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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Girl Davis

Erica writes:
Hello! We are due with our second child, a little girl, on April 28th. Our son's name is Tyson Charles Davis. Charles was my father's name who passed away, and Tyson was a name my husband loved for a long time. My husband's mother also has passed away, and her name was Laura. So for our little girl, we know we want to use Laura as the middle name. I have always loved the name Madison, but it is so popular, and since our last name is also very ordinary, my husband is fearful that she will have 2-3 other Madison's in her class. So far my top choice is Madison Laura Davis. My husband likes Karsen, but we also like names that have easy nicknames (We call our son "Ty") and I don't like "Kar" as a nickname. We also want to have more children- so if we stick with the "son" ending name theme- we are worried we'll run out of other options for future girls. For boys, we like Coleson and Jackson, but we're not sure on girl names. We have family names that we will be using for future children's middle names. For this baby girl, we are open to other possibilities- it doesn't have to end in "son". We tossed around Kaelyn and Briella- but neither one seemed right (I could never remember Kaelyn right off the top of my head!) I loved Isabella and Kennedy- but two of our close friends are having daughters and using those names. My husband wants to start calling our daughter by her name, but I'm indecisive! Please help!

I suggest Madigan. It's so similar to Madison but way less common, and I love the repeating D-sound with your surname: Madigan Davis. Madigan Laura Davis. I love that, and you can still use the nickname Maddy.

For -son endings, I like Emerson, Ellison, and Jenson. I think those all sound good with your surname: Emerson Laura Davis, Ellison Laura Davis, Jensen Laura Davis. And those all have good nicknames: Emmie or Emers or Em, Ellie or Ellis or El, Jennie or Jen.

For future -son boys, I particularly like Anderson, Carson, Edison, Greyson, Harrison, Lawson, and Wilson.


Anonymous said...

Laura is such a lovely name. Why not use it as the first name?

I think '-son' names are fine -- and appropriate -- for boys, but not at all for girls, who are not "sons".

I find it interesting that among the mostly modern names/surnames you're drawn to, you also like the classic and strictly feminine name Isabella. I would look for a name along that line and leave the -son naming for future sons.

d e v a n said...

LOVE Emerson as a girl's name. :)

Christine said...

I don't really love having the names all end in "son". Not because the names individually aren't nice, but I think it might be annoying to say over and over again. I mean, I can't imagine yelling "Tyson! Madison! Carson! get inside!" or what have you without tripping over the names.

I like the Madigan suggestion and like Emerson as a girl's name. Since you seem to like more androgynous names, maybe Peyton? Sounds good with Tyson, but doesn't limit you to "son" names down the line, and is pretty with your names: Peyton Laura Davis.

For other names with the "last names" as first name feel: Taylor, Devon, Reilly, Reese, Reagan, Parker, Bailey, and Morgan.

Good luck!

beyond said...

I like Swistle's suggestion of Madigan.
If you love Isabella, you might also like Alexa, Amelia, Charlotte, Elisa, Ella, Emily, Lena, Lucia, or Mila.
Madison and Kennedy make me think of Auden, Berkley, Kendall, Peyton, Riley and Teagan.
I think Laura is a fabulous middle name.
Charlotte Laura Davis. Auden Laura Davis. Lucia Davis. Tyson and Alexa. Tyson and Kendall.
Good luck!

Catherine said...

How about Magdalene?

Sarah said...

I love the name Laura, too. You can't go wrong with Laura. Classic, timeless, feminine.

What about the name Alexis?

Anonymous said...

With a Tyson, I would assume Karsen was also a boy.

StephLove said...

I wouldn't start a -son/sen pattern if I were you. Suggestions I've liked so far include Madigan, Peyton and Taylor.

Quinn or Jordan could work for you, too, if you're drawn to unisex names. They end in the n sound so there's subtle tie-in but not as obvious as Madison, Emerson, etc.

millennialkelly said...

I like Anonymous#1's suggestion of using Laura as the first name!

Anonymous said...

I also have a friend with a little girl Graysyn and they call her grasie (like grace) so its still pretty feminine...


Deniselle said...

Madigan and Magdalene (Or Magdalena?) are beautiful suggestions. There's Madeline/Madeleine/Madalyn, but it's also becoming popular and you problably considered it already.

Some M-d names I can think of:

Mading - not sure where I heard this one. It's an -n ending, so it could be a compromise between a -son name and something else. I do think Madigan is prettier though.

Medea/Medeia - maybe a bit frilly for your tastes?

Melody - could give "Mel" as a nickname

Meadow - I've loved this since I first saw the Sopranos. Not sure about easy nicknames (she seems to go by "Med" on the show).

Plus some more based on your other favorites...
Similar to Isabella/Briella:
Isadora, Isa, Isis, Isla, Ilse, Iseult, Ilona/Ilena
Bree, Brianna, Bridget, Bridie, Brynn
Bella, Della, Stella, Milla, Rilla

Similar to Kaelyn/Kennedy:
Kayla, Kayleigh, Kenley, Kenzie, Kendra, Lynn, Michaela
Kay, Casey, Cady, Cassidy, Sadie

StephLove said...

One more: Morgan.

Tracy H. said...

Love Swistle's suggestions of Madigan & Emerson, both I think are a good fit for you. Karsen spelled that way is not a favorite of mine and spelled the traditional way, I don't think it is feminine enough, I would see Tyson & Carson and think they were brothers. Another -son girl name I like is Addison, but it is rising in popularity as well. SOme other suggestions of names that don't end in -son, but have good nickname potential:
Abigail - Abby
Brinley/Brynley - I love the name Bryn
Cassidy - Cassie
Cadence/Kadence - Cady is adorable
Courtney - Court
Delaney - Laney
Mackenzie - Kenzie
Miranda - Mir (meer) or Randi
Natalie - Nat or Tali
Sydney - Sid
Some suggestions form above I like too are Berkley & Kenley. I also like Kinsley or Kylah or Mallory. OK I'll stop now! Good Luck! I can't wait to hear what you name your little girl!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I love the suggestion of Peyton. Peyton Laura Davis, Tyson and Peyton. That looks so great together! I also think Addison is a great alternative to Madison. Whether it's rising in popularity or not, I still don't think she'll have that many Addison's in class with her (even Madison). I don't get hung up on this popularity thing - and I'm a 1985 Stephanie, I know about popular names. Pick what you love, don't worry if she has classmates with that name. Whatever, at least people will know how to spell/pronounce it!

Karsen isn't a name I particularly like, and I agree with others that it is more of a boy's name than a girl's name (Carson being a preferred spelling of mine).

So, I say: Use Madison. Or Addision. Or otherwise, what do you think of Peyton Laura because I'm thinking it's adorable.

Steph said...

what about Carlin - Carlin Laura, you could call her Carly

Deniselle said...

Or if you wanted to use an -on/-en ending and honor a Laura - what about Lauren? You could use one of your favorites in the middle - Lauren Isabella, Lauren Kennedy.

k said...

Madigan Laura Davis! It's pretty and elegant, and Maddie is a very sweet nn.

If not Madigan, what about Meredith?

I'm not a big fan of Emmerson/Ellison androgynous names, but I do think Karsen is kind of pretty for a girl, although I like "Karsyn" better for spelling as it would cut gender confusion down.

IF there are boys names that you like ending in -son that you like better than Karsen, I would save the -son ending for that - too many -son endings is too matchy.

Susan said...

Madigan Laura Davis is so perfect! I would never have thought of Madigan, but as soon as I read it, it clicked as the perfect name. It seems right to pair a less-common first name with a more-common last name, and it seems perfectly coordinated with Tyson -- not at all matchy but exactly right in style. It also flows nicely with Laura. Every other suggestion seems "eh" in comparison.

Anonymous said...

I do not know any actual Madisons. I say use Madison, not a fan of Madigan

Anonymous said...

Here are a few less common suggestions that aren't ultra-feminine to me, would go well with sib Tyson:

- Ansley / Ansleigh (nn: Anne, Leigh)
- Thea
- Kendall
- Adeleigh (nn: Addie, Adel, Ellie, Leigh)
- Everly (nn: Evie)
- Leighton
- Jacinda (nn: Jaci, Cinda)
- Analise

Good Luck!

Amber said...

Love Swistle's suggestion of Emerson!! I like Emersyn spelling too!!

Kristi said...

Madigan is fun. I also like Annabelle Laura Davis. Or Annabel? I really prefer names by which you can tell the gender of the child, but your opinion is the only one that counts! :)

Anonymous said...

I like Peyton and Emerson or Emery Laura Davis.

Madigan sounds like someone is "mad again" when you say it out loud, so I am personally not a fan.
Good luck.