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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Girl Meyer

Melissa writes:
We are having our fourth child and third daughter May 22nd. Our oldest is Gracie. Her full name Grace Elizabeth Meyer. Her middle name is my husband’s maternal grandmother’s 1st name. Our son Tommy’s name is Lane Thomas Meyer (Lane – which is my husband’s first name and Thomas which is my father’s first name). Our second daughter Ellie is Eliana Marie Meyer. Her middle name is my mother’s first name and my middle name.

As you can tell all of our kids have a more formal name and then a nick name that we call them. For our fourth we want a more formal name and then a nickname but the nickname does not need to end in “ie” like the older three. If it does it is ok but it does not have to. There just needs to be nickname.

We would like to use a family name for the middle name since all of the children have some family name in them. That leaves us with my husband’s mother’s name. Her first name is Carmel which seems to be hard as a middle name. Her middle name is Keith so there is no way I will use that for a girl’s name. So we are really trying to use it. We would like the first name to have some meaning but it does not have to be too deep. She is such a gift and I want her name to reflect that to some extent if possible.

Some ideas we have tossed around

1) Charlotte –and call her Charlie (seems to be getting more popular/we know someone who is having a baby in March and naming their daughter Charlotte)

2) Caroline/Carolyn – and call her Carly (seems like too much with Carmel)

3) Natalie – don’t have a formal name for it and it means born on Christmas day. That does not sit right with me.

4) Amanda – call her Molly – my husband does not like that because he does not see how Molly can be a nickname for Amanda. I just don’t like Mandy as a nickname.

5) Sophia – Sophie – like this one but have a friend whose daughter is Sophia

6) Teana – Tea

My sister has three children (Aidan, Alina, and Ariel) we need to make sure whatever name we choose is not to close to those since we live close and do a lot together. My sister-in-laws kids names are Jessica and Kyle.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I agree, Carmel is tough to work with. Are there any other female names to use? Husband's paternal grandmother? Your grandmothers? Any sisters or aunts? Your maiden name? Your mother-in-law's maiden name?

Two notes on the list of candidates:

1. Do Teana and Eliana rhyme? If so, I think they're too close for sibling names.

2. I agree with your husband that Molly doesn't make sense as a nickname for Amanda. It's not that you couldn't use it (some of the traditional nicknames for other names don't make much sense either, and in fact Molly is the traditional nickname for MARY of all things), but it would be puzzling. And she herself might decide to use the nickname Mandy, and then you'd be stuck.

Grace, Lane, Eliana, and ____. Gracie, Tommy, Ellie, and _____.

I like the name Felicity here. It's fine with Carmel, and it means luck and happiness. Possible nicknames: Fliss, Lissie. I'd probably use Lissie since it goes so well with the other girls' nicknames.

I also like Mirabel: it means miraculous, beautiful one, but without hitting anyone over the head with it. Nicknames: Mira, Miri, Bella. It's not good with Carmel, though.

Oh, how about BEATRIX? "Blessed," and "she who brings happiness." What a great meaning, and I love that name anyway! Nicknames: Bea, Bee (pronounced the same as Bea but I think it's 100 times cuter), Trixie. AND it works with Carmel! I think Beatrix Carmel Meyer is the best possi---....oh, SHOOT. That gives her the initials B.M., and that would be a dealbreaker for me. Oh, DARN IT! Oh, I'm so disappointed! I'm hoping you'll tell me you wouldn't have used it anyway, that it was the name of your husband's ex or of a mean old aunt or something.

I feel almost too discouraged to go on, don't you? I hate when a perfect name crashes and burns.

Name update 05-22-2010! Melissa writes: "We decided to name her Sarah Carmel with the nickname Sadie for Sarah."


Kit said...

How about Georgia Carmel Meyer? Nickname possibilities: Georgie, Gia, Gigi.

Becky said...

Wanted to throw out the perspective that the 'BM' initials might not be a total crash and burn. My name is Rebecca, but I always go by Becky, so my initials are also BM. It really hasn't been an issue at all. I mean *maybe* it's come up once or twice as I'm aware of it - but have never ever felt like it's a burden or a problem.

I get that with Beatrix there is no "other" name - like I can be RM if I want to be.... but just a thought if Beatrix ends up being something you really like. It is very cute with Carmel!

MC said...

How about Cecelia? NNs could be CeeCee or Celia. And Cecelia Carmel Meyer sounds nice.

I also think that you could use Keith as a middle name with a really feminine first name. My grandmother's middle name is her mother's maiden name, Bennett (Margaret Bennett Gleckler was her full name before she married), and it worked well.

Speaking of my grandmother, the name Margaret can give you the NN Molly. I don't think Amanda can get you to Molly though. As Swistle mentioned, Molly comes from Mary (which is my first name...I am actually Mary Margaret), and using it as a NN for Amanda makes me think people will wonder why you didn't just name her Molly in the first place. It's too much of a stretch.

Another idea is Adeline with NN Addie. Adeline Carmel Meyer or Adeline Keith Meyer.

Linda said...

I love the nn Trixie, but when I was considering it, everyone thought "PROSTITUTE!" And it wasn't just one person, it was the majority of opinions I solicited (heh). I'm not sure why and it makes me sad because I think Trixie is so cute.

Okay, so on the playground the other week I heard a mom call her daughter Pippi. I suggest Penelope with Pippi as the nn. Super cute!

Carolyn said...

Is Carmel pronounced with an accent at the end (car-MEL)? If so, that would help with a lot of names that end in -el.

I like Amanda with the nn "Manda". I know a little girl who goes like this, and it's sweet.
Other ideas are:
Amelie, nn Molly
Genevieve, nn Genna, Evie
Cecilia, nn Ceci, Celia

janet said...

I love Georgia/Gigi and Cecelia/Cece from above. How about Teresa/Tessa?

Anonymous said...

We named our daughter Nolana (pronounced No-Lawna)and we call her Lana (Lawna) for short. It's a Gaelic name and means noble & champion.

It might be too close to your other children's names but it seems like we have similar tastes so I thought I'd throw it out there for you!

beyond said...

I actually really like Carmel as a middle name! For a first name how about:
Cornelia (Nella, Nellie)
Elisabeth (nn Bettie, Lizzie, Libbie)
Jacqueline (nn Jackie)
Josephine (nn Josie)
Mathilda (nn Tilda, Tillie),
Minerva (nn Mina, Minnie)
Phillipa (nn Pippa)
Sarah (nn Sadie)
Mathilda Carmel Meyer; Grace, Lane, Eliana, and Phillipa; Gracie, Tommy, Ellie, and Sadie...
Good luck!

MelissaInk said...

The positives of Beatrix far outweigh the B.M. initials. I dated a guy with the initials B.M. and only ONE person pointed it out in the THREE YEARS we were together. Besides, if you're calling her Trixie most the time, it comes into play even less. Beatrix all the way!

mayberry said...

What about Carmella as a first name, and Carrie or Carly as a nickname?

Katherine Carmel (Katie)
Susannah Carmel (Susie)
Sarah Carmel (Sadie)

Tatiana said...

The nickname "Trixie" is super cute, but it makes me think of a dog... or a stripper...

The first name that comes to mind for you is Evangeline. It's formal, it goes great with Carmel (imo), and it has the adorable "Evie" (or Eve, or Eva, or Lee, or ... ) nickname.

StephLove said...

I love Cecilia, which someone already suggested. Cecilia Carmel Meyer is beautiful (nn CeCe). I like Emily Carmel Meyer (nn Emmy), too, but if you're concerned about popularity, I probably have no place suggesting it. (Still, very pretty). Rosemary Carmel Meyer could work, too (nn Rosie). Or Susannah Carmel Meyer (nn Susie or Sukie), or Mary Carmel Meyer and use Molly as a nn for that instead of Amanda.

Alternately, have you considered using Carmel as the first name, maybe with your first name as the middle? Carmel Melissa Meyer, nn Carrie.

Anonymous said...

How about..

Evelyn Carmel (Eve, Evie)
Rebecca Carmel (Becky, Bex, Becca)
Lillian Carmel (Lily, Lia)
Samantha Carmel (Sammie)
Genevieve Carmel (Eve, Evie)
Isadora Carmel (Izzie)
Amalia Carmel (Molly)

Rayleen said...

What about using Carmel as the first name and calling her "Mellie?" I had a grandmother sho was called that, her full name was Melina.

Anonymous said...

Carmel is a really nice name!
And Beatrix Carmel is even better! Love it!

Maybe it's cos I'm British but I don't get the whole BM thing?

Megz said...

Huh? I love the sound of Beatrix Meyer and have no idea what BM is. But I'm not American either.

How are you pronouncing Carmel? I say it car-MEL and it seems to work well. CAR-mil Meyer could be a bit difficult to say though.

My vote would be for Beatrix or for Stephanie, nn Steph. Stephanie Meyer. Gracie, Tommy, Ellie and Steph.

pb said...

My daughter's name is Amalia, nickname Molly. It seems like it might be a good alternative to Amanda.

Christine said...

I don't think the BM thing will come up, if you like the name Beatrix. Really she'd be BCM anyway. I always used my middle initial, so maybe that's why?

How about Georgia? You could go Georgie or Gigi...

Also if you're torn on Carmel (which I don't really see as problematic) would it be insulting to your MIL to use Carmela? Also I second the feeling above that if you use a very feminine first name you can totally get away with Keith. (Or maybe your MIL's maiden name?)

I like Natalie and Sophia of the names you noted. Oh and PB's suggestion of Amalia. Or Emily?

Good luck!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

My favourite suggestions so far are:

Cecelia, nn CeCe, or alternately Lia.

Evelyn, nn Evie.

Adeline, nn Addie.

Some other ideas:

Anastasia Carmel Meyer, nn Stacie, or Ana.

Alexandra Carmel Meyer, nn Allie, Alex, or Lexi.

Katherine or Catherine Carmel Meyer, nn Kate/Cate.

Melanie Carmel Meyer, nn Mel.

Olivia Carmel Meyer, nn Liv and Livvie.

I think Carmel is a great middle name!

Carmen said...
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Carmen said...

I lived in Denmark for a while, where a cute nickname for Sophia is Fie (pronounced Fee-uh). Maybe that would work?

Also, I worked with someone named Penelope who came from a Greek family. It turns out the Greek nickname for Penelope is Poppy, which I think is super cute for a girl.

Bridget said...

I think I'm missing the B.M connection too, and I would know cso my initials are B M! I love beatrix

Karina said...

you could always switch Carmel to Carmen as Carmen isn't a very common name but perhaps a little softer/easier than Carmel?
How about Cecilia Carmen? nickname could be Cici/CC sort of runs with the Felicity suggestion Swistle made . . .

Anonymous said...

How about Amanda with the nickname Amy?

Swistle said...

Anon and Bridget- In the U.S., BM stands for bowel movement---so it's a synonym for poop.

Anonymous said...

I am a medical student in the US, and as such ask people about their BMs everyday (gross, I know)....and it's happened many times that when I say the words "bowel movement" they stare blankly (esp younger patients). "Oh you mean boo-boo/poop/#2?" is the usual response. Yes, I have heard more people refer to their poop as "boo-boo" than bowel movement.

So for me it wouldn't be a deal breaker if you love the name - since most likely the next generation(s) won't know it anyway!

M.Amanda said...

I was thinking of Cecilia also. I've heard it shortened to Cece, Cele, Celey. I think it works with Carmel.

I've also heard of Amanda shortened to Amy.

What about Laurel or Lauren, shortened to Laurie or Lola or Lo?

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is beautiful! If you didn't want to use the nickname Charlie there are always Lottie , Lotte, Lotta, Tottie, Arly Lola, Carrie, Cara, Arlo

lauren said...

i like 'carmela/carmella' nn. ella or caro.
good luck!

Bree said...

I like Felicity best.

BM isn't even something I'd ever think of. Plus my initials are BS (now that I got married) and that's so much worse!

Tracy H. said...

I like the Cecelia suggestion. Also want to suggest Valerie nn Val & Lorelei nn Lori. Love Carly as a nn with the other girls names.

Emily S. said...

Adelyn (Addie)
Isabella (Izzy or Bella)
Eden (Edie)
Margaret (Maggie or Molly)
Josephine (Josie)
Amelia (Lia or Amy)

Anonymous said...

OMG - I can't believe I'm going to be the first to suggest something here, but I've got GREAT one!

LUCIA!! (pronounced lu-SEE-ah) nn: Lucy/Lucie; meaning: light

It's the name a friend just chose for her baby, and I immediately thought it would be a fantastic choice for you:
Lucia Carmel Meyer; Lucia Meyer; Lucy Meyer. Grace, Lane, Eliana, Lucia; Gracie, Tommy, Ellie, Lucy.

LOVE it all!

The Cochran Fam said...

My favorites are:
Evelyn Carmel (nn Evy, Evie)
Sophia Carmel (nn Sophie)
Katherine Carmel (nn Katie)
Olivia Carmel (nn Livy, Livie)

Anonymous said...

Please don't chose Stephanie Meyer. Your poor kid will have to deal with Vampire references for the rest of their life.

Also, Charlie is such a masculine nn when compaired to Gracie and Ellie. For me, that would be a deal breaker.

Some suggestions:

- Constance. Constance Carmel Meyer. Gracie, Tommy, Ellie, and Connie.

- Elizabeth. Elizabeth Carmel Meyer. Gracie, Tommy, Ellie, and Betty/Lizzie.

- Veronica. Veronica Carmel Meyer. Gracie, Tommy, Ellie, and Nicki.

Anonymous said...

Sadie Carmel is so nice! Good pick and congratulations :)