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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Boy M. Thorsen, Brother to Mallory and Mykaela

Lisa writes:
We are due with our third May 30th 2010. We have always struggled with boy names and up until now we we were lucky to have girls. Now we are having a boy and difficulty coming up with a name both of us really like.

Our daughters names are Mallory and Mykaela (pronouced like michaela)

We don't need to stick with an M to start the name but it would be nice. The middle name will be David and our last name is Thorsen. We can't do Matthew, Michael or Mark because we have so many of them in the family currently. Our two top names are Marshall and Mitchell, I am ok with them but they are not jumping out at me like the girls names did. We like names that are fairly uncommon but not unusual.

I think my favorite M boy name is Malcolm. I love that name. I'm not sure it's smooth with Thorsen, though: Malcolm Thorsen, hm. A little hard to say, for me.

Oh, wait, no: my favorite M boy name is Milo. Our Henry's runner-up name was Milo. And it's GREAT in your family: Milo Thorsen, Milo David Thorsen; Mallory, Mykaela, and Milo. That's my top pick. Miles would be good, too.

I've been drawn to the name Miller ever since I first heard it (when Stella McCartney named her son). It's unusual, yet not a bit hard to spell or say, and it goes with all the other trades names (Hunter, Carter, Cooper, Parker, Tanner, Sawyer, Tyler). Miller Thorsen is really good. Mallory, Mykaela, and Miller. That's my second pick.

Another favorite is Malachi: Malachi Thorsen, Malachi David Thorsen. Mallory, Mykaela, and Malachi. But I think maybe it shares too many sounds with the girls' names. It's almost a rearrangement of the sounds in Mykaela.

I like Maclean, too. The main trouble is that it can be said mac-CLEEN or mac-LANE, and I greatly prefer mac-LANE---and that's harder to get people to say. Spelling it Maclane would help considerably.

It's too bad Mason rhymes with your surname. Micah and Marcus are both good, but perhaps too close to Michael and Mark.

So, my top two picks are Milo and Miller.


beyond said...

I like Malcolm and I think it's fine with your last name. I love Miles and Milo too. Or Milas?
How about Marcel, Marlon, Mayer, Millan, or Morrissey?
Good luck!

Hope T. said...

I think that the boy having the same initial as his sisters is nice but having all the "L" sounds in addition is making the names blend together a bit. My suggestion for a name without an "L" is Merritt. Merritt Thorsen

Also, as Swistle said, you might be able to get away with Marcus instead of Mark. In the same vein, Mathias could be used instead of Matthew.

LoriD said...

Miles David sounds very handsome and I think Mitchell would also be a good choice. What about Maxwell or Maddox?

Erin said...

What about Max? Maxwell like the above poster suggested if you like. I like Milo a lot for you though, or Miles. Between your top two picks, I far prefer Mitchell over Marshall, for whatever reason. What about Matthias instead of Matthew? Murdock? Murray? Mortimer?

Adey said...

I do like Miles.

Other M names I like:

Marek (you could play around with the spelling)
Micah -- my nephew's name - Love it!

StephLove said...

I like Mitchell best of your choices and Miles and Micah best from Swistle's suggestions. Maxwell and Matthias are good suggestions from a commenter. How about Mateo?

JCF said...

I just want to throw in a vote for Mitchell. I love it! I think Mitch is such a cute name for a little guy, and hardly anyone is using it for some odd reason.

Carla said...

I love the suggestions of Marek or McLane (possible nn Mac).

I am not a fan of Marshall,I find Mitchell the better of the two.
Milo and Mallory?
Miller and Mallory?
too similar maybe?

Good Luck!

Lisa said...

I love Mitchell and Marshall.

I also love:

I think I love Miles the best.

Frazzled Mom said...

It seems a lot of the M names have either an L in them like Mallory or a K (hard or C) in them like Mykaela. Since you are having a boy this time, maybe you could get away with another initial besides M. Maybe L or K/C perhaps? L or K/C names could blend with the girls names, but just in a less obvious way.

Maybe Liam perhaps or Kyle?

Mallory, Mykaela and Liam or
Mallory, Mykaela and Kyle?

I don't have time to come up with other L or K/C names, but there are some ideas for you.

Frazzled Mom said...

Oh, and Liam at least ends in an M, also connecting with Mallory and Mykaela.

Christine said...

I like Frazzled Mom's suggestion of Liam. I like Marcus the best of the suggestions...

There's also Martin, Magnus, and Marcos (which I love).

I would stay away from the Micah/Michael type names, as they start with the same basic root as Mykaela.

Good luck!

Bethtastic said...

I like Max. And Miller. And Marshall best of your two picks. And I like same first initials for sibling sets. I like it a lot, actually :).

What about Mercer?

Anonymous said...

malcolm and mallory both have the potential nickname mal ... that makes me think they are too similar!

Twee Poppets said...

MILO, yes! Milo is such a terrific name, and it goes great with your surname. I also like a previous poster's suggestion of Merritt. Handsome, uncommon, cool, underused.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell is a great name! I agree with the other posters that its nicer than Marshall.

Other M names you might consider:

- Marques. Marques David Thorsen. Marques, Mallory, and Mykaela.

- Marlowe. I like this spelling better than Marlo, and I think with your creative spelling choices, you may, too. It fits the M - L tendency. Marlowe David Thorsen. Marlowe, Mallory, and Mykaela.

My favorites are Mitchell, Marques, and Miles.

Jess M.

Anonymous said...

I like Miller and I don't usually care for the generic last name first name thing.

What about Max?

Is Matteo too close to Matthew for you?

Anonymous said...

We have the same taste in boy names because Mitchell and Marshall have been up there on my lists forever! I think Mitchell sounds better with your surname. I also like the suggestions of Miller, Micah, and Marlowe.

Just to throw a couple more onto the list, how about:


But I still like Mitchell best! Good luck finding "the" name! Boys and M's are tough!

Emily S. said...

Never heard of the name Mercer before, but it is really cute! Good idea, Bethtastic!
I like Mercer the best! I also like Marshall and Mitchell... maybe Marshall a little bit more.
I like the other suggestions of Malcolm (Mac) and Maxwell (Max) and Miles (Milo).

Good luck!