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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Boy Lawrence

Hope writes:
Hi there. I am due any day now (early baby) and was all set to name this baby Silas Henry Lawrence. We have another son named Hudson Graham Lawrence. However, all along I was just saying "Silas" (I love the name) and did say "Silas Lawrence" too often and I just realized that it is a bit awkward to say.

So now we need a name.

Husband is Australian with English parents. I am American. We live in the US but will likely move back to Australia one day.

We like less common names. No interest in James, Jack, Thomas, etc. Hudson was named after NYC where we used to live. We love the name Hudson and it is a perfect fit.

Our thoughts now are:

Dashiell (nickname Dash)
William (Husband's thought - I am not crazy about it).
Callum (just saw it on your site)

Really - we have nothing. I think Lawrence is hard to work with. There are names that I don't mind (Ethan, Owen, etc) but nothing that I love. I really like Silas but don't think it will work. (Thoughts?)

Any thoughts on names that sound good with Lawrence? Something a bit unique but not too crazy?

Baby could be born tomorrow so please respond soon!

I think two things:

1. It is normal to panic about the choice of baby name at the last minute.

2. Silas Lawrence is great and you should use it.

POSSIBLY if you had written early in the process I might have said Silas Lawrence was a little bit difficult for me to say, but by "for me" I would have meant "But, meh, just because it's hard for me doesn't mean it's hard for other people" and I would have added "But not enough to rule it out AT ALL,"---AND I might not have EITHER noticed OR mentioned it.


Anonymous said...

stick with Silas. it's a great name.

beyond said...

i agree. silas is a really great name. hudson and silas is a fine sib set too. i don't think silas lawrence is too awkward to say. (and remember that middle names are used sparingly throughout one's life...)
would you use lawrence as a first name? or combine silas with one of the other names you like? (lawrence alistair, callum lawerence, silas william...)
that said, i think if you love silas lawrence, you should definitely go for it.
good luck!

StephLove said...

I think Lawrence is the surname and probably non-negotiable.

I agree. Silas Lawrence is fine, but if it really bugs you, would you consider reversing the order of the first and middle? Henry Silas Lawrence. Henry Lawrence.

Owen is a favorite of mine, but if it's not doing it for you and you want more options:


K said...

I like Silas Lawrence! Not too hard to say imo.

I also love Dashiell but I don't think its any "easier" since the first name ends in l and the last name begins with l.

Emilie said...

Silas is great. Silas Lawrence sounds fine. Stick with Silas.

If you're set on changing, I think Simon has a similar sound and may roll off the tongue a little easier. I love Simon.

Susan said...

It wouldn't have occurred to me that Silas Lawrence was hard to say. I don't think it's hard to say at all!

About 2 days before our son was born I suddenly realized his name was uninteresting a blah. I think it was something hormonal, because after he was born (and my husband would even consider re-thinking the name!), suddenly I thought the name was perfect again. And 34 years later I still think it's perfect!

I vote for keeping Silas!

Hope said...

A belated thank you for accepting my post. I think we will stick with Silas. After all the alarms about an early delivery, it seems the baby is staying put for awhile longer (I am 37 weeks). Will send an update after he is born and give you the final name.

Thanks again and thanks for the comments.