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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Axt

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Mechi writes:
I’m writing on behalf of my next door neighbor, who is pregnant and still without a name. We started talking about names today (because I love them and jump at any chance to talk about them). They don’t really have any ideas about names outside of the top 10 type of names that immediately come to mind, but they’re looking to find some less common names, so I thought you could help.

They currently have a one year old boy named Darrin Dennis (Dennis after family), and they don’t know the sex of the new baby, so both gender names would be good.

In our discussion today, her husband threw out names like Jennifer and Nicole – top ten from when he was growing up, and the only names it seemed he could come up with. They both liked names with the feel of Sophie or Emma, but she wants names like that but that are not so popular. She also really liked the names Jamie and Breanna. We didn’t discuss boys names, but I think they have generally the same feel for only being able to think of popular names but wanting something less known.

I really want to give them some less popular but equally great options because I am the biggest supporter of non ‘trendeigh’ names.

Oh, and last things… since Darrin was named after the dad’s family, she says she would like to try to name the next baby, boy or girl, after her mother. Her mother’s name is Marcela Susana, so she’s not sure how she could make such a Spanish name work with the sorts of names she likes. But she’s open to variations of the name – it doesn’t need to be exactly the name. And lastly, they want the name to be at least two syllables to sound better with their last name: Axt.

Thank you so much!


bkm said...

What about Marcie? Marcie and Darrin sound so cute together.

Queen of Carrots said...

Susana (Susannah, Suzanna) is a great name, fitting in with the current old-fashioned vibe but barely on the chart.

Queen of Carrots said...

Using the mother's name, Marcus might be a good choice for a boy.

GinaAnn said...

What about Brenna instead of Breanna? Has a similar feeling, is familiar, but I don't know a single one.

Jen Hollister said...

How about something else Spanish, that sounds slightly more American, like Carmen maybe? Two syllables, not that popular but cute and pretty. You can still say that you're honoring her mother's heritage :D x

Anonymous said...

She could use the Anna from Susanna in a variety of ways. Alone, or go with Breanna, as it would be a nice tribute to her mother.

StephLove said...

Susannah is one of my very favorite names, it's old-fashioned but not currently popular and it's a family name for them. That's my top choice.

Jamie made me think of Jane (386) and Jennifer made me think of Genevieve (288). This could be good options, too.

I don't have too many boy ideas since there's less to go on in terms of their taste but I liked the suggestion of Marcus (or maybe even Marco) for a boy.

Katie V. said...

What about Josephine Susannah? Josie & Darrin?

I do like Susannah for them too, since it directly honours his sime. How about Celia or Selah (after MarCELA). Mariana (mar-ee-AHN-uh) if you put the two names together.

All the best to them, can't wait for an update.