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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Boy Glenn

Brea writes:
My husband and I recently found out that we're having a little boy, due June 1. He's our first. We had convinced ourselves that we were having a girl, and had all but decided on Harper Clair or Aubrey Clair (Clair is a family name).

We're forming a list, but we (or maybe I) can't help but think that we're missing "the" name. It's quickly becoming a mild obsession. Our last name sounds like Glenn, so this seems to rule out a number of names ending with an "n". Finn Glenn, for example. For the middle name, we'd like Christian or Philip, both family names (unless we decide on Christian as a first name).

I grew up with an uncommon name (Brea) and I loved never knowing another. I similarly like my uncommon brothers' names - Dane and Cale. I'd like to stick with a relatively uncommon name for the little guy, but nothing too out there. My husband (Jay) does not exactly share my need for a unique name.

Names that we're currently considering include: Beckett, Carter, Samuel, Liam, Christian, and Henry (I fear that the last 4 are too common). I really like Cade, Raleigh, Shepherd, Ryder, and Theo, though my husband doesn't agree. Thoughts on our current options or any new ones (please!) would be greatly appreciated.

Your parents did a very good job with names: they managed to choose highly unusual names that didn't then spring into popularity---and yet the names aren't at all "out there," and are easy to spell and pronounce. I am on the teetering edge of suggesting you ask your parents for advice for this baby's name---but that almost never goes well, so I will back away from the precipice.

First I looked into copying your parents' boy-naming style: I looked for four-letter one-syllable names that seemed to hit that same magical bullseye. I considered Hart, Cole, Dean, Gage, Gray, Joss, Jude, etc.---but with the surname, it's so abrupt. Hart Glenn. Gray Glenn. Too choppy.

Next I looked into names that were short/unusual and had more than one syllable. NOW we're talking:


But, I suspect most of these are too unusual for your husband. And with possible future sister Harper or Aubrey, probably Philo and Enzo are reaching too far out. Milo, perhaps, or Nico? Corin, Davis, Eamon, Ewan, Ruben? Those all seem more usable, without getting too common. I will try not to push Arlo on you, even though I love it and wish more people would use it. Could I push Ruben a little? I think it is one of the best names for boys, but my surname is awful with it. It has a teensy rhyme with your surname, but nothing I would avoid---I even think it has a nice "tying in" sound. I like Ruben Philip Glenn. Ooo, or Milo Christian Glenn.

But! I love your whole list of candidates, so my list-making is mostly for fun. Since this is your first baby, I think it might be helpful to consider names you might want to use for future children (such as Harper and Aubrey) and see which names from your list you like best with those. Or perhaps have your husband make a list on his own, and then see if there are any on his list you like as is or can modify into a slightly more unusual version.


StephLove said...

For you I would choose Beckett since it's the least popular name on your list. Another thing to consider is whether the name is rising or falling or holding steady. Samuel and Christian are much more popular but holding steady while Beckett is rising.

If you are close to your brothers Dale could be a nice tribute to both of them, though a bit short. Maybe it would work as a middle if you do move Christian to the first name slot. Christian Dale Glenn.

Emily S. said...

I like your original list. Liam is a great name and I don't think it's too common. If your husband doesn't like Raleigh, maybe he would like Riley. I like Shepherd or Shepard a lot too.
Some new suggestions:

Good luck!

Kate said...

I really love the name Niko for boys. It also makes a great nickname for Nikolas or Nicholas.

beyond said...

I think you have excellent names on your list. I love Beckett, Samuel, and Theo. I love Felix and Linus from Swistle's list. A few more you might like:
Good luck!

Frazzled Mom said...

I noted your girl names are unisex. I would definitely pick a boy name that is unmistakably masculine, as most of the names on your list are. I would also avoid names that seem too exotic, since IMO Aubrey and Harper seem like modern American names.

With a sister Aubrey or Harper I like Cohen, Corin, Davis, Levi, Lyle, Ronan and Ruben the best from Swistle's list.

I love Arlo too, but feel it seems too old-fashioned with Harper or Aubrey. Ditto Abel, Arno, Aidric Felix, Linus, Milo and Otto. I do love all of those names and would love to see them used - but not too much!

Annika said...

I do love Philo, but I think of it as a nickname for Philip. Perhaps consider that for a first name? Philip Christian Glenn sounds very nice to me.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go with Christian as a first name. No matter how hard you try, it will probably be shortened to Chris once he hits school. He will be lumped in with a number of nicknamed Christophers.

I like Beckett. I think it is a strong masculine name. It fits with your name and your brothers names too. It's not too out there, either.

Lara Jane said...

Nymbler gave me some good results when I used Aubrey and Harper as the inspirations:

Beckett (!!)
Gray (I agree with Swistle that some of these short names sound abrupt with your last name, but Gray Glenn sounds lovely to my ear!)

Katie said...

I like the way a two-syllable name ending in 'n' sounds with your last name --- Calvin, Weston, Mason or Lawson. Lawson Philip Glenn

From your list I like Liam, but agree it's probably too popular for your tastes.

From Swistle's list I like Milo.

Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

LOVE cade, love ryder. both great names and go great with your last name. some other suggestions:


Fran said...

You have "Raleigh" on your list. My son's name is Raley (pronounced like Ray-Lee). Also you said nothing ending with a "n" but one of your front runners is Christian?

Anonymous said...

I don't think a one-syllable name or one that ends in "n" sounds bad with Glenn. John Glenn is the perfect example. That sounds right to me.

I love Samuel from your list! It is perfect.

I also wanted to suggest Everett. It is not used very often (#383), but is still traditional sounding.

Another idea is Edward with the nn of Ted. This seems close enough to your nickname of Theo, but may be a bit more palitable to your hubby.

This may be a bit out there. Since you love both of your brothers' names, DA -NE, and CA - LE, how about honoring both with either a Cane (I hesitate because he's the first murderer in the Bible) or a Dale. I like Dale better. It's #839 in the US. Of course, you could always use Dale as a nickname for either Randall (695) or Kendall (645).


Anonymous said...

What about something like Zane? Or Cole?

Tracy H. said...

How about Breckin? Similiar to Beckett which I like too. I also like, Nolan, Sawyer & Dustin. Good Luck !

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Beckett from your list! And Milo from Swistle's list would be a great choice.

How about Derek? Derek Glenn sounds very nice (and Derek Phillip and Derek Christian are both nice), and I feel like it's a mainstream, but not super common name (#170, and falling in popularity).

Also, if you like Beckett, I'll throw Barrett out there as a similar choice . . . although I'm not sure your hubby would like it any better! I would also suggest Bennett, but if he went by the nickname Ben, "Ben Glenn" just doesn't work!

Oh, and I noticed that another reader had suggested Forrest above, which I love . . . but with your surname, I would say Forrest Glenn sounds a little too nature-y - more like a place than a person's name.

Forrest E. Glenn said...

forrest glenn is my name and there are places that share this name i have never gotten greif or truble.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bennett?