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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Girl Harris

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Christine writes:
Hello there! We would be ever so grateful if you could please help us in choosing our baby name! We're having tremendous difficulty settling on a name for our little girl, due in June. We just can't seem to decide on a name that we love. We've been thinking about it for so long, but we seem to be getting nowhere. Here is the scoop on us:

My name is Christine and my husband's name is Jim. Our last name is Harris. My husband has two children from a previous marriage, Elizabeth (Libby) (age 15) and Zachary (Zach) (age 17). We also have a puppy named Ella (and I have a sister named Ellen), so we want to make sure that we don't use anything too similar to either of those names!

First, I should let you know that we have decided on the baby's middle name. It will be Judith, after my husband's mother, who passed away a few years ago. I'm finding it difficult to find a first name that flows particularly well with that, but I'm not too concerned on that front. It would mean a lot to my husband to have Judith (or Judy) as the baby's middle name, since this is the first grandchild born since his mother's death.

As for Baby Girl Harris' first name, my husband's favorite option so far is Hannah, which I also like, but I am somewhat reluctant to choose this since we live in Montana (i.e., Hannah Montana). Also, I'm not too sure whether the alliterative effect of "Hannah Harris" is desirable or not. My husband really likes this. I'm on the fence about it as I've heard some people say that this type of alliteration has a cartoonish effect.

Personally, my favorite name is Abigail (nickname Abby). My husband likes this, but both he and my stepdaughter are concerned that it is too similar to Libby. I don't think it is, but I certainly don't want to name the baby Abby if it will in any way detract or cause confusion with Libby's name. Likewise, both Jim & I like the name Olivia, but the nickname (Livvie) also seems terribly close to Libby.

Other names we've considered include:

Emma or Emily (although we are concerned that these names are just too popular right now);
Paige (I like this, but my husband isn't crazy about it);
Olive (my husband likes this, but it's not my favorite);
Virginia (nickname Ginny);
Charlotte (nickname Charlie - with the caveat that my mother has already indicated that she doesn't particularly care for this);
Scarlett (I am huge Gone With the Wind fan, but I am concerned that Scarlett Harris is just a little too close to Scarlett O'Hara); or

What do you think of any of these? Alternatively, do you have any other ideas for us? Any comments or suggestions you have would be most appreciated! We are in quite a muddle right now.


Miranda said...

What about Kathryn? Kathryn Judith Harris (nn Katy) sounds nice!

StephLove said...

I really like Grace Judith Harris. Sabrina Judith Harris is nice, too.

How about:

Alexandra Judith Harris
Chloe Judith Harris
Delia Judith Harris
Katrina Judith Harris
Melissa Judith Harris
Rebecca Judith Harris
Tara Judith Harris (a more subtle nod to GWTW)

Carmen said...

What about Alexa, nickname Lexie?

Anonymous said...

Hannah and Abigail make me think of Rachael and Rebecca. Also Lydia. Esther? Leah?

Robyn said...

We wanted Judith as a middle name also (named after an aunt who had recently passed away) but I really struggled to find a name that flowed with it. In the end we named our daughter Sophia Grace Judith and I love it! Grace softens the name beautifully. Good luck with your decision :)

Shannon said...

You have very similar taste in names to me I think because I like most of your choices! I think Virginia Judith Harris is a beautiful name and Virginia isn't too terribly popular and unlikely to become a top ten name I think. Also Ginny is different enough from Libby. I can definitely see your concern with Livvy and Abby sounding a little too similar to Libby (although I think Abby would be better than Livvy if you had to choose between the two). Virginia is my favourite. Charlotte would probably be my second choice although that one is becoming quite popular again so I guess it depends how you feel about popular names. Good luck!

Jenn said...

Hannah makes me think of Haley
Haley Judith Harris
(the alliteration with the last name thing doesn't bother me, unless it's a name like Andy Anderson or something!)
Other ideas:
Courtney Judith
Corinne Judith
Kathleen Judith (nn: Kat, Katy, Kate)
Veronica Judith

From your list I love Charlotte (other nn possibilities are Lottie or C.J. or can do anything really) don't let your mom sway you, the name will grow on her. :) I also love Scarlett - though you are right she would be sure to suffer through at least the occasional Scarlett O'Harris joke. I really like Sabrina too- to me, that is a name with moxie! Though no good nicknames.

Katie said...

If you went with Kathleen Judith or Katherine Judith, she would could be called Katie -- which was Scarlett O'Hara's first name. Don't you remember her dad calling her, "Katie Scarlett"? It would be a GWTW link without being in your face and save her from jokes (I mean, seriously. Who knows that? Only people named Katie!)

Savannah or one of the southern cities from GWTW would be nice alternatives, too. Savannah Judith? Melanie might be nice.

And? I think being named after something your parents (or a parent) love is a great story for the child. My son is named Logan. For Wolverine from X-men. Once I mentioned it my hubby and baby's older siblings glommed onto it. Later in life I think he'll be amused, as it's a normal name without being weird. So consider going with something you love as your inspiration, it will help create a link between you and your daughter.

Janelle said...

Sabrina! All the way. Your other choices are good, but most of them have a drawback of some sort, or else they're quite popular.

Plus, there are so many great nicknames:
Sab/ Sabby (Close to Abby, but distinct from Libby)

And I think Sabrina Judith Harris sounds wonderful together.

Anonymous said...

If you like gone with the wind how about Melanie

Megz said...

Of your names I like Virginia the best. I also like the suggestion for Savannah.

How about Selena or Nadia or Phoebe?

Or Tara (which I'd pronounce Tah-rah rather than Tarra). Has the GWTW connection and goes well with Judith and Harris.

Have you considered Judith as a first name? I think Judith Emily Harris sounds great!

Good luck

Sarah said...

Anna! I think it fits neatly (stylistically) between Hannah and Abigail (two of my personal favorites), and you can call her either Annie or AJ (the best initial-name, imo). I also think Anna Judith Harris has a really good flow. (Three trochees, just to be a big poetry nerd.)

Patricia said...

I don't think Abby is too close to Libby, in fact, I think the two names have a nice sister quality to them -- two biblical names with compatible nicknames: Elizabeth "Libby" and Abigail "Abby". Also, the two sisters will be years apart in age. But in your situation, with both husband and stepdaughter not liking the similarity between the two names, I think Abigail might be a problem for your family if you insist on it.

Maybe Adeline "Addy" (or Addie) instead?

And how about Anna (Annie?) instead of Hannah?

I'm wondering if your husband wants to match the biblical style of the older children's names, Elizabeth and Zachary. Hannah and Abigail both meet that criteria (as does Judith), but if those won't do, what about:
Rebecca (Becca)

Other suggestions:
Katherine "Katie"
Sophia "Sophie"
Annabel "Annie"
Caroline "Carrie"

I think any of these would sound well with Judith.

Of your names, I especially like:

I think Judith might sound best with a traditional name.

beyond said...

I like your list but some of the choices would be too popular for me personally.
I like Virginia and Olive, and of these two Virginia might be better with the middle name. Plus, the nn Ginny is too sweet. How about:
To take some pressure off, you might take your two favorite names to the hospital and decide when she gets here...
Good luck!

Carolyn said...

Genevieve Judith (nn Genna, Gen)
Alexandra Judith (Allie, Alex)
Melanie Judith Harris

Another GWTW link could be Bonnie.

I tend to think 3 or more syllables in the first name will flow with ___Judith Harris.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Here are some other ideas:

Hazel Judith Harris (I like the double H alliteration)

Lily/Lillian Judith Harris

M.Amanda said...

I love Sabrina. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in the movie by that name. Such grace and elegance and beauty....

Frazzled Mom said...

On your list, I like Virginia and Sabrina the best. Of the other suggestions, I really like Anna and Katherine (or Catherine) for you.

What about Margaret with the nicknames, Meg, Maggie, Greta, Peg, Peggie? Margaret Judith seems a little off though. Maybe that's why no one else suggested Margaret?

Christine Harris said...

Thank you so much everyone! You've given me lots to think about and I truly appreciate all of the thoughtful comments & suggestions. We are getting very close to our due date now, so we need to make up our minds! On the Kathleen/Catherine/Katie front, I should have mentioned that my husband's ex-wife is named Kathleen ("Kathy"), so those names are definitely out. That would just be too weird/awkward for all involved!

Christine Harris

Adey said...

Ah - I would definitely stay away from the "Kathy's" then too!

We named our daughter Nolana (pronounced No-lawna ~ Lana for short) and I thought it might suit your family as well.
Nolana Judith Harris

Other suggestions:

Elisha Judith Harris
Elliana Judith Harris
Elodie Judith Harris
Emmalin Judith Harris
Jacqueline Judith Harris
Jordan/Jordyn Judith Harris
Lauren Judith Harris
Leah Judith Harris
Kaia - Makaia Judith Harris
Kaydia Judith Harris
Kensington (Kensie) Judith Harris
Kelsey Judith Harris
Macyn Judith Harris
Melina Judith Harris
Monica Judith Harris
Seraiah Judith Harris
Taryn Judith Harris

I think a lot of them work with both Judith and Harris!

I hope you find one you love soon!!