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Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Girl Gunnarson

[I am so far behind I will never catch up, and now I'm far enough behind that babies are being born before I get to the questions. But I hate to just DELETE questions, so I'm posting some of them here for us to work on together, and by "us" I mean "just you," and by "together" I mean that I will write this little intro and hit publish.]

Ingrid writes:

I am expecting my baby girl on May 10. I am Swedish, and my husband is English - so we'd like to honour my Scandinavian roots with some Swedish names. This is our first baby, so we're struggling with names... We also like names that are a bit old-fashioned, though nothing too crazy or with funny spelling.

For example, our short list includes;


Our last name is Gunnarson, which we feel is a bit of a mouthful.

However, it is tradition in my husbands family to have three middle names. I am struggling a bit with this concept!

I was just wondering if you feel the name Liv Helene Mathilde Anne Gunnarson is FAR too long. I like the sound of it all together, and adore the name Liv.

So far, our front runners for baby Gunnarson are Liv and Evelyn, which we both adore.



LizzyPops said...

I like Mathilde as a first name, much better than Liv. Mathilde is a beautiful, classic name that stands well on its own, and doesn't sound like a nickname right off the bat.

So I'd mix up the name you've got:

Mathilde Helene Liv Anne Gunnarson.

Putting the Liv and Anne next to each other helps them roll more easily off the tongue, almost as if they're one name.

So that's my unasked-for opinion :)
And congratulations!!


MelissaInk said...

It's a mouthful, but if it's tradition ... what can you do?

I like it as is. Liv keeps it fun and easy - then comes the mouthful. I love it!

I also LOVE the name Clementine, but I think it's too lengthy in this situation.

MB said...

i love the combo of Liv Gunnarson! good luck

Bethtastic said...

Funny. I read your name list before I finished reading the whole post, and my first thought was, Liv! I love it. Liv Gunnarson.

And while yes, three middle names is many, it' snot that often that all names are used anyway, so if it's tradition, let it roll.


beyond said...

I like your short list! You have some fantastic names on there. Middle names are rarely used, so I would just go with your husband's family tradition.
I really love Liv Helene Mathilde Anne Gunnarson. Liv Gunnarson, it has a very beautiful flow to it.
(Mixing it up, I come up with Louisa Liv Mathilde Rose Gunnarson. Louisa Gunnarson. Lovely too))
Good luck!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Love the name Liv!! Beautiful!

Frazzled Mom said...

I love almost all the names on your list.

To me Liv seems like a nickname for Olivia but perhaps in Sweden Liv on its own is a classic. I don't really have the time to do the research, but I do like it nevertheless.

I'm definitely a one middle name person, but since it is a tradition, if you husband wishes to continue with it, then what can you do. At least you get to use most of the lovely names on your list. Getting the order right in order to achieve a good rhythm might get tricky.

Louisa is my favorite, but unless you like the nicknames (Lulu, Lou) I wouldn't put it first. Helene or Rose seem to go best with the last name I think, and as far as I know they don't have any obvious nicknames. I think those would be my picks for a first name in your situation.

Lisa said...

I think 3 middle names does make the name quite long, but really, how often will the full name be said? Not often. So of course I say stick with tradition.

I really like Liv. A short sweet name with a longer last name. I think that's my favorite. Then Rose next. And I love Elisabeth. So many nn options.

Good luck!

Carolyn said...

I love the names you've picked. Liv is perfect, and I think it's a nice tradition because you do get to use up all those great names that might otherwise not get used :)

cileag said...

I say go for the 3 middle names---what wonderful choices to have as a middle school aged girl. I really like the simplicity and snappy sound of Liv Gunnarson--it's a great combo with the heavier last name.

Deniselle said...

Liv is a lovely name, also the meaning ("life" in Swedish). I really think it would go well with your name Gunnarson. You didn't mention why Anne is in there - honoring a relative or just a name you're fond of?

Some Scandinavian names I thought of that might fit your naming style:
Anni, Annika
Lena, Lene, Leni
Lina, Line
Manda, Manta
Mia, Mi
Sanna, Sanne, Sanni

Deniselle said...

Some more Anne/Helene style names:


Sorry for the double post. Hope this helps!

OSquared said...

So here is an opinion from a "Liv." My name is Olivia but I go almost exclusively by Liv. Almost NO ONE ever gets it the first time they hear it. I go by LIZ for a few weeks before they catch on. I avoid this by saying, "hi, my name is Olivia, you can call me Liv."
Now that Olivia is such a common name, perhaps that won't be a problem for your daughter's generation as it was for mine, as Liv will be a nickname heard more often.

Anonymous said...

I do think the name is a bit much both for writing and saying.

However, with the three middle names being tradition then you must follow for the family.

You most likely will not ever have to yell the FULL name (unless the child is in A LOT of trouble...:-))

I do love the simplicity of Liv Gunnarson and think it is a nice sound. There is something though about the rhythm of Helene Mathilde I find a bit off. However, on their own they are beautiful names as well.

Another scandinavian name I love to hear and rarely hear on a small child is Erica / Erika. It is very familiar without being trendy or crazy.

StephLove said...

Liv Helene Mathilde Anne Gunnarson is a mouthful but if you're committed to having three middle names you're not going to get anything much shorter. The names are all one and two syllables. Rose might be nice in there somewhere. Liv Helene Rose Anne Gunnarson? That clips a syllable off and it sounds nice, but this is tinkering. I think the real question is do you want to follow the tradition? If not, how important is it your husband? Those questions together should give you your answer.

Peace said...

Great name!

Megz said...

I think I prefer Evelyn to Liv, but the name Evelyn Gunnarson doesn't really work for me.

I'd suggest alternating long name then short name, for example:

Louisa May Mathilde Rose Gunnarson

The trick is to avoid having too many names in there ending in "A" or it would sound too sing-songy. But I say go for the three middle names.

Cassandra said...

Oh, your names are to die for! My son has 2 middles names, so I know how hard it can be to find a flow for longer names.

I think something simple like Liv as a first name for such a long name would be great and kind of even things out.

Liv Mathilde Rose Clementine
Liv Mathilde Evelyn Rose

Tough one! Your daughter will have a beautiful name, though - you taste is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the 3 middle name thing is tradition, so that's a nice reason to do it. But if it wasn't for that I'd definately say:

Liv Helene - it goes so well with your last name! And sounds much more Swedish than the others, I really think you should try and honour it as much as possible.

Your name is the best though! Ingrid is pretty much first choice for a girl!

Ingrid said...

Hello! Thank you all so much for your comments.

Baby girl Gunnarson was born May 12th. She is divine.

And her name is...

Liv Helene Elisabeth Rose Gunnarson. We dropped Anne, and went with Rose.

We have decided on Mathilde for a future baby girls first name, as we both loved it too much to 'waste' it as a middle name. I'm sure i'll have only boys for now on!

Thank you for your kind words and help.