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Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Boy Herr

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Nikki writes:

So my name is Nikki and my Husbands name is Barry ( he goes by BJ) Herr. We are pregnant with our 3rd kiddo. We are due on June 29th, 2010.
We have an 8 yr old girl named Rylee, and a 4 yr old boy named Brock. We are having another boy.
We cannot agree upon a name, and you probably should know, that while convincing my husband that we needed to have baby #3, I gave up naming rights, so, yup, you got it, he gets final say! How dumb was I when I agreed to this!

His choice selections are as follows:
3. Ryan
4. Barry the third (after himself and dad)

My choices are
2. Cooper
3. Cole

We need help, what is your opinion!!!!!!

Oh, our last name is pronounced like "Hair".

Any help and opinions is welcome!


Emily S. said...

I think Ryan and Rylee are a little similar.. Also it might make Brock feel weird that he wasn't named after his father even though he was born before his brother.
Out of his list, I like Cody the best. Out of your list I like Cooper or Cody the best.
Maybe you could come to a type of compromise. If you take Cole from your list and Cody from his list.... what do you think of the name Colby?
Other suggestions:

Good luck!

StephLove said...

I'm not a big fan of Jr.s, IIIs, etc. in the first place but it seems a bit odd for the second son so I'd strike that from the list. And as the last commenter said, Ryan is a bit close to your daughter's name. I like Brandon best on his list and Cooper on yours. Maybe Brandon Cooper Herr? Colby was an interesting suggestion as well.

beyond said...

I agree that Ryan is very close to Rylee. I also think that Brody and Brock are quite similar. I like Cody and Brandon and Cooper from your lists. Maybe you could use Barry for a middle name? I also suggest:
Colton Barry Herr; Rylee, Brock and Corbin; Paxton Cody Herr.
Good luck!

Adey said...

I was about to post the suggestion of Rylan for a boy - only to read the other comments and agree that it's way to close to Rylee.

Perhaps a name on our list would suit you:


Anonymous said...

I like the suggestion of Colby.

I also knew a Colter growing up ... that would sound great with your children's names. Rylee, Brody and Colter.

Twee Poppets said...

From his list, I like Cody the best; from yours, I like Cole. I think Cole is probably the best fit with your other names.

I agree with previous commenters that Ryan is too close to Rylee. I love the suggestions of Colby, Colter, Colton, and Corbin. They all seem to work well and strike a nice compromise between the two lists.

Erin said...

I only know two Cody's, a girl and a beagle, so I wouldn't go with that. I love Cole though. Rylee Brock and Cole sound great together ino. I think Chase, Cade, or Dean would be great too. I don't love the Br alliteration with Brandon and Brock, or the Ry sounds with Ryan and Rylee, and I agree with above posters about Barry the that means you just have to win him over to your side. Cooper or Cole are winners. Maybe you can say when you made the deal for him to name the baby that you meant the middle name slot only?

Deniselle said...

I agree about the Ryan/Rylee and Brock/Brody/Brandon similarity. (I like Brandon best out of your choices in a vacuum, though.)

Cody and Cooper sound consistent with your naming style. Some similar names would be Sawyer, Wyatt, Tyler, Conor. Or, if you like the -n ending, here are some ideas:
Aidan/variants (very popular now though)

Jr naming: Would there be an issue when Brock is a bit older, like "why didn't Daddy name himself after me?" I'm not sure if this would be an issue, just throwing this out there.

M.Amanda said...

I'd stay away from Ryan because I agree that it's too close to Rylee, and Brody and Brandon because the Br name looks like a naming trend that leaves out Rylee. And I agree with previous commenters about naming the second son after his father - it feels odd to me.

I like the C names - Cody, Colten, Cade, Coden.

Or G names. Maybe Gage or Garrett?

Deniselle said...

Sorry, I see Emily S had already made the point about Brock/jr name.

Barry as a middle name is a good idea.

Other -n names:

Carolyn said...

I like Barrett as an alternative to Barry

Other ideas:


Megz said...

My favourite from your lists is Brandon. But I wouldn't choose Brandon, Ryan, Barry or Brody because of the similarity to your other names.

That leaves Cody, Cooper or Cole. Since Cody and Brody are so similar can you both agree on Cody maybe?

Failing that, how about Connor, Colby, Colin, Corey, Colton or Corbin?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Barrett as well for an acknowledgment of Barry without going there entirely. You can call him "Bear" which is so cute yet manly.

Anonymous said...

I think daddy should posting! Ha! Just kidding! You'll know how to negotiate better for kid #4, though. ;)
I think the point has been made that boy #2 being named the family name may be viewed as odd. Has something occured that has made dad want to carry on the tradition? Has grandpa recently passed? Did dad just return from a war zone where he thought about legacies? I'm most concerned about questions from your eldest. If you can explain it to him, then go right ahead.
How about reversing dad's names? Name the little one JB. Of course I have no idea what the J stands for, but I think if dad's considering it as a middle name, then it can't be that bad. Plus carrying on tradition in a way that respects all of your children is fabulous!!!

Kate said...


It combines one he likes (Barry) with one you like (Brody).

Sort of.