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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby Girl Florio

Megan writes:
I came across your site while researching baby names and thought I'd reach out for help. Our second daughter is due on May 14 and we still can't decide on a name. We have a lot of names that we like, but none that we love or totally agree on, and we're running out of time! Our daughter's name is Alexandra Kathleen. We call her Alex (and sometimes Allie). We want something that sounds nice/flows with Alex, although it doesn't have to be too similar. Our last name sounds like Florio. Our finalists are:

1. Catherine Elizabeth (Cate) (I like the way this sounds with Alex, but not sure if Catherine is too close to Alex's middle name)

2. Grace Elizabeth (Gracie) (We both like this name a lot, but is the style too different from Alex?)

3. Ella Margaret (I love this but my husband isn't wild about it and I'm worried about popularity)

4. Emilia Margaret (Emmie) (I love this but my husband is not sold)

5. Lindsay Margaret (my husband loves this but I'm not sold)

6. Margaret Grace (Molly or Maggie) (Margaret is a family name. My husband loves it. I don't love it on its own but like the nicknames. We've also considered doing Molly on its own.)

My husband is very picky. He doesn't like anything that sounds too trendy or too old fashioned. (Very frustrating!) Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

I think that of your finalists, Cate, Molly, and Maggie are best with Alex.

Some more possibilities from the space between "too trendy" and "too old-fashioned":


Because long feminine Alexandra is so different from short boyish Alex, and because it would be nice if a sister name would fit with both, I'm most drawn to the names on my list that have short nicknames, either boyish or sassy: Cassidy (Cass), Gabrielle (Gabby, Bree), Genevieve (Evie), Jessamine (Jess), Jocelyn (Joss), Sabrina (Bree), Samantha (Sam), Veronica (Nic), Victoria (Tori).

I'm also inclined toward Zoe. Zoe is a name that to me is both feminine and boyish, and although it doesn't seem as if a three-letter name would need a nickname, it's still two syllables and the nickname Zo adds even more sass. I like the way there's a Z sound in both Alexandra and Zoe. Plus, I admit I like the A-to-Z thing.

From my list, I think the best fit is Samantha. Alexandra and Samantha, Alex and Sam---it's just about the best sister set ever. Both are long feminine names with short boyish nicknames, and I love Samantha with your surname. I think I would do Samantha Margaret: Alexandra Kathleen and Samantha Margaret.

I also like Veronica with the nickname Nic or Nicki: Alexandra and Samantha, Alex and Nic.

And it's hard to beat Genevieve for beauty and sass: Alexandra and Genevieve, Alex and Evie.


Abby@AppMtn said...

I think if one sister has a long formal name with a boyish nickname, the second sister should, too.

Veronica, nn Nic/Nicki is my favorite option, but Samantha Margaret is great, too.

I'm not wild about Zoe - even though it is a great name, and Zoe Margaret is a fabulous combo, I think I'd feel left out if I were Zoe and my big sister were Alexandra.

Congrats on baby #2!

Meg said...

My vote is for Catherine Elizabeth. Catherine and Kathleen are similar but they're different names and as one childs middle and another's formal I don't see an issue at all.

My second favorite for you would be Margaret Elizabeth (My name!!). I go by Meg, but others in my family go by Maggie, Marge, Margo and Peggy.

Good luck! Can't wait for an update on this one since we have very similar tastes in names!

Annika said...

Samantha is perfect! It goes so well with Alexandra. I think Margaret would be my second choice, but I really really love Alex and Sam.

Frazzled Mom said...

While not one of my personal favorites, I agree Samantha is perfect in every way: it falls between trendy and old-fashioned, it has the long-formal version and the boyish nickname, and both are similar in popularity / familiarity.

However, I personally love Veronica / Nic and Genevieve / Evie. I just think Veronica and Genevieve have a flashier, more exciting sound than Samantha.

I agree with you on Margaret - I love the nicknames and appreciate it as a classic in the same category as Elizabeth and Katherine/Catherine, but I just don't love the sound of it on its own. I think it’s because the "grit" sound reminds me of "gritty" which makes no sense because my first choice for my daughter was Greta. I'm now glad my husband vetoed Greta for that and other reasons.

Allyson said...

The only issue with Cate is that you sometimes call your other daughter Allie...Reminds me of Kate and Ally.

Kit said...

I love the name Gracie - if you and your husband both love it, I say go for it! Alexandra and Grace. Alex and Gracie. Cute!

I'm not keen on Samantha, just because it seems a little too matchy and obvious with the boyish nicknames.

Erin said...

Ooooo....this one is fun.

Have you thought about Elizabeth Grace? I always thought Alexandra and Elizabeth were great together - royal sounding, four syllables oh so feminine long names, and of course you can find a spunky fun nn out of Elizabeth, though my favorite is the plainer Lizzy. You still have the Z tie in then too.

Those two are my favorite girl names....

Another thought is Isabelle, though thats pretty popular right now, because Izzy is spunky, Z tie in, long feminine name.

I love love love Swistle's suggestions of Genevieve (the most) and Samantha. In the realm of feminine names with boyish nicknames, it might be worth considering Charlotte instead of Catherine. Charlotte Elizabeth is gorgeous, and Charlie is super cute with Alex.

For me, I love Zoe, but the shortness of it with Alexandra doesn't jive well for me. I've never been a huge fan of Margaret either, but I do like your choice of Emilia Margaret together, with a nn of Emmy, also very cute.

But did I mention Elizabeth? Or Charlotte or Genevieve? :)

I can't wait to find out what you pick though!

StephLove said...

From your list I like Grace or Margaret best for you, but I do like Swistle's suggestions of Samantha and Zoe, too.

I'll throw Josephine (Jo) into the mix.

Cassandra said...

I agree with the people who said that since your daughter has a long, formal name with a tom-boy nickname, your others daughter should be of similar style. I think your daughters name is beautiful, btw.

1. Catherine Elizabeth - I really like this. Kathleen and Catherine are similar - but it's her middle name, so I don't think it would be an issue. Cate isn't too tomboyish, but Cate and Alex make for a spunky, neat sibset.

2. Grace Elizabeth (Gracie) - Grace and Alexandra are fabulous together! If you want a more boyish nickname for Grace, why not Gray? I have a family member whose daughter is Grace whom we call Gray. Grace on it's own is the epitome of class and style, you can;t really go wrong here. Alexandra's nickname is more informal, but Alexandra and Grace are supurb - and thats what really matters.

3. Ella Margaret - Ella is a cute choice, but pretty popular. You may like something like Elspeth or maybe Eliana to get the Ellie nickname, but have something less popular as the formal name.

4. Emilia Margaret - I;m with you on this - I adore Emilia! I think it's so much more interesting than Amelia (which is pretty, too - just a bit borish).

5. Lindsay Margaret - not a fan at all. Lindsey is masculine and surnamish for me - it pales in comparison to Alexandra.

6. Margaret Grace - I'm with you on not being huge on Margaret on it's own. I like it as a middle name and the nicknames are sweet - but it's a bit frumpy and heavy on it's own as a first name.

Kayt said...

First of all, my sister and I are Katherine Elizabeth and Amelia Margaret. My mother would love your taste in names! Secondly, while I am very partial to my own name, I think Kathleen and Catherine are a bit odd to use for siblings, even if they are in different spots in each name. I think Emilia Margaret is my favorite, but I also love Genevieve.

Megz said...

Great names. My eldest daughter is Kathleen and if she had been a boy she would have been Alexander. Our second daughter is Victoria so I think that could work for you too.

I am a Margaret and I hate it.

Of your names I like Elizabeth Grace the best. I also like Swistle's suggestion of Samantha.

I've recently been looking at my Kathleen and thinking she looks more like a Georgina or a Josephine. Maybe one of those names could work for you? Nicknames George or Jo. Alexandra and Josephine sound great together.

Anonymous said...

I think Charlotte, Samantha and Georgia or Georgana would be great options that match stylistically.

Good Luck !

M.Amanda said...

I also like the long feminine name and short boyish nickname theme, so I'm favoring Samantha (Sam) and Veronica (Nic). Also, Nic reminded me of a boy I went to school with who was named Dominic and went by Nic. The feminine Dominique could be shortened the same way.

My daughter is Catherine, nn Kate, and I love it. If I have another girl, Alexandra (Allie) is on my short list. As far as I can determine, there aren't very many people my age (30), let alone my daughter's age, who would get a Kate & Allie reference. I think Allyson and I are in a small club of those who remember that show, as awesome as it was.

Anonymous said...

I know a Genavieve, but they spell it with a 'J'. Jenavieve. They call her Jena. That's cute.

Alison aka Baby B said...

I know a pair of sisters with what Swistle calls the "best sister set ever." :) They go by A1i and S@mi, sassy girly nicknames for their long feminine names. I think Alexandra and Samantha go really well together. But I also would vote for Veronica. I know very few Veronicas compared to Samanthas, and I just recently met a Veronica for the first time in a long time and thought "Wow, great name!"

Anonymous said...

Kind of mother's name was Zoe Marguerite Florio.

Regardless of the name you choose, I hope she is healthy and has a long and happy life.


G said...

My name is Genevieve and my husband's name is Alexander. Although, I don't go by Evie. Only Gen, Genny, and once in a while Genna.