" shop. In case that matters to you.

I don't have my copy of the Baby Name Wizard here at work, but I wonder if any of those names are listed and if so, what names are listed as 'Sister's names'.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the previous poster, not crazy about any of these names. If I HAD to pick one of the three it would definitely be Portia. I too like Penelope (if I had to choose a P name, it wouldn't be my first choice though) & the various nicknames that come with it. I know that doesn't really help, just my opinion. Good luck!

MelissaInk said...

I like Portia the best. A girl I knew in college had the middle name Portia - she was a cool chicka. Portia, all the way!

Pandora ... do you know how much Dora she is going to get? I know someone with an Adora and she gets Dora all the time. I'd rather be a car than a cartoon. I'd imagine some Peter Pan getting thrown around in there too. It's not a bad name by itself, but IMO there are too many "playground implications" with it. Oh, I can just here, "Don't open the box!" I don't mean to be mean, but I always like to think of all the ways to make fun of a name before I give it to my child. It's a lot of name to toss on a kid, you know?

Priscilla is OK, but it doesn't seem to have the magic that the other two names have.

Portia. I mean, even if you do get called out on the car reference a lot ... it's a pretty cool car.

Jeni Q said...

Also, it sounds like you guys are looking for something a little off the beaten path. I know you have names you like, but you might want to peruse the Name Candy site for celebrity baby names that start with P.
Here's a link:

And here are the Uncommon girl names which start with a P:[uncommon]=uncommon

Lastly, I looked up sibling names at the Baby Name Wizard site. Here are some related suggestions:
Petronel, Prachella, Phoebe, Persis, Philoma, Pinkie.

OK, I need to get to work. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love Priscilla - I don't see it as a girly princessy name at all, but that's probably because I know two Priscillas who are about as far from that description as you could be (my aunt goes by the nn Puddy).

Peyton said...

OP here: Just as a head's up, I've been looking at P names for about a decade by this point (my mom's been warning me about this tradition for a while, and I've loved names most of my life), and there's very, VERY little chance that any name suggested hasn't already been considered. I have looked at the Baby Name Wizard and Name Candy and Nymbler. We really don't need any more suggestions.

karintha said...

Portia is awesome and I think you could fight the car reference, but if your husband isn't keen on it, the posters here came up with some really beautiful alternatives:

Persephone is lovely and has that mythology link you seem to like in Pandora without the Avatar/Dora connection.

Phoebe is really cute and I think is far enough away from Friends to come back into use. It's a classic name that's new again!

Paisley is unique! It's a bit more modern (like the Ainsley family of names), but with that old-world connection to the fabric pattern. I don't think she'd ever run into someone in class with the same name.

Fran said...

Of the 3 names I like Portia the best and since you have blatantly said you aren't looking for other suggestions, I will stick with just that.
I would go with Swistle's respponse to people who say, "Like the car?" making someone feel stupid is ALWAYS fun!!
Frankly all three of the names will raise eyebrows because they are very different but ultimately it's your kid!

Bethtastic said...

Portia. All the way.

I grew up with a Portia and always thought her name was very cool.

Also, I don't think of the car at all, and I don't know that everyone will...because I pronounce Porsche without the a-sound at the end. Just "porsh". And most of the people I know also pronounce it without the a-sound.

Portia. Because Portia Michelle is fantastic. (And I really agree with Swistle's suggestion for a comeback line :).)

Kit said...

Portia! You can teach people a little about Shakespeare along the way.

My second choice would be Pricilla. Pandora seems a little cartoon-y to me.

Tracy H. said...

Of the 3, I like Portia the best. I went to school with a Portia, so I don't make the car connection AT ALL, to me it is solidly a name and if I think of anything it's the actress, Portia DeRossi, which is not a bad association at all. With Pandora, the very first thing I thought of was Pandora radio and Priscilla is just meh to me. If your husband is giving you the final say, go with Portia, he will end up loving it as much as you do, husbands always do.

Christine said...

I really like Portia, and I know a Priscilla who is neither princessy nor overtly girly. I don't like Pandora, even though I like they myth it seems to have gotten a little too pop culture for my tastes.

pseudostoops said...

I grew up with a good friend Priscilla who went by Prilla, and she is not prissy and high maintenance at ALL, so the name does not carry that connotation for me. I love it. I also like Portia. My concerns with Pandora are twofold: one, the pop culture references would be a problem for me. Two, the meaning of the myth would get to me, too- she opened up the jar that released evil into the world! It was an accident, sure, but that's a lot to pin on a little girl!

Peace said...

I work at a K-8 school and know girls/women with all of these names. The Pandora I know uses the nn Pandy sometimes. Priscilla really isn't prissy at all, she's actually very sporty. Portia is quiet & bookish. I think the name grows with the girl and all of the names are beautiful! Of course my own name starts with a P, and I highly recommend Peaceful as a name. I get great reactions.

Annika said...

I loooove Portia. Neither of the other two excites me, but I don't hate them at all. Priscilla makes me think of the movie (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), which is a positive association for me but might not be for other people. Pandora is kind of a big name as far as the mythology goes, but is absolutely lovely. But Portia is my favorite, and I don't even think of the car when I hear it.

JCF said...

I really like Portia. Shakespeare is the first thing I thought of, but then again, I was an English major. We have to pull a similar line with our daughter. "Oh, Eleanor like Eleanor Rigby?" (What a depressing connotation! I love The Beatles, but have you listened to those lyrics?) "No, like Eleanor of Aquitaine!" and then we can teach people a little about history! It is kind of fun.

I also like Priscilla, especially with the possibility of the nickname Cilla.

I know someone named Pandora, and she constantly gets the whole, "I'd like to open her box!" and its variants. That would be a dealbreaker for me!

Catherine said...

Priscilla makes me think of the nick name Prissy, and she could get stuck with Prissy Missy? Which could get really annoying. I like the name though.

Pandora makes me think of the radio station immediately. Pretty name though. Pandora's box could result in some teasing...I may be reaching here. (Look up box in urban dictionary.)

Portia is a lovely name and I've never heard of the car. This is my favorite of your three names.

Erin said...

LOVE Portia!

I think of Portia Di Rossi (sp) amazingly funny in Arrested Development. Great association. (Also Ellen Degeneres' partner).

Priscilla is too princessy for me, Pandora is ok. Portia I really like the best, and I don't think of the car.

beyond said...

If those are your three final choices... I like Portia best. And I will refrain from giving you my favorite uncommon P-names. ; )
I associate Pandora with the box and Portia with Shakespeare. Not a big fan of Pricilla. So Portia it is.
Good luck!

Annette said...

Youch, this is a hard one!

I'll start with Pricilla, the name is 'meh' for me, and Pricilla Michelle is just not my style.

I really like Pandora as a name but the associations would be a bit bothersome I can see. I have no idea about the radio station, I've never heard of it, the association I have is the mythological one. I don't foresee much of an issue with this name until puberty. Something tells me "Pandora's Box" jokes will be a-plenty around the 7th grade.

Portia is such a sweet name. BUT. The Portia's that I've met in the last few years have been low income low education. Sorry, I'm struggling to figure out how to say this and be politically correct. Names like Portia, Mercedes, Lexus, Diamond, Sapphire... I've even met an Acura, were all the daughters of low income single mothers living in projects. It's just something to think about.

Of the three my vote is for Pandora. Good luck, can't wait to hear what you went with!

Annette said...

I just wanted to throw one more thing out there. I get that your mom decided this was the tradition, but that doesn't mean that you HAVE to follow. She might be upset at first, but she'll be just fine as soon as she meets your little bundle of joy. And remember that keeping up with this tradition is expecting that your daughter will also. So if there is another name, not beginning with P, I say go for it. Good luck!

TeamBrown said...

I'm honestly not a fan of any of them. I have a bad personal association with Priscilla and the other two are simply NMS. If pressed, I would vote for Portia.

Have you considered Penelope? That is my favorite P name. I love it with the nickname Poppy.

While I have heard Portia on a few women, I suspect you will get plenty of "like the car" responses. It's inevitable.

Anonymous said...

I'll third (fifth?) Penelope! Love it!

OSquared said...

I agree with some of the above about Pandora and the association with "box." It is a derogatory term for female parts and I know that in at least my generation, the term was rampant.
And also to another above poster - Portia is correctly pronounced "Por-tee-a." It is a Latin name and in Latin you pronounce all the letters, they don't combine letters to make a certain sound.
That being said, I don't think anyone except for a Latin nerd like me would actually know that. I coached a "Porscha" on a volleyball team and now when I hear the word I think of her and not that car! If you can get your husband on board, go for Portia!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Oh, I love Portia or Priscilla. I think Pandora is too pop-culture laden right now (maybe in ten years?) and while I also think of the myth, it's still a negative connotation (Pandora's box?)

I know a little girl whose name is Portia and her nickname is Peetie. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

Portia. No contest.
Persephone would be a great name for your daughter to choose. :)

Anonymous said...

PORTIA!!! I LOVE that name. Underused but beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Portia is my fave from your list. I know a Portia and I never think of the car when I speak with her.

I'll echo a previous poster who mentioned that in some areas Priscilla is the name of an adult novelty shop chain.

Not a fan of Pandora, though I think it would grow on me faster than Priscilla.

I also like Poppy as a first name, not just nn, and Piper. What about Petra for something simliar but different that previously considered?

Good luck to you!

Lara + Chris said...

I definitely don't think of the car - I think of Portia di Rossi, which isn't a bad thing at all. :)

She's pretty hot, too, so maybe showing pics of her to your hubby will help with the argument that he can't see it on a person. :)

bellaf said...

I like Portia and strongly dislike the other two.

I'm also on board with the suggestion of Penelope. It's also greek, but not as pretentious as Pandora, and is literary just like Portia.

Anonymous said...

I like all your choices!

Portia is firmly in the name camp because I have had students by this name, BUT I think if I didn't have a course roster I might briefly think Porsche as well, because I would guess that form would be currently picking up in popularity what with the Armani and the Lexus, etc.

I don't think you can go wrong, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pandora and wish you would use it. I don't think the pop culture associations are too strong - to me, they just reinforce the myth and make what would be a very unusual name a bit more familiar and accessible to the random person on the street!

I also do think it matters that you can both get behind your choice, especially if that choice comes with decades of "No, like Shakespeare!" explanations. We chose a name that requires a similar amount of explanation and spelling and we are happy to do it, but only because we both totally love the name. If it had been a concession for one parent, I bet it would be a less joyful opportunity to educate people about our favorite piece of literature. To me, that is why I would eliminate Portia, and focus on Pandora or Priscilla. And I do agree that Priscilla rocks, but I think Pandora is extra awesome probably because I'm in the same geeky circles as your friends. :)

Leslie said...

I actually like all 3 name choices, but Priscilla is my favorite. It has a very pretty sound, it's elegant, and you, your husband, and your family all like it - sounds like the perfect name to me! Plus, Priscilla Michelle is darling!

Best of luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I know you are all set on choices, but here is a name I heard a friend pick for her little girl (who turned out to be a sweet little boy), which I have never heard and ABSOLUTELY LOVE:


Good luck + best wishes :)

~Jenny in MD

Anonymous said...

I like Portia by far of your three choices.
Pandora sounds too trendy with Avatar and the internet radio station. Priscilla Michelle doesn't sound great and is really long.
Portia Michelle is cute, and I would much rather have to deal with the Shakespeare and car associations than cruel Pandora's Box jokes.

Jenn said...

So really you are down to Priscilla and Portia - And your husband is willing to use Portia, but will take some time to get used to it. That's not a "No" if you ask me. Take your husband at his word, I think he is right that it's the name you really really want. So use it.

I like Portia better and I think it goes better with Michelle as well. Priscilla Michelle has too many "L" sounds in it for me. Don't let other people's dumb comments get to you, once they have a sweet baby to put with the name the "that's a car" comments will go away.

My daughter's name is Miranda and there have been a couple of times where people have said "Oh, Like Sex and the City?" and I've said, "No, like Shakespeare." It doesn't take long at all :)

Peyton said...

Jenny of MD, I am in awe. You suggested something I'd never heard before. And I like it!

Anonymous said...

I know, RIGHT? BUT - I take no credit, never in my DAYS ON EARTH had I heard that name, and when I did, I just swooned. As I said, my friend has the sweetest little boy now, but I was [secretly, of course] the eensiest bit disappointed when SHE was really a HE :).

I forgot to say before that of the three names on the list, I like Priscilla and Portia the best, and I think it is true what was said about the Portia de Rossi connection, plus she is stunning and funny, so that does not hurt. :)

~Jenny in MD

StephLove said...

Wow, you have a lot of comments here so I'll keep it short and sweet. I like Portia best, then Priscilla and Pandora least. However, if Priscilla is your middle ground it might be the way to go.

mamarose said...

I love the name Portia! And you love it too, and I bet your husband will also, as soon as the name is bestowed upon his little one. And I honestly think the car thing will happen about half as often as you think it will. It's not THAT unusual of a name.

Priscilla would be my second choice, and gotta say I don't like Pandora. Persephone is lovely, though!

Anonymous said...

I see that you are in a difficult position. Not with choosing a name - any one on your list is nice - but with your DH and mother.

Do YOU care for this tradition? I sense that you don't, given your choice of words "pseudo-tradition" and "warned." Furthermore, it seems to be making things very difficult for you and your husband. Ideally you would BOTH love your baby's name and choose it lovingly together. Do you think that that is possible given the tradition? Could you tell your mother if it weren't? I think that would matter to her, too. I must say that I have little sympathy for your mother's position since she is the one who created the tradition, and thus, it comes off as egotistical and/or controling to impose it on you, which also makes me think that it is that much easier to just give in. Tradition should feel sentimental and cozy. Tradition is nice. Rules and limits are not.

FWIW Portia is my favourite. It's lovely and doesn't call Porshe to mind at all for me.

Sara said...

Priscilla is my favorite. & it has great nickname potential. All of the names you are considering are lovely, but I think Priscilla may be the best choice for you. & if there is a "-dora" name that you compromise on for a future daughter, it'll almost be like you each did a compromise on a baby name. ?

I also knew a Portia in graduate school, & I never once thought of the car. Unfortunately, it's going to depend on what kind of circle she's in when she introduces herself. I have to correct people from calling my daughter ridiculous things, even though her name is classic, easy to pronounce or recall if you're even remotely familiar with the New Testament, & beautiful. Not everybody appreciates a great name, unfortunately.

the post girl in dc said...

I rarely jump in on these, but Portia really is lovely. I think "just like the car?" is a comment that will only come from adults for a great while, and it's always struck me as a very elegant name for a grown woman.
I did want to throw a few other P names on the fire- Paloma, Pomona and something really off the wall, Perseids (it's Greek and related to mythology and stars) NN Percy or Sadie? Crazy, I know, but she'll be named after shooting stars.

Farrell said...

When I hear "Portia," I think "Portia de Rossi" as another commenter said, and I don't think of the car at all. And I think that chick is sophisticated and sexy. I think in general, it's a sophisticated, smart, sexy name (sexy for later in life, not as a baby of course!)
BTW, Portia de Rossi's real name is
"Mandy Rogers."
Just a little tidbit!

Frazzled Mom said...

My first thought about Pandora is that it has so many associations that they will cancel each other out - there is also the brand of bracelets. But I read some of the other comments about "Pandora's box" jokes and the name being hard to take seriously, and I think these posters bring up good points.

I feel Portia is the easiest to bear of the 3. Like someone else said, at least Porsche is a good car, and Portia DeRossi gives the name a face.

I was also wondering if you were truly on board with this tradition. I can't figure out if you are going with it under duress or you simply need the comfort of limits to help you focus your ideas. My Mom once admitted to me she continued the A name pattern with her 3rd child not only because she didn't want him to feel left out but because it was an unexpected pregnancy and she was short on ideas. I think the later was the bigger reason since had he been a girl he would have been Kristen since she loved it so much. Yeah – my Mom’s not an original namer like me. She said had I been born today she would name me Olivia – nice but top 10 like my name was when I was born. Sorry for the tangent…

Peyton said...

As far as "The Tradition" is concerned, neither my husband and I are bothered by it, and my mom would be perfectly fine if we decided that we wanted to use a different name (in her words, she already used the best P name anyway, so if there's something else we want to use, better not to save it for later). Ryan actually really likes the idea, and we both appreciate that it easily narrowed down our potential list (waiters at restaurants hate us for our indecisiveness).

I only call it a "pseudo-tradition" because so far it's just me and her--it doesn't seem like a tradition to me until it's gone on for at least a couple generations.

Jeni Q said...

I am giggling that you found another P name you like, one that you never heard of. That's why I sent my story into Swistle. :)

M.Amanda said...

I like Portia the best of the three. Even though, like Mercedes, it's a great name that will always have a car reference, it is still a great name. Priscilla does make me think "prissy" or Elvis Presley's wife, and Pandora seems like a heavy name to me. Portia is a cool girl and a strong woman.

Erin said...

Man, I don't want to make things difficult, because I voted for Portia above and still quite love it, but I just noticed that it means "Pig" in Latin. That is not the best meaning ever. Though, pigs are very smart animals. Anyway, that probably makes your decision tougher (maybe not if you were leaning towards one of the other two) and sucks because I LOVE Portia, but Pig is rough.

AND - I cannot BELIEVE Portia De Rossi's name was Mandy Rogers! Wow, what a great name change.

Mud said...

Don't do Pandora! I considered it, and then my sister said, "Do you really want middle school to be joking about Pandora's box?" Just too sexual of a common reference for me...

Anonymous said...

Persica or Portia - definitely! I have never heard Persica either, it's lovely. I could see nickname potential with it as well (Percy, Perry).

I'm sure you are almost decided, but on the off chance I can offer something new that you may like, here you go...
Panya (Egyptian)
Phelia (Greek)
Prieta (Finnish)
Percelia (American)
Pavla (Czech)
Petrine (Danish)
Pasha (Greek)
Pascale (French)

Good luck!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I like Portia -- I don't know if it's a Canadian thing, but I've only heard a Porsche as "Porsh", unless I hear it on an American TV show as "Porsh-a" -- in which case, I always cringe. No one I know calls the car portia around here!

For me, Portia is a name, especially known because of Portia de Rossi who is --without a doubt-- gorgeous with a great personality.

I don't particularly care for your other choices, they're just not my style. Priscilla is Mrs. Presley to me, that's all I think of with that name, and Pandora is definitely an Avatar reference in my head (also, because it's a place in Avatar, I feel like it's not really a 'name', even if it was historically).

So, of your three, I vote for Portia for sure.

Emily S. said...

I know you're not really looking for other P names, but I thought I'd throw "Padget" out there. There is an actress that spells it Paget (Paget Brewster). That's one of my favorite P names. Piper and Phoebe are cute too. Out of your list, I like Portia best.

Anonymous said...

portia was my top girl name for AGES! i still love it. so much. unfortunately for me, my husband is a porsche fanatic--has been since he was tiny. and everyone knows it. boo. i would be so happy if you used it!

priscilla. i'm not the biggest fan of the full name for every day use (although i think it's pretty for formal use), but i looove the nicknames you can use with it. i worked with the loveliest woman--she was quite elderly and had the most fantastic personality--and she went by "cil". it was perfect.

Anonymous said...

Go with Portia!

Pauline is my daughter's MN.
I'm sure you have looked at a lot of names starting with "P.