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Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Boy Goode

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Beth writes:
We are expecting baby boy number three in June. Names have become a daily struggle as we cannot settle on anything that we both just "feel" is right.
Our oldest son is Luke Benjamin Goode, next came Mark Weldon Goode and soon we'll have ____?____ Emanuel Goode. ( 'e' is silent on Goode) All three middle names are family names. I know that Luke and Mark started a gospel trend but that wasn't intentional. We do feel maybe we should continue with the whole biblical theme but it's absolutely not a necessity. One other thing to consider, is my husband's name, Ashley. He hated it growing up because it is almost exclusively a female name these days. He's constantly questioned about it. We'd both like something fairly traditional that brings a strong, healthy, upstanding male to mind.
Our current possibilities include Paul Emanuel. My husband has always liked this name, feels it brings those above characteristics to mind and goes well with Luke and Mark. No offense, as I saw it is your husband's name, but I just don't love it and can't say why. We also like John Emanuel (enter the gospel theme again :) but worry that maybe John is just a little too vanilla? I love Jacob Emanuel but we both really hesistate with that one because Jacob has been the number one boys name according to Social Security since 1995! Finally, I am drawn to the name Lane Emanuel. No reason I just like how sounds. That one however, borders on the could be feminine line which worries my husband because again he deals with that confusion daily.
I hope that gives you enough background. We are getting worried as June quickly approaches with no end to this debate in sight. Would you mind weighing in with thoughts and/or suggestions? Thanks so much!


Miranda said...

How about Gabriel or James?

Janelle said...

I would probably avoid John, as it's just going to get people asking when you're having little Matthew.

But for some other nice biblical names, what about:

Alison aka Baby B said...

I think sticking with a one syllable name again would be nice.

Joel means "Lord is God" according to Namipedia over at the Baby Name Wizard. Luke, Mark, and Joel.

Sean (or Shaun or Shawn) is the Irish version of John. Shane is another variation on it. Luke, Mark, and Sean. Luke, Mark, and Shane.

Other names to consider: Grant, Blake, Craig, and Kyle.

Annika said...

How about Samuel? Luke, Mark, and Sam.

StephLove said...

I think Gabriel was a nice suggestion. Or if you'd like a name with the same feel as Paul, there's always Peter. Peter Emanuel Goode. Luke, Mark & Peter.

Other possibilities: Aaron, David, Elijah, Nathaniel, Samuel...

beyond said...

I really like the suggestion of Gabriel (Gabe is such a good nn!) and Simon. And Andrew and Samuel are fantastic names that would go well with the Luke and Mark. How about:
Good luck!

Adey said...

What about the name Micah or Josiah or Ezra?

Micah Emanuel Goode
Josiah Emanuel Goode
Ezra Emanuel Good

I also liked the suggestion of Joel.

I love the names you have already chosen and wish you the best with this one!!

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah or Jeremy? Although Jeremy Emmanual doesn't flow well. Reed Emmanual? (you could even claim that's Biblical because Noah was found in the reeds!! lol) Seth? Ethan is even Biblical (he played the cymbals in King David's procession.) I like the way Ethan Emmanual Goode flows.

Non-Biblical suggestions: Spencer Emmanual Goode.
Trevor Emmanual

You'll end up loving whatever you choose!

Patricia said...

I might choose another New Testament biblical name:

JOHN - John isn't being used as much these days and comes off as a surprise for many people, just as when my niece & husband named their son John Gideon last year. I also have an adult son named John David and a brother named John Peter. John is a fine name, and every John I know likes it.

Paul (We have friends with teenage sons Paul and Mark.)

Among OT names, I especially like David.

I think Lane would definitely be the 'odd man out'.

Of the names you're considering, I really like John Emanuel. It has a very special meaning and goes well with Luke and Mark.

Congratulations on your third son! I have three sons who each have three sons (all with traditional/biblical names).

Megz said...

I probably wouldn't go for Lane just because of the similarity to brother Luke. Luke and Lane.

I like the suggestion for Sean. It fits well with the other siblings.

I would also suggest Jason. It's not Biblical (that I know of) but is an old, classical name that you don't hear too much any more. Luke, Mark and Jason Goode.

Leslie said...

Paul Emanuel is incredibly handsome! That would be my first choice from your list. However, if you're just not crazy about it, I do think John is another good choice, and the name is less commonly used these days.

I would stay away from Lane if you're worried about it potentially being confused as a girls' name (though it is another handsome choice, if you decide that factor isn't so critical). As another poster pointed out, Luke and Lane are also a bit awkward together.

Best of luck!

The Cochran Fam said...

Since you like Jacob, but worry about it's popularity, I wonder if you would like Caleb. Similar sounds and it's Biblical. Caleb Emanuel. I think it goes well with your other boys. Luke, Mark, and Caleb.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

How about Seth? Seth Emanuel Goode.

Emily S. said...

I like the suggestions of Gabriel (Gabe) and Joel.
What do you think of:

I think I like Jack the best. It is not as common as John and it ends with the K sound like your other two boys. You could always name him John and use Jack as a nickname to stick with the biblical flavor too.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Here are some Biblical names that might be considered:

Canaan (I have a great friend with this name, and he's always loved it...not too weird, not too common.)


Abraham (I never thought of this as a good name for a little one, but I know an Abe, and it's perfect for him.)

Elijah (Eli for short.)

Good luck!!

Bethtastic said...

I really like John. And I really like Paul. Quite a lot really.

And while it's not a one syllable name (the nn is) I really like Timothy, nn Tim.

Luke, Mark and John.
Luke, Mark and Paul.
Luke, Mark and Tim.

All good. Congrats

Anonymous said...

Peter, nn Pete is a good name that's similar to Paul.

Joseph, nn Joe

Robert, nn Rob

Anonymous said...

I would hesitate on John, unless you're really going for a "gospel writers" theme, because if I hear Luke and Mark together, I don't think "gospels", but if I hear Luke, Mark, John, I DEFINITELY think "oh wow, they are REALLY into their gospel names!!" Which is fine, of course - if that's what you're going for.

As another option: how about Nathan? Nate is a great nn
Nathan Emmanuel Goode; Luke, Mark, and Nate - I like it!

Samuel/Sam (suggested above) is a good fit, but I don't like it with Emmanuel. (unless you just go with Sam and not Samuel).

Maybe Jeffrey (nn Jeff)?

Ooh - or Ben!!! Benjamin Emmanuel Goode, nn Ben; (or just Ben with no longer name) Sounds GREAT! And goes well with your other boys - Luke, Mark, and Ben. LOVE it!

Good luck finding "the" name. :-)

Hope T. said...

Several people have suggested Gabriel. I am partial to it myself since it is my son's name BUT I just wanted to let you know that some people have thought it was a girl's name. One person even asked, "Do you pronounce that GAB-ree-elle?" We use the nickname Gabe which is a strong masculine name but the full name is not perceived as masculine.

I like the name Eric with your boys' names.
Luke, Mark, and Eric
They all have the "k" sound at the end to tie them together. I know it is one of the few suggestions that is not biblical but it does sound traditional and very masculine to me: Eric Emanuel Goode

Gina B said...

I don't think John is too vanilla at all. It's not "exciting" but it fits well with your other sons' names. Also, I love the suggestion of Gabriel someone made. I think that, if you're thinking it sounds just a bit androgynous, you could use the nickname Gabe and that has a stronger sound to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the 4-letter, end-in-a-k-sound theme you've got going. I think your next boy's name should mirror this theme, be biblical, but not in your face religious.

Zack (or nn for Zachary)
Nick (stand alone name or nn for Nicholas)

If you plan on having more than three kids, I'd differ your son's name a bit this time around. In that case, I love the names Gabe, Paul, and Seth.