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Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Boy F., Brother to Emmersen and Adilyn

[I am so far behind I will never catch up, and now I'm far enough behind that babies are being born before I get to the questions. But I hate to just DELETE questions, so I'm posting some of them here for us to work on together, and by "us" I mean "just you," and by "together" I mean that I will write this little intro and hit publish.]

Jen writes:
We need help! Baby boy due May 15. Our last name starts with "F", so no "F" first names. This is our 3rd baby - daughters are
Emmersen Kate (Emmy)
Adilyn Grace (Addy)

Dad likes traditional - Daniel is his favorite. Mom likes more unique, with mainstream nick names. Mom's loves Kelden James - dad won't budge!

Help!!!!!! We are due May 15.


hsw said...

What about another vowel name? Oliver perhaps? I think boys have a harder time with non traditional names professionally so use one of your choices as a middle so he can choose. I am having a boy in July and am stuck on a name, good luck!

MelissaInk said...

What about Kieran? I just read that it's the name of a saint who was known for generosity - it makes me like it all the better.

Maybe Callum or Kian (KEY-IN).

If your husband likes Daniel, what about Davis or Dylan?

Is there a name of a city or place that is important to the two of you? Maybe you can agree on something a tad unique but still normal enough for the husband.

MB said...

Kellen instead of Kelden?

others similar to kellen/kellan:

Corbin James?

Bethtastic said...

I'm with Dad on this one. I really like Daniel. Emmy, Addy, Dan. Nice.

Daniel James.

I also like the idea (from a previous comment) of another vowel name. Maybe Ian? Emmy, Addy, Ian. Cute.

beyond said...

I love the Oliver suggestion. Or what about Evan or Liam / William?
Or a compromise? Daniel Kelden for example.

dawilson said...

I am going to suggest Landon, simply because my niece's children are Emmy, Addy and Landyn. The girls' given names are different than yours, but couldn't resist since the nicknames are the same.

Carolyn said...

Maybe something less mainstream like Donovan or Dominic?

Callum is another traditional Irish name close to Kelden, and nn could be Cal.

I agree that if you have a place name or last name that is special to both of you (mother's maiden name?), you could use that.

Deniselle said...

Just some ideas off the top of my head. The obvious one first:
Calvin/Kelvin - close to Kelden, not overly popular and still classical.

I like the ideas of Callum and Donovan, and in a similar vein: Duncan or Declan could also be nice compromises.

Other ideas with d, n, l, k/c


StephLove said...

I'm not feeling particularly original right now so I'm just going to echo others' suggestions for awhile.

Place name of importance (street, town, etc) or maiden name of mom or maybe mom's mom. Great ideas.

Vowel names-- kind of a nice twist-- I like Ian, Isaiah and Owen.

Good luck!

Jodi said...

I immediately thought of Bennett nn Ben. Modern feel but with a traditional nickname. I'm sure there are more like it, but I'm blanking.

Emily S. said...

I hadn't even read the previous post when I decided to write in and recommend BENNETT!
Emmy, Addy, and Ben or Benny
I think it sounds great, but other suggestions:

Karen L said...

James Keldon nn Jay? Emmy, Addy, and Jay. I like.

Maybe a Celtic or Gaelic name, as a few have suggested? Maybe a familiar name with an unusual or less common but not weird spelling, like the sisters?


I also like Fionn for them, if the last names is a longer F name. Fionn Fredrickson is fine, for example.

Or go for initials that make a cool nn? e.g. Roderick James, nn RJ

I also like the idea of going back to the drawing board for a "meaning" (place name, favourite author, first dance ...) name.

Kelly or Sheldon are like Kelden.

Good luck!

Megz said...

I think a short name/nickname would go well with Emmy and Addy. With both girls names long and ending in N, a short, punchy name might work well. Unless you're planning on having more kids after this one.

But of course it depends on your surname, as when he grows up he's not always going to be a part of an Emmy, Addy and x group.

* Cole - Emmy, Addy & Cole - Similar to Kelden. Short for Nicholas if Dad wants something more traditional.

* Nathaniel (Nate) - Emmy, Addy & Nate - Similar to Daniel

* Jackson (Jack) - Emmy , Addy & Jack / Emmersen, Adilyn and Jackson. Fits the pattern.

moojoose said...

Jamison - Emmy, Addy, James/Jamie

Jan said...

Both girls have alternate spelling first names with more traditional middle names. James or Daniel would both be good in the middle. How about Paxton, Beckett, Jaxson, Brycen?