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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Boy Bell

Karla writes:
Help! I am due on March 17 and my husband and I STILL don't have a name for our little boy!

Our other children are named Matthew, Hannah, and Adam. Our last name is Bell. We prefer Biblical names that are classic, fairly common, easy to understand, and easy to spell/pronounce.

Our short list includes:

We have gotten suggestions for several Biblical names which we find a little too unusual for our tastes. Examples of names we've ruled out are:

The middle name will be Scott. We are not concerned with flow or anything related to that.

Oh, and if it gives you a better idea of our taste, the girl names we like (but won't get to use) are Rachel, Sarah, and Rebekah.

Thanks! I feel like I really just want someone to tell me, "Name your child ____" and I'll go with it. The names we like seem to fit all of our criteria, but we just don't love any of them enough to choose one.

Oh, man, you know what would be fun? If each commenter writes "Name your child ____" and fills in the blank! Here's mine: Name your child Isaac Scott Bell.


Kit said...

Name your child Noah Scott Bell.

Ansley said...

I like Jonah Scott

nicole said...

Name your child Jacob Scott Bell.

Avoid Michael, just b/c it will make people of our age think of the character from the Office, in my opinion.

Joanne said...

Name your child Benjamin Scott.

MC said...

I also like Jonah Scott Bell.

Instead of Michael, how about Micah Scott Bell?

Sarcy said...

I'm with Swistle. I have an Isaac and think it's about the best name ever. We call him Ike for short.

M.Amanda said...

Name your child Noah Scott Bell.

Jen said...

Name your child Jacob Scott Bell. Has a nice ring :)

Courtney said...

Ohhhhh! Fun!

I definitely agree with Swistle. Name your child Isaac Scott Bell. IMO it's perfect!

Jane said...

Christian Scott Bell
David Scott Bell
James Scott Bell
Lucas Scott Bell
Peter Scott Bell
Timothy Scott Bell

I know that both James and Lucas end in "s" which runs into the "s" of Scott, but I think by themselves they are strong names and fit with the ones you have already in your family.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Name your child Peter Scott Bell.

Or name your child Jonah Scott Bell.

Or name your child David Scott Bell.

(I am partial to Peter and David, the names of my sons.)

Love the names of your kids. :)

~Jenny in MD

The Workman Family said...

Name your child Noah, or Micah. :)

Anna said...


Tara said...

Name your child Nicolas Scott Bell. It's classic, has good nicknames (no pun intended), goes with the style of your other childrens' names, and is Biblical.

Kayt said...

I can't pick just one to suggest! Jonah Scott Bell or Daniel Scott Bell or Peter Scott Bell.

Mommy Daisy said...

Name your child Zachariah Scott Bell. I'm kinda partial to that name. ;)


Name your child Micah Scott Bell. Love that, but can't use it here.

Annika said...

Name your child Joseph Scott Bell.

Beth said...

I too love names that are classic and biblical without having the immediate biblical connection. Adam is at the top of my list right now!

Name your child Joel Scott Bell.

Though, of the names on your short list I would choose Jacob Scott Bell.

Kirsten said...

I knew a Nate Bell in college, so you should name your child:
Nathan Scott Bell
Nathaniel Scott Bell

Or Jacob Scott Bell

Katie said...

Name your child Daniel Scott Bell.

Lisa said...

I like:

Joseph (this might be my favorite)

Andria said...

Name your child Aidan Scott Bell.

Shari said...

I was amazed that you were talking about biblical names and didn't mention Isaac! Good thing that Swistle is on it.

Name your child Isaac.

Unless you have already ruled it out for some reason, then name your child Daniel.

Erin said...

Name your child Noah Scott Bell.

Jacob - very very popular and the B runs into Bell. Michael - I feel like a Matthew and Michael are a little close, especially considering Adam is there too!

I also saw Timothy suggested and I knew a Tim Bell, and Timothy Scott Bell has a nice ring to it so if I could second a name, it would be that one. But according to swistle, its just Noah for me!

AmyRobynne said...

Re: Isaac -- my friend's baby is Isaac and she calls him Ike. In case you'd like a nickname.

I'm thinking about naming my third boy (due in August) Timothy. I haven't met a Timothy under age 25 and I think it's a nice combination of Biblical/classic/easy to recognize without being popular.

Erica said...

Name your child Isaac Scott Bell.

StephLove said...

Name your child Noah Scott Bell or Jacob Scott Bell, or maybe Samuel Scott Bell or Benjamin Scott Bell, or James Scott Bell.

I think from your list Jacob goes best with the sibling names, but I have a soft spot for Noah. It's my son's name. I like Isaac Scott Bell, too.

StephLove said...

You could also name your child Andrew Scott Bell, Gabriel Scott Bell, Joshua Scott Bell or Zachary Scott Bell

StephLove said...

I know Patrick is a Saint's name but is it Biblical? You could name your child Patrick Scott Bell.

VirginiaMom said...

Name your child Jonathan Scott Bell.

Anonymous said...

Name you child...

David Scott Bell
Jonathan Scott Bell
Benjamin Scott Bell
Caleb Scott Bell
Joshua Scott Bell
Jesse Scott Bell
Daniel Scott Bell

Chris said...

Name your child Luke/Lucas!

Karen L said...

Name your child Nicholas Scott Bell.

Though I had a really hard time picking my favourite. I love the possibilities of Benjamin, Micah, Noah, Jonah, and Peter.

Rachel said...

Benjamin Scott Bell!

Karen said...

Name your child Benjamin.

I love that name, but we've never been able to use it.

mir said...

Name your child Judah Scott Bell.

I also like Jonah and Benjamin.

Anonymous said...

Name your child Jacob Scott Bell.

Hillary said...

Name your child Abner Scott Bell

Christine said...

Name your child Isaac! Unless you can be persuaded against the biblical in which case you should go with Patrick!

Tracy H. said...

Name your child Benjamin Scott OR Name your child Nathaniel Scott.
Good Luck!

Kelly said...

Joseph Scott?

Anonymous said...

oh, and what about:
~Jenny in MD

Amy said...

Isaac Scott Bell is a beautiful name, but keep in mind that the monogram will be IBS...which sometimes stands for irritable bowel syndrome. Just wanted to point that out in case it was a deal-breaker. Otherwise, it's a great name.

Kristen said...

Joel! My kid's name! Joel Scott Bell. <3

Emily S. said...

Noah Scott Bell
Stephen Scott Bell
Micah Scott Bell
Nathan Scott Bell

Michael and Matthew are too similar, but Micah is different enough. Jacob ends in B and runs into Bell; Gabriel nickname is Gabe... Gabe Bell doesn't sound that good. Out of your three is like Noah the best. I also like Stephen (first martyr, but some people might spell it with a "v") and Micah and Nathan (both prophets I believe)

Mrs. Dennis said...

Name your son Jonathan Scott Bell.
Jonathan Bell. Jonny Bell. Jon Bell.

Aside: Except, he'll have to constantly spell his name out, cause people will always want to call him "John", and then they'll spell it "Johnathan" all the time.

Name your son Gregory Scott Bell.
Gregory Bell. Greg Bell.

I also love the ring William Scott Bell. William Bell. Billy Bell. Bill Bell.

beyond said...

From your list I really like Jacob.
Name your child Tobias. Matthew, Hannah, Adam, and Tobias. Tobias Bell.
Name your child Simon. Mathew, Hannah, Adam, and Simon. Simon Bell.
I can't choose between these two great names, so you will have to make the decision. ; )
Good luck!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Name your child...

Well, I love Jacob, Noah, or Isaac! I also love Joshua!

Anonymous said...

Name your child Abram Scott Bell

Anonymous said...

Name your child Abram Scott Bell

Karen L said...

Oops. Beyond is right. How could I forget Simon?
Name your child Simon Scott Bell.

FWIW, IBS would be a deal-breaker for me.

Patricia said...

I would highly recommend the classical biblical names of six of my young grandsons:

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking michael and matthew are a little to similar particuarly when you seem to have lots of other good options

Anonymous said...

Oh, but it would be ISB, not IBS (not to worry!)
Name your child Simon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous again (from above).
If not Simon, then Isaac.

The Parrotts said...

Name your child...

Moses Scott Bell
Aaron Scott Bell
Joshua Scott Bell

Just my faves(plus Isaac)...


Kelley said...

Gabriel Scott Bell!

My second choice would be Noah Scott Bell, followed by Lucas (Luke) Scott Bell.

Swistle said...

I was coming to point out that the initials of Isaac Scott Bell would be ISB, not IBS, but I see Anonymous has already done so!

Susan said...

Name your child Isaac Bell. Benjamin is a close second, but "Ben Bell" doesn't seem perfect to me -- a little like saying "pen pal" with a cold in the nose! Bell sounds great with the other names.

I love your children's names.

Bethtastic said...

Name your little boy Timothy Scott Bell.

(Matthew, Hannah, Adam and Timothy)

Frazzled Mom said...

I see nothing wrong with the names your considering since they seem to match your criteria, although I'll admit I'm tired of Michael and Jacob, but you said you wanted something common.

Here's mine: Name your child either
John Scott Bell or
Peter Scott Bell

Meg said...

Name your child Aaron Scott Bell

Meg said...

Or Samuel Scott Bell :)

Paula said...

Name your child Patrick Scott Bell.


Name your child Levi Scott Bell.

Anonymous said...

Name your child Daniel Scott Bell.

Something about Daniel really grows on me. I dunno if its a little boy named Dan or what. Great biblical namesake though.

Anonymous said...

The initials would be ISB, but the monogram would look like IBS.

Anonymous said...

Name your child Asher Scott Bell.

Asher was one of Jacob's sons. It is more unusual but easy to pronounce by looking at it and easy to say.

Anonymous said...

Name your child Ezra Scott Bell.

CC Donna said...

Peter, Benjamin, Samuel, Isaac, Nathaniel

Miette Miel said...

Benjamin Scott- definitely!

Anonymous said...

Peter Scott
Patrick Scott
Joseph Scott
John Scott

Farrell said...

Name your child
Jonah Scott Bell
Junah Scott Bell (form of Jonah or Jude - I forget)
Noah Scott Bell
Micah Scott Bell

Anonymous said...

Name your child Andrew Scott Bell.
Name your child Elijah Scott Bell "Eli".

Anonymous said...

Name your child Andrew Scott Bell.
Name your child Elijah Scott Bell "Eli".

Adey said...

Name your child

Jeremiah Scott Bell
Timothy Scott Bell
Ezra Scott Bell

I dunno! Our favourite at the moment is Carson...

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Andrew Scott Bell and I just came across this thread and was wondering what you decided upon? Oddly most of the suggestions were made on my birthday 10th March.